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Eldar With The Eternal Soul

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Khaldam, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. What he said ^^.
  2. Welcome to the forums, filthy xeno scum!
  3. Pertsa pertsa Subordinate

    Yet we don't have to fear The Tyranides in this crusade... yet. For now we have to gather our forces and gear up for upcoming war.

    Fear not, Khaine The Bloody-Handed one is fighting with you!

    See you on the battlefield !
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  4. Khaldam Active Member

    Yes, but the ultimate redemption of our race and our ancestors mestakes will be through Ynnead... and then the God of Death will make the final strike on Slaanesh and then all eldar souls shall be free of chaos influance...

    Maybe not yet... If not on this crusade maybe the next... But your right let us take your shuriken wepaons and us it on your foes...
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  5. Afanasi Afanasi Subordinate

    Not many... Warm welcomes. Welcome Marcin let your path never stray.
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  6. Bishop520 Active Member

    Greetings kinsman. May fortune be ever on your side and guide you to victory in the wretched war we are all about to partake in.
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  7. If you would give me the coordinates of your beloved craftworld, i will issue a complimentary Exterminatus for free.
    Welcome to the forum, Xeno.
  8. Khaldam Active Member

    You would lost all of your Armada befor you would do that Human, chose your worlds carfully.

    See you on the battlefield human
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  9. DKPortela Member

    We had your race contained and running like lapdogs in the time of the Crusade, we shall do it again xeno scum!

    Welcome Khaldam! :)

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