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Get rid of the rule of 8 it will be the death blow to the game !

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Donrocco, Sep 14, 2020.


in favor of getting rid of the rule of 8

  1. yes, get rid of it i liked xenos matches and watching the game grow.

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  2. no, my ego can't take the occasional lop sided game of three players difference on the other side.

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  1. Donrocco Donrocco Recruit

    the game was actually picking up some steam guys when the servers no longer required the rule of 8 to start a match.
    we could start a game with very small and limited populations.

    xenos games were all over the place and at one point there were matches going on every continent in the game.

    to the powers that be..... please seek reason and get rid of the que rule of 8 its trash and it will be the death blow... since you brought it back the game has been in free fall.


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