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Game Design Update - August 12, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    It's the live build update that is NOT patch notes!

    As we are now doing weekly patches you are going to be getting much more work in progress builds since our qualification for whether a build should go live is simply "do we think it's better than what's there right now?" This means we'll be able to iterate and respond to feedback better, and ultimately build a better game.

    Melee has A LOT of improvements in this build, but we still have work in the pipeline coming. The system should be more reliable, ghost hits should be rarer, and feedback should be better, but we're not done yet. We're still improving the VFX to communicate the types of hits (stagger vfx are only showing when you receive a stagger, and rarely showing when you give it to someone else), and some parts of the rock-paper-scissors system aren't quite doing what they're supposed to (inappropriate clangs, etc).

    Loadouts and Wargear have been completely revamped, but this is another system that you are getting it right in the middle of the big change. Basically we've rejigged the loadout points and created new wargear to allow for bigger differences across classes, but then pushed it out the door before doing a thorough analysis of what had been implemented. This is because we think it's better than what's on live, but we definitely don't think it's done! We will be doing a lot of tuning of the wargear stats and loadout points internally, but please let us know what specific combinations you think you should be able to make, but can't, or obvious combinations that look problematic.

    Finally, ORKS are here! Note that they are still missing a number of weapons and mechanics - mentioned in the notes below!

    * Distance traveled during melee has been reduced now that you can move while charging.
    * The Power Fist has been nerfed, particularly the air attack.
    * The "soft-lock" that caused you to attack towards a target while not locked-on has been disabled. We may enable it as an option in the future, or make it default for gamepads.
    * You can now cancel out of a defense bash in progress by evading.
    * Characters should warp less while in close-range melee combat, and collide more often.
    * There are improved VFX for melee attack results, and there is now a stagger vfx to clearly communicate when you or a target has been staggered. Unfortunately it is often not showing on targets, something we will try to fix ASAP.
    * There is an issue where sometimes when you roll the character does not play the animation properly, making it difficult to tell if you've rolled at all.
    * There is an issue where the power fist (and possibly other weapons) have trouble hitting vehicles. That has been addressed internally and will be fixed next week.
    * Next patch, durability and stamina HUD elements will be much more visible when you need to see them most.

    * Loadout points have been completely revamped, and wargear has been redone to be more class-specific. In addition, trinkets have been added to help fill out those last few loadout points.
    * All the loadout point "sinks" are now in EXCEPT most mods and alternate weapon bases. Thus you should expect to be able to put more points into your weapon than you can now.
    * Jump packs now have a "tax" of sorts in that they all start with only 2 fuel and a slow regen, and you must invest in wargear in order to get it back up to what it was before.
    * Everyone's stamina base has been reduced to 2, but it can be increased to 3 by most classes and ground melee classes can increase it to 4 (at a significant cost).
    * We are still missing synergy effects on wargear. This will allow one piece of wargear to get another effect when you're equipping another specific type of wargear.
    * Currently no wargear except the Mark of Nurgle shows up on your character. In the future, this will only be the case for Trinkets - everything else will be visible in the field.
    * Tooltips have been added to many more weapons and will be improved further.
    * More wargear is still on the way.

    ** It wasn't much fun to endlessly fail at the first capture point for 25 minutes so you now start with a shorter amount of time and that time increases if the attackers make progress.
    ** These times will almost certainly get changed based on feedback and metrics. In addition, we intend to add more feedback about how and when you can earn more time. There will also be tweaks to overtime rules.
    * GLOBAL CHAT HAS BEEN DISABLED except at the end of the match. As is typically the case, the global chat has been the biggest source of toxic behaviour so like most games we're disabling it to create a better experience. This way each side can be focused on coordinating with their team members.
    ** Global chat still works on UAT, since it's a test server where coordination between factions can be very useful.
    ** Yes we recognize that it's awesome to be able to roleplay-taunt the other side through global chat, but unfortunately that is rarely what it's used for. :(

    * These have been COMPLETELY DISABLED. They will be back in ~2 weeks and much larger than ever. In the meantime, you have access to all the wargear so go crazy.

    * You can now create war parties up to 30. Note that you will have to change the max war party size in the party settings, as it defaults to 5.
    ** If max size is greater than 5 you will not be able to enter Tyranid Lairs. If greater than 15, you will not be able to enter Skirmish battles.
    ** A large war party will take SIGNIFICANTLY longer to find a match. However, if you want to do a big guild v guild match you could get two war parties going on opposite factions and hit the "battle now" button at the same time.

    * The boltgun and heavy bolter's spread per shot has been reduced significantly.
    * As mentioned above, wargear has been completely revamped.
    * Two new Narthecium vials have been added for the Apothecary that give you buffs instead of a HoT. Please give us feedback on these!
    * There is still a big new mechanic coming for the Apothecary...
    * The Fang of Morkai is now on our internal clients so SPACE WOLVES are right around the corner!

