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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Listening to Augustus, Remen felt obliged to response, you were always being tested by your superiors, always being watched.

    "We're the shock troops and compared to the aptly named, Mortals, we are more than a match for them. The only thing that could give us pause is heavy weapons and possibly Xenos. Depending upon what they have at their disposal. Anything of real threat, this girl will take care of." Remen, tapped onto the side of the Stormbird.

    Then almost like clockwork responding to the next words like it was the next question.

    "It's a simple matter, or at least theoretically it is. Remain on guard when we get there and kill anything not of the Legion. Seems a simple enough matter." Remen mentioned as he awaited the mission to come, the waiting was worse than he was expecting for his first actual combat mission. "We just need to keep the squad together, Aris." Remen took a deep breath and awaiting for the Stormbird to make it's journey.
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    Severus nodded before heading off to the armory to collect his gear. Once inside he checked up on his gear muttering the rites of reloading and maintenance as needed. When all his gear was collected he followed the others outside to the hanger. Upon seeing the magnificent that was the stormbird Severus grinned although his smile was hidden by the helmet he now wore.

    The grin soon grew wider as he beholds the heavy weapons squad or to be more precise the weapons they each held. He was trained to use each weapon and had used them before even if it was for practice rather than combat. Nonetheless, Severus kept his focus and gave a nod when introduced to the others.

    Severus went to his assigned seat and locked his weapon his place. Once that was done he sat down and fitted the grav harness into place. As he heard the others Severus only gave a curt reply before becoming quiet.

    “Keep calm, remember our training, complete the objective.”
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    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9

    Kalydos had a stern and judgmental look when he listened to the new recruits. "It is good you have a tactical mind about the situation at hand. But you are all more than mistaken in what the true risk is." There was a distinct lack of emotion in his voice. It was cold, calculating and harsh - like any winter on the mountain peaks of Macragge.

    "The greatest risk is us wasting time and resources in failing our goal. They never can now what we attempt to achieve. Else they might very well delete all the data they possess before we can extract any. That is why your Captain deployed the entire rest of the force into one bulkhead and will be pushing for the bridge, while we will be aiming at the databanks." Kalydos explained in thorough matter, speaking a bit slower as if worried that the new squad would otherwise not understand.

    Sergeant Dominus nodded in agreement. "We must strike fast and are not allowed to get caught up in prolonged skirmishes. Just like a stab, we must strike quickly straight forward and withdraw swiftly from the same direction we came from."

    The Stormbird shook violently as a lance shot across it, taking half of the left wing with the high-power energy beam. The Ultramarines tightened their grips on their weapons as the pilots voice rang through the transport. "T-30 seconds ETA."

    And just then, the Stormbird took a sharp turn, evading another shot before making the landing flight, coming in fast and hard, unleashing its payload in a secondary hangar that had been empty - most likely having deployed its fighters and gunships to assist elsewhere. The Ultramarine vessel did not even need to unleash its weaponry as it was empty.

    Heavy Weapons Team Scorpio grabbed their heavy weapons and rushed out first, before the new Ars Bellica Team even could leave their seats, save for Dominus.

    "Time to shine." The Sergeant told his long-time trainees before looking expectantly at Kalydos who fell in right behind Dominus.

    Once everyone was up and going, the two veterans would break out into full stride and expect the others to do so as well. After quickly ascending the set of steps up on the primary platform, they went straight for one of the two possible doors. Based on their location and direction, it was evident that Dominus and Kalydos expected a standard imperial facility layout since it after all still was one.

    Dominus put his hand up in a fist, signalling the squad to stop. Anyone looking around the corner could not only hear but also see reinforcements running towards Captain Alexandros Proxis' position. They were around sixty soldiers and by the heavy steps, one could assume that some brought heavier weaponry. Everything so far seemed to be imperial standard issue.

    Kalydos turned to the group, desiring input as he brought up a holomap on his datapad. "The Databanks are one deck below us. We can either use maintenance access tunnels which will be slower, but less likely that we will be detected. Or we can rush through to the elevator and use that, there is a likelihood of 55% of us being detected if we were to do that. I do not know the captain as good as you do, Sergeant. But even he can only keep an economically sound fight up for so long - especially considering it is meant to distract the enemy, not annihilate."

    Dominus mused, plasma rifle ready to unleash its wrath if someone was to surprise the group. "Captain Proxis will be frustrated by that fact alone, he... Abhors sieges of any kind. And judging by the equipment being brought in and the fact that this is their home territory. I would say the faster we bring this to an end, the better."

