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Faction Population Shift

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. I know it's no easy job, as I regularly try to remove vehicles from clan stacks. At some point they just know you are there and take more care of the vehicles, but it's still doable. Convince people to man tanks is a good way to go once they take more care of their vehicles. Usually I go for a scheme like this: Start with transport + melta/rokkit combo, if they move too much/once they start moving too much switch to tank strategy. Once you're out of tanks go for las. Usually I don't like this gameplay as it's kinda cheesy, but with clanstacks, if you can manage to take out most of their vehicles games often tend to be balanced and fun.
  2. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    lol interesting take on it
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  3. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Interesting that the topic shifted faster than any population shift ever happened.
  4. I probably should have added this into the OP but I was testing the waters to see if anyone else had seen it - so now I have added it.

    We're seeing more variety in factions - more Xenos - and less of a L/CSM sausage fest, because of some wide sweeping much needed nerfs.

    Unfortunately this is not as true as it could be for Eldar because one of their most infamously hated tools was buffed when it really didn't need to be so there is still a lot of match dodging going on there because of that.

    That^ is a good example that sometimes a nerf is in the benefit of all involved, even the people on the receiving end.

    But getting back to the real cause of the shift - On a small scale when a class or weapon takes another class or weapons job due to over performance, variety suffers within that weapon or class range and as a result all other classes and weapons suffer and a nerf is required to bring that variety back.

    So on a much larger scale when a pair of factions and certain weapon within those factions take all other factions jobs due to over performance the entire game loses variety and becomes stale and a nerf is required to bring that variety back.
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  5. Twin asc? You reaaly thinl that 2.5 sec reload is a big changer rather than 3?

    And if yeas we alredy see another post like "eldar still able to kill me - i hate it its not fuuun pliz nurf".

    They main reason why we see this tiny handful buff to popular eldar gun is just for morale. I doubt your ork faction could sustain 5-6 nerfes in every patch and in every way. So why you think eldar should have endless sufferance. Keep in mind that in this patch eldar lost their last "OP" tools like GG your transport instantly.

    Tlasc buff just fine to calm down raged pop. If you take something away - give a bit to compencsate MORALE loses. Glad to see devs hear somthing what @Rheeva says and not blindly nurf for first demand. Like they did with tempest (may be it neaded but to skiplaucha level lol when even MC tempest have 0 difference to usual tempest) and fusion pistol (why)

    But yeah i would prefer to see ASC buff instead, at least to see ammo magz
  6. 'Skill' is rarely a thing worthy of discussion as it almost exclusively yields the same old boring, predictable, pointless patterns so let's just say that all factions have different equally varying levels of skill and ability to perform within the real world server constraints. I can however talk about mechanics that allow skill to be optimally utilized within those variable physical boundaries can be.

    I was referring to the vehicle durability buffs that rolled out across the board when all we really needed was a nerf to melta bomb type weapons across the board.

    This had a negative effect to L/CSM and Ork with no real change to Eldar, so in a round about way it was a nerf to all factions but Eldar and as such the match abandonment rate has remained about the same which is never a good thing.

    But that's not really where I'm going or want to go with this because it was L/CSM matches that dominated for most of the day with a scattering of Xenos here and there during peak if your lucky.

    Sure Eldar match abandonment was a part of this because of more factors than I care to go in to, none of which have really been addressed despite the over all benefit all factions would reap from it but hey progress is progress I guess. One faction at a time. This patch it was L/CSM that was brought into line which is why we're seeing more Xenos matches;

    The main cause was how effective the Bolter was. There's no denying it that weapon was the true 'lawnmower' of EC with Eldar being the scapegoat used as a distraction. It really was taking jobs away from every class and faction in the game and needed to be dealt with for the sake of variety and fun.

    And because historically speaking if something is taking something else's job it gets shut down. Sure it may take a year or two but eventually its caught and put in it's place.

    Finally I think we're about as close to balance as we're going to get, so looking up!
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I am not entirely sure, if Rhino health got buffed but, primarily, Melta-Bomb Damage was nerfed, slightly harder for the Melta-Bundle (which also costs less LP to compensate).

    Wave-Serpent basically got changed to the point where you can't three-hit it with Lascannons anymore.
    Its also much harder to suicide-bomb (for all factions) which, according to the Peoples Front of LSM, is a good thing.
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  8. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    I think it feeds back to what Faeruin said "And if yeas we alredy see another post like "eldar still able to kill me - i hate it its not fuuun pliz nurf"."

    To say the faction more reliant on MBs for AV work than any other wasn't nerfed by the MB changes is some.. that's impressive, I mean it takes some gall to suggest nerfing MBs down to what they are but than leave the WS sitting at 40% less HP than other transports.

    Cause ya know that guy running up, dual bombing than still having to melta your tank down (than promptly dying or having to resupply) while you sit halfway across the map sniping his tank from any angle with 3 shots is balanced
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  9. I think I''ve waffled enough, this wasn't meant to be an Eldar accusation thread so I don't quite know how it's gone in that direction.

    People generally load out whatever loadouts or factions with said loadouts dominate. Remember way back when Storm Bolter, Stream of Corruption -yes there was a time when SoC was rage enducing- PC, JPApocolypse, Kannon Deffgun or more recently NCS Unbound. What happened during these times? nothing but those weapons or loadouts where used.

    So now it's been established that people play whatever is currently OP at any given time. And seeing as L/CSM was all you could ever match against for lack of Xenos, and since the Bolter nerf classes, factions and loadouts have been more evenly dispursed between L/CSM and Xenos I conclude that the reason for this shift is the Bolter's 're adjustment'.

    What does this all mean? I don't know. but I'm sure it means something lol.
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  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    It means that the salt God is ever closer to conception and the theory that most LSM are PG pretending to be IG pretending to be SM so much that they think they are SM is true. Prepare for the salt mines go ever deeper into the madness that is Eternal Cuesade
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