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gw look for rule writers

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Grigdusher, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. [EDA] Reiborn Reiborn Arkhona Vanguard

  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Id love to if my ideas wouldnt get insta fired faster than a 30 man gaunt swarm sitting infront of a SoB flamer team allied to a salamanders army. Things would be balanced and people would stand a chance i hope ( and we'd finally get that damn grot whirlybird we've been after for all these years )
  3. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    I just hope the 1st new codex entry is "and all other space marines knew deep down they were fine, and that they didn't need to be like ultramarines at all."

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