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Favorite Piece Of 40k Art

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by CaptainHexx, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. CaptainHexx New Member

    So when working on the game I am in no doubt that you will look to the vast amounts of warhammer 40,000 art work in existence, but I am curious to know if you had to pick one piece of art as your favorite which would it be and why?
  2. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate


    He's about to give him a high five, what's not to love?
  3. roro roro Member

    Tough choice really, but I think if I have to pick one artwork, it's this one :


    It seems quite simple, and it is actually, but it captures so much of 40k it's insane. The very gothic feeling, the mix of uncanny technology and old books and dark magic. The look of madness and fear on that man's face, the way he's been modified, the skull next to him. This could be from Macbeth or Hamlet but with huge black spires, totalitarism, the Inquisition everywhere -listening and watching everything you do and think- and freaking rotting and rusty spaceships used to carry tens of thousands of men to certain death every day.

    I think this pictures reflects the difference between 40k and the other sci-fi universes. It's not pretty, it's not shiny, it's dark and terrifying and humanity is on the brink of destruction. Chaos is everywhere, the xenos are burning and pillaging entire planets, the heretics are growing like a tumor within an empire whose very backbone is probably the biggest lie in the history of Mankind. And the only way to survive is to become monsters, to enslave the population through religion and propaganda, to make sure that all humans are united and obedient because that's the only way to subsist. We're losing ground, we don't understand our own technology, we hear whispers in the night promising wonders but we know listening to those would bring a swift death or eternal damnation. But yeah, my son joined the Imperial Guard seven months ago and I still got no news from him. My wife died two years ago, stabbed by a hive ganger. And I still have those books under my bed, those I bought from that blind man with the weird, scaly skin. Maybe the whispers come from the books, maybe they contain answers. Maybe I could just take a look, just for a few minutes. After all, nobody would ever know...
  4. Carnage Carnage Deacon

    Always been a big fan of this Fan Art, as I'm sure you can tell :)
  5. [​IMG]
    Loved this piece from Angel of Fire.
  6. theddd theddd Member

    Imperial Fists=Badass
    Also Like this one.
    In some rare moments, the Imperium has negotiated with the Tau.
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  7. Frosty40 New Member

    The ravenor cover art deserves some love from me. It is why I am into WH now. I woudl say my favorite piece of art I have seen would be this [​IMG]

    We are more than the sum of our parts, but we are also a lot of very dangerous, purity fuelled, bio-engineered parts.

    also, F*&%$ YEAH ETERNAL CRUSADE!!!!

    plz let us have a workshop and submit gear to you guys.
  8. Freke Freke Subordinate

    FOR CHAOS.jpg

    This is my favorite picture of all time.
  9. That looks really over done and unnecessarily detailed... even for Tzeench
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  10. Carnage Carnage Deacon

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