    * The boltgun and heavy bolter's spread per shot has been reduced significantly.
    * As mentioned above, wargear has been completely revamped.
    * You can now equip the Mark of Slaanesh and Mark of Tzeentch.
    ** The Mark of Slaanesh increases speed at the cost of a penalty to armour regen. The intention is that you rush into combat without expecting to survive if you fail. We will probably put a bigger penalty on this one.
    ** The Mark of Tzeentch gives you a huge bonus to armour regen at the cost of health. The intention is that you play dishonourably by hopping in and out to peck away at your foes.
    ** Both of these will likely see some big changes based on metrics and feedback. In addition, we don't have the synergy effects in yet. For example, in the future if you have the Mark of Tzeentch and a piece of wargear that affects warp charge, you will get more charge.
    * Warp Charge costs for several psychic powers have been adjusted. More psychic powers are still on the way.
    * A pass has been done on the IRON WARRIOR shader on our internal builds so they're coming soon!

    * The Swooping Hawk is officially enabled and his weapons have had a balance pass. The flight mechanics are NOT complete and will see significant improvements in the next patch. However, these are mostly about making flight more comfortable and intuitive and you should be able to use the Swooping Hawk generally as intended in the meantime.
    ** Note that there is an issue with throwing grenades while aiming in the air that will be fixed soon.
    ** Howling Banshees are waiting on their banshee scream mechanic and should be here soon.
    * The shuriken weapons have all had their spread per shot reduced significantly.
    * Protect's range has been increased and Destructor's warm-up time has been reduced. More psychic powers are still on the way.
    * As mentioned above, wargear has been completely revamped.
    * Ulthwe has been enabled and the Warlocks all take craftworld colours now.

    * Orks now exist with all classes, subfactions and vehicles!
    * Missing stuff:
    ** The Waaagh! mechanic is not yet enabled.
    ** Painboyz are missing several weapons and items, including a unique pistol, unique grenades and extra vial types.
    ** The Power Klaw, Improvised Shield and Kannon Deffgun have not yet been enabled.
    ** The look of several characters is not yet complete - for example there should be shoulder pads for Sluggas and Shootas by default. In addition, the Ork faces do not yet animate.
    ** Many Ork animations will be improved, particularly the melee attacks.
    * The vehicles are usable, but still need some more tuning to be comfortable since they use different mechanics than the tanks.
    * The Orks move REALLY slow while crawling. This will be fixed ASAP.
    * The Tracey Shoota is currently set up as a Shoota when it should be a Big Shoota. We will fix this!
    * There is an issue where Shootas (and possibly Painboyz) have their D-bash interrupted by strong melee weapons. THIS IS A BUG that will be hotfixed. In fact, we will be experimenting with having the spike knuckles have sword-tier force so you will need an axe or greater to beat them in clangs (they will still do knife-level damage though).

    * Termagants are much more annoying now and you'll actually have to kill them!
    * Ranged Warriors are less broken, but still have a lot more work to do.
    * New levels are being developed, as well as variant Tyranids that will significantly change the gameplay.
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  2. Great news :) will check out ASAP
  3. Sweet Baby, it's already christmas. The game just took a huge step forward by releasing the Orks.
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher


    I gotta ask though Brent, how many psychic powers are you planning to have on launch (how many for Chaos and how many for Eldar)?
    Basing myself off some talks around the livestreams im fearing that there will be like 8 psychic powers in total for Chaos (2 for each god and 2 for the Undivided), im hoping im wrong. Cause that means its like 1 heal and 1 offensive power per God which would get monotonous fast.
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  5. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    so much stuff
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  6. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    New Apothecary mechanic coming? Interesting.
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  7. Wallabe Wallabe Active Member

    Are there any plans to allow players to opt-in to global chat a later time? I genuinely feel like we're worse off without it. It's supposed to be an MMO, and we just lost one of the few social features we had.
  8. Gboon Gboon Cipher

    * GLOBAL CHAT HAS BEEN DISABLED except at the end of the match. As is typically the case, the global chat has been the biggest source of toxic behaviour so like most games we're disabling it to create a better experience. This way each side can be focused on coordinating with their team members.

    If you said "we're disabling it until we have the tools in place to deal with harassment and spam" it'd make sense, but global chat is a big part of shooters in terms of banter and community.

    Hell, Blizzard disabled global chat for Heroes of the Storm because it's a dota-clone and with that brings the angriest/spitefullest people, but still has global chat for overwatch because it's not as bad as a dota-clone's community.
  9. PF still useless vs vehicles (could only try vs Ork). They ran over you even if you launched your full heavy attack.

    I couldn't test much, only one games. But it feels like melee encounter are still a little bit messy.

    Melee Lock on feel having some trouble to catch the right target

    After, i don't know what to expect about that patch. Happy to have Ork in game and new map but stil...
  10. -being able to cancel a Dbash allows the user change their "rock, paper, scissors" choice AFTER they've already chosen one of the three. I throw down Rock(Dbash), you come with Paper(strong attack), I see the strong attack coming and roll away. So I effectively get to choose Rock and Roll(no pun intended) on the same throw versus YOUR throwing Paper. Basically I get to change my rock, paper, scissors choice AFTER I see what you've thrown out there. How does that not totally break our system?

    How are we EVER supposed to be able to land an attack versus an opponent? If we fast attack we eat a Dbash, if we strong attack vs a Bash, our bashing enemy sees it coming and rolls away. If we start with a strong attack, fast attack via knife counters or we get shot by a Bolter in the face while winding up.

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