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Eternal Battles seeking casters for future streamed matches

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lanzer, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Lanzer Lanzer Eternal Battles Moderator

    Brothers, Sisters, Traitors, Heretics, Gits, and Kinsfolk!

    In anticipation of our first streamed match, Eternal Battles is seeking two people who can commit to being regular casters for future matches.

    If you are interested, please read the below information.

    EB's mission is to create fun events for Eternal Crusade and showcase those events to the gaming community. We have a strong team of volunteers who accomplish this mission.

    We have a need to add two casters to our team. The role of an EB caster is to showcase our events to the gaming community; you will be what the audience hears. This is done through a live stream.

    We are seeking two types of casters at this moment. Experience is helpful, but we put more value on teamwork and a willingness to learn. The two types of casters are:

    • Caster who comments on the action as it happens. This role focuses on the tactical side of the match. This casters needs a working knowledge of the function and application of: weapons, items, loadouts, playable W40K Chapters, maps, game types, game mechanics, and terminology. A tasteful lore voice of your choice is optional.
    • Caster who comments on the flow of battle over the course of time. This role focuses on the strategic side of the match. This caster needs an adequate ability to identify and explain strategies used by each side, how each side's tactical maneuvers are being applied to achieve victory, how each side's strategy interacts with their opponent, and the lore of each playable W40K Chapter. A tasteful lore voice of your choice is optional.
    The responsibilities of an EB caster are:
    • Organize the production of the event, to include a stream schedule
    • Stream the match live via Twitch
    • Comment on the action per your role
    • Upload the completed match to EB's YouTube channel
    • Link it in appropriate places, such as EC forums and reddit
    If you believe you are interested in joining EB's team, know this is the type of person we seek:
    • Those who actively contribute to our mission
    • Those who look to solve our problems
    • Those who know how to disagree without insulting others
    • Those who can listen to feedback
    If interested, send @Lanzer and @phantagor a group conversation PM. Thank you for your consideration, have a great day!

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