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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Now, Im pretty sure we all noticed the rather recent problem with the Eldar queue. Right now, matches start around 6-7 pm UTC on average, as opposed to 4pm two weeks ago.
    The problem is getting worse and fast. Ironically, the overall player population is mostly stagnating right now, not dropping. And as soon as one game has launched, we have no problem filling it up and get matches the entire evening.

    The issue we are having is that noone tries to kickstart the queue. People join, see there is no match and drop out again or switch factions.
    I understand you but I can only beg you, not to do that. Just enter the queue on time, do something else on a second screen or in another tab.
    We dont need a population in the hundreds, all we need are 7 Eldar to start the queue.
    We have a window of time here to take action, but its closing. We either get our shit together and make sure this faction, at the very least, stays playable at prime time, or we will loose the opportunity to make that decision.

    And I know there are people on this forum who dont like to hear this or even think the contrary applies...but if we loose Eldar (aka. we enter a state similar to Orks), it will be the death-sentence for EC. The game is good, but its not good enough to stay competitive as a two-faction shooter.
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  2. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    If the xenos pop dies out completely it's just gonna be 80% LSM vs a few CSM, but barely numbers to justify more than a single server.

    At this point they'd probably be better off shutting it down, launching a "EC2" production to get funding and dev team manpower, and just use assets etc from EC on top of new stuff, and use that to give a discount to paid players of EC (to get a "sorry we didn't exactly reach what initially was intended with original funding, but we now know what we could have done if we had the funding and the knowledge we now have") and then knowing what they can reach as plausible goals, introduce it as a new game.. and actually have realistic goals and finally have the resources to ACTUALLY complete them.

    Oh yeah.. and not put in Eldar, but Drukhari instead, just rework Eldar assets to make them. I mean, it's not like it's gonna improve unless MASSIVE content additions come before new years, particularly for Eldar who have so few attractive elements for pulling in new players (or to return former players).
  3. I'm sure you will see a nice bump when the unit drops.

    Though it will be a mere drop in the pond; as players await something more substantial.
  4. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    People tend to walk away from abusive relationships

    Maybe devs should of tried to not make the xeno playerbases hate them at every turn? typically good advice to not give players an excuse to drop the game or player factions the devs obviously care about more
  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    A) Its not so much a lack of trying. Except for the latest nerf maybe, but the lack of content is not really their fault at this point.
    B) I am not talking about the problem in the playerbase. EC doesnt have a lot of people, we know that. But two weeks ago, during our campaign and before that, that number was enough to find a game. And now it suddenly isnt.
  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    It's mostly how they always nerf and never buff, I know Eldar will never get content up to LSM standards but the dozens of eldar nerf patches in a row and then buff pacthes that also nerf what is being buffed made me want to drop the game more, the fusion pistol nerf intended to make the Autarch suck even more is what broke the camels back for me personally since I've wanted it buffed ever since Plasma pistol became 100lp because the fusion pistol has sucked for so long.

    And just in recent memory the appalling "Eldar" campaign which was a normal campaign with massive Eldar nerfs that gave Eldar a pistol recolour every faction already had prior in 3k loot chests and the extremely low visual quality of the Autarch compared to every other elite in game even though it way delayed for like several months actually made me sick.

    Because people had a reason to play Eldar, most of the players were non Eldar mains going with blind hope for an Eldar shoulder pad(jokes on them) and RTC, now Eldar have no rewards to give meaning people have no reason to touch them since Chaos with MoS exists, my first above point is probably one of many reasons the faction "mains" left in the first place.
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Ironically, if the Eldar campaign had not been delayed, the Faction would likely be dead by now.
    That might be the reason, actually. Before the campaign there was hope that the Autarch would fix everything for us, now there isnt.
    Still, in terms of implementation, the Eldar campaign was the best. It struggled with the already smal player base, but at least we didnt get a one-faction-flood again.
    The only reason people are pissed is because everyone else got their extra-special treatment, not because there was anything wrong with our campaign.

    I also dont get the nerfs but then again I do get the nerfs. Despite all you say, we have only one vastly underwhelming class and we still perform extraordinarely well. In other words: whatever the nerfs did, they didnt greatly harm us. It would still be nice to see a buff thrown in, just to keep the spriits up, but there is no denying the Tempest was cancer and we are actually still doing fine without it.
    The Fusion Pistol was probably the most uncalled for nerf since the Skip-launcha.
  8. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    From someone who still plays regularly and considers himself to be a veteran (whatever that actually means):

    What puts me off is the thoughtlessness of the nerfs we had. Prime example being the Tempest Launcher. That weapon was too good, many will agree. Problem is, they not only slashed its offensive capabilities, they effectively ripped it from the niche it was filling: an offensive pushing tool. It was the only weapon we had on the DR that allowed for offensive plays. Now the weapon is pretty much without a reason to exist. The Shuriken cannon is better for area denial, the Reaper Launcher is safer to use with better range (and that says SOMETHING about the state of things when I prefer the Reaper Launcher because its the safer pick). Now the DR is back to being a purely immobile class that cannot effectively contribute on a push and the lackluster DA has to pick up the bill. They clearly do not understand what they're changing anymore.

    Let's be frank, I expect the same to happen somewhere down the road with our FD and Serpent. bE is now so devoid of design competence, it's bound to happen. They will get nerfs without compensation to keep things even and that will be the point where I will finally hang it up for good.
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  9. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    Me I find the balance discussion that has been opened up by Oveur in the 'Scream While Dyring Thread' to be quite refreshing and perhaps a chance to address the games biggest overperforming and underperforming weapons. The ability to playtest out the chosen number set on UAT is very exciting.
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  10. Sin Sobaki TheEmprahsWorst Active Member

    You cant buff even the worst eldar assets because of remaining LSM whining. That silly fusion pistol nerf, tempest launcher into garbage, very hard nerfs in pat. Literally i might be a big eldar fan but today i dobtly can found a motivation to play fav faction knowing how shitted it and suffered tons of unjustified nerfs. Even without buffing in otjer areas. Like they nerfed TL offence ability okay - why not to buff fucking DA piece of shit? The worst tactical in the game capable only to shoot newbs and cap points. And look at ASC joke weapon and after this look at cqc bolter and its wielders - lsm, or nurgle or eldar(slaanesh) csm. yeah why the hell shgould we play eldar if MoS exists? Lul and nobody argue about MoS beeing OP because 15% speed buff. NOBODY.
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