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Heavy Classes (Devastator, Havoc, Dark Reaper, Loota)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heironymus, May 18, 2017.


Most powerful "Heavy" class in this current "Meta"?

  1. Devastator

  2. Havoc

  3. Dark Reaper

  4. Loota

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  1. Main Topic: " 'Heavy' characters add fire support to the game, and keeping 'Heavies' unique, useful, and dependable is a basic, appropriate model for any class structure. How do these 'Heavy' classes fair in the current 'Meta'?"

    Possible "Sub-Topics":

    • How do the current weapons available impact the performance of the "Heavy" classes?
    • Does the current LP (load out points) balance allow for the appropriate balancing of builds you can use?
    • Do current animation frames available impact these "Heavy" classes ?

    Disclaimer: To get the community together, and to promote playing each faction to gain different perspective, I decided to make these threads that focus on every faction and how they can all be improved. Try to respect each other, and always keep an open mind.


    Alright guys! I've been gone a week. I am going to fill in the section with my experiences later since I am still unpacking.

    [Insert That Here]
  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    I find the loota really good, plasma deff gun is fun and kills pretty fast, kannon is great fun as for AI and AV it's generally a better reaper launcher and while I don't have it the ace dakka seems pretty decent too, plus all Orks are hardy, a nice trait since they basically carry a car with a barrel as a weapon

    I would place Havoc second though or joint first, MoK makes heavy boltors so good in duels and nurgle is nice and hardy, MoS with a heavy boltor makes it a better shuriken cannon Dark Reaper or you can get MoS and multi melta and hunt down tanks as you roam the map, you can mess around with builds more thanks to weapon and mark variety which makes it safe for meta shifts and makes the class not get that stale
  3. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    Honestly I don't think I can vote with total confidence on this. I think this may be the class where most are relatively even across the factions... I know quite a few will point at the havoc and shout "autocannon OP" but in contrast to the gear and capabilities of Lootaz and Devastators I feel like it is very close.

    What we know:
    Suppression is a solid mechanic that can make a huge difference when used properly by a team

    Artillery/Mortar modes are niche but very effective, hard to understand why they are not used as such more often especially on Fortress maps

    Braced firing lines are a major powerhouse regardless of Faction but it requires the team to watch it's back

    Heavy Bolters are versatile at most ranges just like their standard Bolter cousins, sometimes even managing to be sniper rifles for no clear reason

    Plasma Cannons are in a decent state of balance right now and it all comes down to who is using it

    Multimelta is just a better Meltagun at everything including range and damage buildup

    Lascannons/zapguns are pretty crap until you get the Master Crafted/Dead Shiny version and then they become death machines even in midrange

    Plasma Deffguns are just alternates to the standard Deffguns but in a good way. Either way you are effective, just choose which kills in your preferred manner

    Autocannons are powerful and deceptively fast but at the cost of increasing spread (sometimes...other times they are full auto super snipers). They do boast the best RTC version of their weapon as well
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  4. RuntKikka RuntKikka Well-Known Member

    I couldn't pick any one of these as significantly more powerful than another personally.

    Heavies feel generally well balanced between each other if you ask me so I picked my favorite: Dark Reaper.

    I enjoy the extra maneuverability and reaper launcher is loads of fun. Tempest launcher can just wipe whole rooms.
    Shuriken cannon is weaker than a heavy boilter but still shreds. It's at least better than the dakka deffgun.
  5. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    I believe that the Havoc is the most powerful, although the "best" may be a different and more subjective matter.
    • While the Loota may get access to the Kannon and the Ace Dakka, it's other weapons are on par or outmatched by the other classes.
    • The Dark Reaper gets access to some very good weapons, but they're more specialised than most other weapons, don't have a proper long range mortar, and the Shurikin Cannon is outclassed by the Heavy Bolter. They are also the lowest EHP of the heavies
    • The Devastator has the Heavy Bolter, which I think is the best in it's class and one of the most powerful weapons in the current meta with it's suppression, as well as the Plasma Cannon, which remains powerful in the right hands. Then there is the Multimelta, which is an efficient AV weapon while also being effective against infantry. Grav cannons are very powerful, but only in their niche. It is is very close to the Havoc, but loses with a very slight edge to...
    • Autocannons and Mark of Nurgle. Not a big advantage over a Devastator, but it's there. The Havoc also gets access to Heavy Bolters, Plasma Cannons and Multi-meltas, only losing the Grav-cannon
    I am however totally agreed with the people above saying the Heavies are probably the best balanced against each other. Any one of them can do their job well, with whatever weapon is needed. I can't think of a weapon I never see on the field.
  6. That's actually good for us. The poll doesn't have to specifically show a dominant class. Sometimes it's good to see a balance on the board, rather than a large difference between classes or factions.​
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  7. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    Yeah but not being able to properly vote does lessen statistical observation
  8. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    I was paid $10 to vote here.
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  9. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I don't feel confident voting which one is the most powerful. As has been stated they all feel fairly even. I will say however that the dar reaper, owing to its being generally squishier than the other heavies, and some of its weapons being less than stellar in the field, is probably the worst. Only by a small margin, though.

    My 2 cents.
  10. 37 cents. 37 times. 37 whacks.

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