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Eldar Newsletter: Thoughts/opinions

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Abhean, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Dagda Abhean Curator

    The newsletter is out for us.

    What do you guys think?

    Seems as though Pets are IN for warlocks with their wraithguard.

    No sightings of Striking Scorpions nor Howling Banshees.

    Talk of the Dire avengers but no on graphic that was released

    Looks like a guardian in the picture that was released

    And Dark Reapers are also on the picture.

    Lets do this!
  2. PalmerC PalmerC Subordinate

    I am happy to see Dire Avengers in as well as Warlocks. I expected that Dark Reapers would be in. I am also happy that Biel Tan is included as a craftworld :)

    Funny I didnt get the newsletter even though I received the Ork and Chaos one. That part I am not happy about. :(
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  3. Dagda Abhean Curator

    Steve has said

    So not really a pet class (I hope) but a power the warlock is able to use. Very happy to see them work in a way to include Wraithguard into EC without ripping the fluff into tiny bits.
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  4. Dagda Abhean Curator

    One thing that is really confusing me is the picture versus the article.

    Dire avengers, Warlocks, WraithGuard, and Darkreapers are talked about in the article, but the picture shows off Warlock, WraithGuard, Dark Reapers, and a guardian.

    Could it be that the Warlocks and the guardians would be the base classes? Warlocks would progress all the way to Farseers and Guardians would be able to branch off into the different aspects? Which would make since, at least in my way of thinking.

    ~No mention of Swooping Hawks, but we have been told about the Eldar Jump Packs a few months ago.
    ~No mention of any of the close combat specialists and we know we are going to have to have some.
    ~Mentions of both Dark reapers and Dire Avengers. A picture of one but not the other?

    We just might get everything we wanted! Or maybe NOTHING! Mahahahah
  5. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    No dedicated CQC aspect class neither banshees or scorpions which is strange. Unless those wraith guard can be playable in their CC form rage guard or something.
  6. Schade Schade New Member

    Yep everything or nothing :p
    Them not mentioning hawk/spiders and scorpion/banshee makes me think they haven't decided yet. Will be interesting when we get updated on these and (maybe)class progression with that guardian.

    Also glad they added wraithguard while not wrecking lore.
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  7. Boss BlakkFlagg WillBilly First Blood!

    Well, they've only mentioned some of the classes. Also, from the illustration, looks kinda like Guardians are in for a playable class. (YAY!)

    Still having a hard time understanding what is meant by the wraithguard mention.
  8. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

  9. Dagda Abhean Curator

    I think that it will work something like this: As a warlock you come up to a wraith guard start fingerwaggleing and the Warlock disappears (like cloaked) and poof you are in the Wraith Guard body controlling it. When you die you poof back into your warlock skin. Or something like that. Please read this is my opinion on how I read the article. LOL
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  10. Boss BlakkFlagg WillBilly First Blood!

    Yeah, it sounds like a vehicle thing - which could work.

    Of course, since we don't know any of the actual mechanics surrounding spawning, vehicles, etc, I suppose I'll just wait and see.

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