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Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Browndog, Dec 5, 2017.


Kill Kritters!

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  1. Browndog Recruit

    Helldivers is a 2,5D game by Arrowhead where you run around in a map and shoot critters, while doing missions.

    If you could do the same gameform in EC, that would be great.
    The maps are simple, areas to walk, areas to fall into, and areas you can´t walk into

    Most of the different missions have allready been implemented in EC.
    Whats new is the droppods for resupply and reinforcement, so you can start alone, or join into an ongoing mission.

  2. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    That may be great but it requires open map to participate such event.
    In addition/ current pve map is bold and too linear. because the only got 3 maps.
    It will be great if they can add procedual generated pve map since each sections are blocks makes it easier to random generating.
    But we still need to talk about it.
    at this point PvE is DEAD 100%.
    There is no reason, no purpose to play. no one's playing and queue time is almost an hour unless you have premade team.
  3. Browndog Recruit

    I would play the pve more, if it was possible to start solo and still complete the missions, but that will never work when you must pass through one tunnel set up for 5 marines.

    Thats the good thing about Helldivers, (or Deathwing, or most other pve games) you can start solo, sneak around and make progress slowly. Then as more people join you can go faster.

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