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Happy birthday EC?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. September 23rd 2018.
    EC was officially released two years ago.

  2. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Time for some nostalgia. Good ol' "release" memes.


    Remember guys... it's just the flip of a switch!
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  3. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    man would do some attempt to attract players using the occasion, such as an event for the day.
    brains gone, case closed.
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  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    They aren't throwing a party with the usual ingame freebies and other events companies usually do to celebrate the occasion ?

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  5. They haven't even acknowledged it...
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  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit


    Least of all bE

    Seriously tho,they could at least throw a few freebies to the 10 people who remain playing as a thank you.
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  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    the fun part is thattoday is the end of summer , aka last day for workshop
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Is that "work"shop ever coming ... or ?
  9. Did they ever even actually say workshop was coming in the summer?
  10. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

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