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Eldar Founders

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Demetri_Dominov, Sep 9, 2015.


Which wave are you going to be in?

  1. 1st: Captains or higher.

  2. 2nd: Sergeant

  3. 3rd: Warrior

  4. 4th: None

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  1. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    If I could get locked into one class but get some kind of buff, I'd do it.

    Striking Scorpion exarch? Hell yea. I do't care if I would have to buy a new character slot to play other classes.
  2. Andraina Andraina Curator

    I wouldn't want to waste time relogging if more Warlocks were required in battle.
  3. Maybe there could be and option to select one Exarch class per character . You can play all classes but only be a Exarch of one in which it would provide exclusive abilities and benefits.Since Autrach are elite call in heroes there's no way to become one other than buying it . Maybe having multiple Exarchs classes is a way to unlock it.
  4. Zoatibix Zoatibix Preacher

    Unfortunately, Eldar are such a small faction right now that it wouldn't surprise me if they get folded into the Space Marines (which is not uncommon backgroundwise even before they started butchering the fluff.

    I hope, however, that Eldar get cool enough models and gameplay elements to make them a strong if minor faction.

    I'm certainly keen to get playing my Eldar toon as soon as I can but for the moment I think Eldar players are going to be in the minority. Given their extensive lore, cool looks, etc is a great pity but Space Marines are unfortunately in the majority here, too.
  5. I imagine 20 Eldar players could hold off an assault of 60 space marines on average judging by what I've been reading on forums.
  6. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    If they go off the tabletop, an organized Eldar force should be able to hold off a large Space Marine force using it's specialized units in concert.

    The drawback is if any of those units die(Or worse, if they somehow die in the opening firefight.) then the entire group just collapses because of the big holes in what it can counter.
  7. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    Don't be concerned with the numbers. I'm easily worth 10 people alone.
  8. I doubt such an event would happen. I'd refund my captain pack in a heartbeat if anything like that occurs.
    As I mention before , there hasn't been much information and demonstration on Eldar. Come October we should start hearing more about them. While Eldar population is few, we are also the strongest.
  9. Zoatibix Zoatibix Preacher

    I doubt it will come to that. However...I do find the overwhelming Marine love somewhat tiresome.
  10. Andraina Andraina Curator

    It's fine, it's what sells. I suppose. The people here seem to be quite intelligent, if that's an indication of the player base we're going to get later I'll be most happy playing with the smaller faction. Personally I feel more comfortable knowing as many people as possible anyway. So let's all get along.

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