    OOC - Voting time!
    #1 - Sneaky Approach via Maintenance Tunnels
    #2 - Full Frontal Approach via Elevator

    Please do not only vote but also voice it in-character!
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  4. @Uriel1339

    Aris, once he was allowed to stand, grabbed his dual pistols and stepped out after the heavy-weapons team. He watched and listened to the briefing, shifting back and forth on his feet. "We should go through the tunnels, at least on our way there." The youngest said his part. "We need that data, and it wouldn't do to have it deleted. Once we are done, we can go through the main halls and cut our way back here, so we don't leave Scorpio hanging."
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    Augustus quickly came to a stop as soon as the signal was given. He listened as the choices were laid out before the squad and he thought both options through before he spoke, "I agree with Aris. Though a front approach seems quicker, the likelihood of being bogged down my enemies that may detect us may, in the end, make that the longer route. Taking the maintenance tunnels, though the longer way, will lend itself to a more tactically sound outcome. We are a small squad and as such speed and stealth are our best advantages, so my suggestion is that we use it and take the more subtle approach. We do not want attention drawn to the location we are heading either for that matter." Augustus then looked off a moment wondering what his father, Claudius, would have chosen in this moment. He always seemed to make the right choices, and it was time to see if that trait was passed on to Augustus.
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    Remen looking over the data could only come to one conclusion, the tunnels were an unknown to them. They could be a perfect alternative they were looking for. However... They could also be leading them into a death trap or delay them with their workings taking them else where, finding ways forward which would require detours and even the possibility they're monitoring them.

    The pay off sounds great, but sometimes things that sound too good to be true, usually are.

    "Theoretical, two approaches, one with a known force and direction, the other with an unknown force and possible encounters." Remen started as he thought over the data before him. "Practical, face the enemy you know, rather than take an unnecessary risk on a possible benefit that could turn into a hindrance." With that said he began his ideas on how to quickly breakthrough the lines. "If we can suppress their heavy weapon teams or at least distract them, a strike force can break through their lines and cut their battleline, making it easy work for Astartes such as ourselves to carve through. Divide and conquer." Remen had said his piece with a slight smile behind his helmet having come up with it.

    "Also I'm not a big fan of enclosed spaces during a warzone." Remen laughed as he got a hold of his bolt pistol and prepared it for use.
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    Severus listened to the older marines and kept their perspectives in mind. Felling that any more words and questions would be superfluous at that point he kept his quiet. His only response to the lance impact shearing the left wing of the stormbird was to tighten his grip on the restraints.

    Upon landing, Severus felt his training kick in and he grabbed his weapon and got up just in time to see the other squad already leaving the stormbird before him. Part of his mind wondered if their experience lends them some knowledge to move faster or get the restraints off faster but most of his mind was bent towards surveying the area. Seeing that the area was clear he stopped himself from bracing his weapon to provide covering fire for the rest of the squad.

    Once outside the stormbird, he fell in place with the others. Severus kept himself ready to provide heavy weapons fire downrange within a second if need be but soon realized that they would not see action for a while. Regardless of this he kept his weapon ready and listened to the forge master and the others. After a bit of thought, Severus said his piece.

    “Conjecture: I will presume from the fact that master Kalydos gave us the option of the maintained tunnels that they are adequate to not only allow us passage but also hold our weight.

    Theoretical: Maximizing the chance of success can often mean trying the unknown and taking unexpected actions. The most obvious route is covered, and I would not place it beneath the enemy to cover the unknown route as well such as the tunnels. Brother Remen if our objective had been to just secure a beachhead, secure ground or something similar I would agree with you, but our objective is the secure the data.

    Practical: The tunnels give us a higher chance to avoid detection or at the very least lengthened the time before the alarm is raised. The assault on the station will not only provide a distraction but also trip any sensors they may employ on the tunnels and thus give us a higher chance to get to the data. Maximize the chance of success minimizes the chance of failure.”
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    Kalydos looked over the squad, and then to Dominus who just offered a slight shrug with his shoulders. "I encourage active thinking within my squad." He knew, Kalydos was far more old fashioned and very strict when it came to the chain of command. But Dominus had a different interpretation of Guillimans vision of leadership, having spent plenty of time on Macragge to learn the customs and the Primarchs warfare history, compared to some other Ultramarines who kept their ways they had ingrained from their indoctrination and training on Terra - such as Kalydos.

    So he addressed each and everyone individually, to show them that he values everyones thought.

    "Aris. You indeed are the heart of the squad, always considering your brethren and all humans. You are right that we should not put unneeded burden on Team Scorpio." Dominus applauded the youngest for his humanity, reminding him of the Salamanders reputation that he had served alongside with once.

    "Augustus. Your analysis is sound. We indeed must profit on the opportunity we have. Else we might require Scorpios assistance." Dominus nodded towards the Aurelius in approval.

