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Head'n 'da Kall - Eternal Battles kalls for da Ork guildz ta fight!

Discussion in 'Orks' started by phantagor, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator


    We is gonna stomp da universe flat
    and kill anyfink that fights back.
    We're da Orks, and was made ta fight and win.

    for decades, centuriez an millenia, we have kombated 'da worshippaz uv 'da korpse emperor an 'da Spikey Gits ad 'da Pansees!
    An omen ‘as appeared ‘n 'da night sky above arkhona an a hidden kabal iz speak'n uv bloodshed, karnage an victory for chaos.

    But ta achieve dis, we need ya an yer ork mosha's ta join our kause an fight for dis WAAGH! iz eternal!

    Eternal Battles is a player driven group, dedicated to create, host and conclude events for the community.
    Currently focusing on Guild vs. Guild battles, we soon want to spread out and provide fun events for the whole community.
    But to achieve this, we need Guilds to attend and individuals eager to join.

    If you or your guild wants to attend a hosted Guild/Player event, that gets casted on Youtube and Twitch, gets its own Lore piece and a dedicated base of crazy maniacs in the back trying their best to provide the best experience for you, then i suggest leaving a comment here or getting in touch with ether me, Geisto, Thrakka or Lanzer.

    Fight for Us! Fight for da WAAAAAAGH!

    For more information, read through this introduction post: Link to the EB Introduction Post

    @Lanzer @Thrakka @Geisto
  2. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh we BETTAH be getting on on dis 'ere fight @Thrakka! We needs tuffa fights like dis!
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  3. Details Details The Spriteful

    I'm in as long as we agree that mork is betta than gork
  4. Ragnarok Dwarf_Ulf Subordinate

    Waths wrong wiv you? All knowz dat Gork is bettah dan Mork.
  5. what ork guilds?
  6. Skullsplitta Jawrippa Subordinate

    Orks in their current state don't fit for competitive GvG. Something must be changed either about orks or about GvG matchmaking to make it fair. For example, switch factions between matches:
    first match - clan1 plays orks, clan2 plays sm/csm/eldar.
    second match - clan1 plays sm/csm/eldar, clan2 plays orks.
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  7. Donrocco Donrocco Recruit

    I'm open to join a guild , I just started using discord last night , it was a great experience!

    If there are any guilds recruiting , please contact me !
  8. MefDaFixa GeorgePhillips Arkhona Vanguard

    So who Do I join
  9. We NEED DLB back !!! right now!! I miss you guys, we always had some great games.
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