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Flames of Apotheosis - New Chaos clan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Whackjood, May 14, 2017.

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    It had been over a year since Akelka first landed on Arkhona, with the vanguard of the Chaos Marines sent at Abbadon's behest to claim this world for one of his many crusades against the Imperium. The past year had been full of non-stop brutal conflict, with his fellow traits at his side in a dark alliance, even developing a twisted sense of camaraderie with those Chaos Marines he has spilt blood alongside.

    However, whether it be against loyalist lapdogs, the engimatic Eldar or the savage Orks. Akelka had not forgotten his personal purpose here. For while he was one of many sent at the demands of the Despoiler, he came chasing a vision. A vision of Arkhona in flames, endlessly mutating under the warpfire in an insane cacophony of Daemonic brilliance. Whether this vision was a prophecy of the future, or the mad sightings of a sorcerer who has spent too much time manipulating the warp matters not at this point. It will be done, the Gods will it.

    Since then, this Sorcerer of Tzeentch has fought tirelessly to expand the influence of his masters across the planet. In pursuit of the dream of turning Arkhona into a terrifying Daemon world, so he can find peace from his visions and to offer as tribute to the Gods.

    What was seen will be made real. Belief begets reality. Arkhona's Apotheosis will not be denied.

    Flames of Apotheosis

    We are a newly formed Chaos guild, looking for entertaining group play in Eternal Crusade. Bringing PVP and Light RP to the grim dark future we all know and love.

    The aim of the guild is to provide a friendly and connected player base of like minded individuals who want to play together as Chaos, like the filthy heretics they are.

    We will host regular game sessions where we go to war against the other factions on Arkhona, but solo play and impromptu gatherings are also encouraged.

    Guild Structure

    To represent this guild being a motley warband of Chaos Space Marines from different legions and backgrounds, united in a common cause of ruining everything they see on Arkhona, there will be no requirements regarding character legion or god devotion.

    We will be enforcing a 20 man limit on the guild. This is to keep the guilds player base tightly-knit, where (hopefully) a friendly culture will come about of everyone knowing each other.

    If you haven't logged into your Guild character for a month, you will be moved into the 'Inactive' section of the guild roster. At this point you will no longer be listed as one of our active members, and the slot will be freed up for someone else. However, you will keep access to our guild discord server and community. (Furthermore, if you want to return to active service in the Flames of Apotheosis simply contact me and start playing the game again.)

    After a week or two has passed, and if a few players have joined the guild, I will decide on Guild officers. The amount will be decided at the time based on guild activity. And promotion will be determined by whether or not a player is willing to lead (by hosting events in my absence), meshes well with the rest of the guilds player-base and is also able to enforce the rules should they be broken.

    (Why specifically a 20 man limit? Because that's the max size a Chaos Marine squad can be on the tabletop)

    Guild Rules

    1. No requirements regarding character Legion or playstyle.
    2. Be respectful to other players, yes this includes the other factions!
    4. English is the guilds primary language
    5. No flaming or trolling
    6. Have fun

    Guild Roster

    Forum name: Whackjood, Character name: Akelka




    Fill in the following form on this thread and either contact me on Steam here, or Discord under the name 'Whackjood / Akelka'

    Character Name:
    Steam Name and Link to Steam profile:
    Location/Time Zone:

    (Use background to tell us a little about yourself, whether this be some character information, or something additional you feel needs mentioning)


    Discord server:
    Whackjood / Akelka's (guild leader) steam profile:

    If there's anything you feel I'm missing from this guild page, or there's anything you want to comment or add, please feel free to do so!


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