    "Remen. If our captain wished to capture this space station, then I would favor your tactics. But today we must move with haste and as much as we all wish to eliminate the enemy, we must be in control of our emotions and do what is right for the success of this mission. The entire company depends on us." The Sergeant educated him.

    "Severus. You came to the same conclusion as Augustus. But you elaborated further on your thoughts. Be careful however, as you might extrapolate on unknowns rather than actual information." Sergeant Dominus simply warned on a possibility, rather than berating the space marine.

    He gave a simple nod towards Julius, seeing in his body language and focused eyes on his Illyrian kin that he also desired to bring death upon their foes.

    "Kalydos. Please lead us the way through the maintenance tunnels." He finally concluded and the senior techmarine nodded in simple agreement, turning around and scanning the hallways before rushing off to the access of the maintenance tunnels. His mechadendrites multi-tasked, taking out the securing bolts and removing the astartes-sized vent, guarding it until all members of the Ars Bellica were through. He then joined as the last one to install it from inside back into place to keep suspicions at a minimum.

    Dominus led the group through the tunnel, while Kalydos became the rearguard now. The maintenance tunnels were only this big due to the servitors and their various tools mounted on their backs. The Astartes had to hunch over a bit, but it was possible for them maneuver. The forgemaster had the most problems to maneuver, but luckily his tools folded inward and allowed him to move without getting stuck.

    Soon enough they reached a ladder and moved down onto the deck where they had to be. They came across an area with slits through which they could barely see and take a gaze upon these ominous aliens. It was some sort of briefing room and there was only one of the vile xeno present, lecturing the humans in some unknown language while pointing at a holo-projection none of the Space Marines could get a look at from their angle.

    The alien itself was elongated, 7 - maybe 8 foot tall. And very slim. Its skin color was a bright neon green and transparent. Alien designed robes covered it from shoulders and over whatever type of legs it might have. However there was no head gear and the brain mass which looked more like a network of cells rather than a single mass could be seen. Through the green slime it looked yellow, which could make anyone guess that the actual organ was blue.

    After having seen enough, Dominus led the way onward. And soon enough they came to a dead-end which would drop them right into an armory, as per Kalydos calculations.

    "Weapons still. Get your knives out. Lets try to keep this... Quiet." Dominus instructed and waited a few moments for everyone to prep before being handed over a plasma cutter tool from Kalydos through each space marine it being handed from one to the next. Once the hole was cut out, Dominus jumped down with his combat knife drawn and slit the throat of one enemy already.

    It was indeed an armory, las weapons from pistols over carbines to cannons being arranged in proper fashion. However there were also some weapons cases with an insignia that none of the Ultramarines would be able to identify. One of the traitor-humans was running for it, while another was running for the alarm button. About two dozen others started to grab weapons from the racks to arm themselves against the power armored invaders.

    Dominus refrained from dishing orders, figuring that Ars Bellica would be capable of making decisions on their own and he surely hoped that they would make the right call.

    Group 1 - 25 Humans arming themselves with Las Pistols, Carbines and Cannons
    VIP #1 - Human heading for special weapons case
    VIP #2 - Human heading for alarm
    Kalydos will join the fight next turn as he is too far in the back of the vent to make it there in time for this round.
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  9. Feeling a touch of pride from the sergeant's praise, Aris had moved with the rest of the squad, second just behind their sergeant as he felt shut in with the tightness of the tunnels, but he kept himself quiet so that he wouldn't draw attention to the squad. Their stop at the first vent made him frown, seeing the xeno speaking to the humans, proving their guilt. Though he still kept quiet until they reached the armory, where the action began.

    First of the squad to drop down, Aris spotted the one running for the alarm, and figured that would be more dangerous than a single weapon - and he trusted his brothers to remove that threat as well. Knife already unsheathed, he would throw the knife at that VIP, aiming for the center of mass to ensure a hit. He then burst his assault pack into life, charging through any who were in the way between him and the alarm button. He skidded to a stop in time to stop before the button, crushing the head to make sure the human was dead (and didn't suffer too much) and retrieving his knife before taking a guard stance, blocking the way to the alarm while the rest of the squad made their move.

    OOC: Knife Throw and focus on VIP 2, blocking the alarm
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    Augustus quickly looked over this small battle that was about to take place. The vermin had begun scurry as they feared the large Ultramarines whom dropped from the pipe. However, there were two that his eyes quickly picked up. One which ran for the alarm and the other running very determinedde towards a box. With Aris already making his attack towards the human running for the alarm, Augustus knew he could not allow whatever weapon this human believed would help them come into play. So, taking off in a quick stride, Augustus made his way towards the human with his shoulder lowered, leveling anyone or anything whom got in the way. Once within range, Augustus would attempt to left the human off the ground with a thrust of his knife to quickly end whatever threat he may have posed.

    OOC: Attack against VIP 1 with knife.
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