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Epsilon Imperial Fists

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    "For others, the Great Crusade ended long ago. For us, it will not cease until all the worlds of Mankind are united once more and the Emperor's golden age returns."
    First Captain Darnath Lysander

    Epsilon Imperial Fists
    We are a Chapter of -EDA- Gaming Community that play Eternal Crusade as well as other games with the community. We will be mainly focused on PvP game play that will help support -EDA- as they will us. Our Chapter will abide by the Code of Conduct rules set out by the Gaming Community founder and these rules will be upheld by the Company Chaplains. We utilize Teamspeak that is supported by a website and a steam group with the additional "Battle Honors" system on our website. We promote those willing to help out in game as well as those and want to help our Community as a whole. -EIF- will have it's own fluff law (just like -EDA-) so your character can be written in our halls of history upon the heroic battle deeds you may do.

    Command Structure

    Chapter Master
    Only the most venerated of our Chapter can lead us and as such the Supreme Grand Master is the highest rank an individual can achieve.

    Company Master

    When a Space Marine becomes a Captain, he will be given the title of Company Master and be placed in charge of a Company. Company Masters ensure that those under him are well trained, issuing tactical orders to his squads and participating in briefings with high command.

    Master Apothecary
    An individual that has excelled in the arts of healing may be granted the position of Master Apothecary. His duties will be to oversee all apothecaries in his charge, ensure the gene seed remains pure, and to treat the most disabling wounds. Will also keep records of all armor, trinket, and war gear combinations to best suited roles along with guiding new recruits in EDA.

    Master Librarian
    A master of his pyschic abilities, the Master Librairan is a force to be reckoned with. The duties of his office include: overseeing librarians under his charge, searching for signs of chaos corruption within the Chapter, recording the Strategic movements and deployments of the Chapters, and holding onto the Book of Secrets.

    Grand Chaplain
    Only those that have held fast to temptation and show enormous resolve can become the Grand Chaplain, for the duties of his office will often test his faith. The Grand Chaplain ensures that all battle brothers are compliant with the lore of the Chapter, issuing punishments where needed, and overseeing the cadre of chaplains under his command.

    Specialist Ranks

    Specialists are members that have been judged by higher-ranking brethren to pursue specializations that they have usually have great skill in. These members are respected and act in accordance with their specializations wherever they are needed.

    This position is given to those that have a desire to heal his fellow battle brothers in the field. The duties of an apothecary include: recovering all fallen gene seed, building his skills and healing the most grievous wounds. Apothecaries also are charged with recording information about armor, trinkets, and war gear.

    Those that wish to pursue training in this field are given the honor to work on some of the most important wargear the Dark Angels hold. Their duties include: maintaining vehicles and equipment, gathering weapon and vehicle information, building his skills and ensuring the servitors are up to speed.

    Those gifted with pyschic abilities will assist in our secret mission and such under take the sacred oath of the Inner Circle. Their duties include: Assisting the Chief Librarian in maintaining the records of the Strategies for the chapter, building his skills, understudying the Chief Librarian, and assisting with the Great Hunt.

    The position of chaplain is not taken lightly. Only those solely devoted in service to the Emperor and the Lion may serve as a Chaplain within the Dark Angels Chapter. A Chaplain ensures that those under his charge are well versed in chapter lore. Additionally, their duties include: watching for signs of heresy, assisting with induction of new initiates, delivering penance and similar punishments, and instilling discipline among Chapter ranks.

    Tactical Ranks

    The title of Scout is given to those that first enlist into the Dark Angel Chapter. Before his trials, a Scout is well trained and versed in lore in anticipation of his rites of initiation. All scouts will be placed in 10th Company.

    Battle Brother
    Once an Aspirant is deemed worthy, he is inducted into the Chapter as full fledged Battle Brother. His duties are to understudy the veterans of the Chapter, participate in Dark Angel activities, and begin specializing his skills.

    Veteran Battle Brother

    A veteran Battle Brother is a brother who has been awarded this rank once he has a thorough understanding of his skills in all fields, be it tactical, assault, devastator or support. Some. Their duties include understudying their squad Sergeant, acting as the second in command whilst being prepared to take full command where a sergeant cannot, and teaching Battle Brothers.

    Upon obtaining this rank a Battle Brother is given the privilege of commanding a squad of Astartes in battle. The duties of a Sergeant include: making sure those under his charge are well trained, participate in briefings where applicable for major operations, foster good relations with his 2IC, and ensure discipline is maintained.

    After a Sergeant has served time in his role as a squad leader he may be given either a position as a company 2IC. He will maintain the responsibilities as a sergeant with one exception: he must lead groups at all times while in games.

    If a veteran sergeant becomes a company 2IC, he will be second only to the Company Master himself. The duties of a 2IC include: participating in briefings with command, being able to assume command of the company should the Company Master be unable to, and ensure that the company is ready for action.

    Proven to have shown an adept ability for combat in the Chapter, the Vanguard are among the most respectable members of the clan

    Add me to steam

    Sign up in this thread also using this template:

    (Please note we are only Imperial Fists)
    NAME: What are we to call you?
    STEAM NAME: Post a direct link to your steam community page
    ROLE: Tactical, Devastator, Jump Assault, Ground Assault, Apothecary
    Location(North America etc):

    More detailed information about the history and achievements of the Epsilon Dark Angels can be found at:
    Recruiting World:
    Steam Group:
    Team Speak Server:
    Discord :
    In game you can recognize us by our -EIF- tags.
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  2. Welcome to Arkhona, i thought we were missing something, but couldnt quite put my finger on it, then i realized it was more Imperial Fists. They will help us Assault Arkhona....
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  3. [FIEND] FIEND1 First Blood!

    another RP clan that will be smashed by pugs *sad face*
  4. Hepheistos Agamemnon7 Subordinate

  5. Welcome to -EIF- Brother!
  6. We are still recruiting Brothers to join the fight :)
  7. Cortax Arcterian Subordinate


    Arcterian (Imp Fist SM)
    Tactical, Devastator rarely but occasionally plays Apothecary
    Location(North America etc): Sweden, Europe

    Ed: Posted this b4 I remembered the link so also signed up on your website. Cheers
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  8. Welcome to -EIF- Brother!
  9. Remember Brothers our gaming community will be running the weekend event tomorrow.

    1st event time is 12pm Cst
    2nd event time is 9pm Cst

    Local timezone conversion will be needed if you are not in Cst times
  10. Great events guys - nice work :)

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