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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Aelyanna Aelyanna Subordinate

    Alright, here is my submission! Sorry for being late, but i hope there are keys left!

    Cerys Iyandreth

    1) How old is your character?

    2) Male or Female?

    3) What Path are they on?
    Walking the Path of the Warrior.

    4) Have they walked any other Paths?

    5) Which Shrine do they belong to?
    The Shrine of the Ebon Witch.

    6) Which Craftworld are they from?
    Exodite, currently a part of Saim-Hann.

    Born in an Eldar Exodite clan to an Exodite mother and a Saim-Hann father who walked the Path of the Outcast, Cerys has lived most of her life free from the highly structured delineation of achievement which Craftworld Eldar must walk. Trained in combat by her mother and spending her entire life with the Exodite clan, she learned and experienced many things that Craftworld Eldar do not. She was content to live her life as it had progressed.

    Then Chaos attacked.

    During one of her visits to her mother's Exodite clan, Chaos spewed forth from nowhere. Slaneeshi Daemons slaughtered everyone; the entire Exodite clan. Cerys and her lover watched as an Eldar, corrupted and twisted by Chaos, and who wore what was once her father's armor, murdered Cerys' mother. As Cerys and her lover attempted to flee, her lover was caught by the Chaos Eldar and murdered as well. Cerys alone managed to escape.

    Cerys knew what she must do. She must find answers. She must find her father. She must fight against Chaos wherever it erupts. She began searching for Saim-Hann, her father's Craftworld. When she found it, she was accepted into it. She now walks the Path of the Warrior as a Howling Banshee, bringing swift death to Chaos and its worshippers.
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  2. Aelyanna Aelyanna Subordinate

    Let me know what you think! I want feedback!

    Could a Chaos Eldar exist? The Dark Eldar are not Chaos-worshippers. We haven't seen any Chaos Eldar, but i feel that theoretically, it should be possible that an Eldar falls and begins to worship Slaanesh. Or would Slaanesh simply consume their souls?

    And could an Eldar, even an Exodite, have a lover at all? It may be too emotional and risky a thing for any Eldar.
  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    I'd recommend opening a new thread for that question. It would diverge from the Thread's purpose. Make an Eldar question thread or something like that.

    As for feedback I'd say LOVE CAN BLOOM! just as I think has been said before in this thread or some other I was in at some point love and other strong emotions for Eldar are suppressed by will power to stop attraction from the Warp and what not. I would have liked a more expanded reason on how Cerys managed to escape alone.

    Other than that I thought it was fine.
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  4. Aelyanna Aelyanna Subordinate

    Right, i'll find another thread to ask questions in.

    And i wrote this character and the background, figured out the name, in about an hour. I didn't have time to figure out exactly how she escaped, so i'll edit the post when i do figure it out. :)

    And yes, love can bloom. But i am aware of strong emotions being suppressed by Eldar so they don't attract the attention of Chaos, particularly Slaanesh. I'll probably change the lover part eventually.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    No need to find another, just create one. More likely to get people to go into it. I imagine there are quite a few Eldar Lore nuts around here. I know bits and bobs but not that much.

    It's not necessary to change around the lover bit but even the most strong willed Eldar can lose their restraint when they see a loved one die especially a mother or father. I think the Eldar might have the flight or fight instinct within them but I don't know really.
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  6. lightray800 Ysurian Arkhona Vanguard

    Making a bio to just have a bio, fun and interesting concept by the original poster, thank you for thinking up the idea and for giving away 15 warrior packs, very cool my friend.

    my Eldar character name: Ysurian emeraldyr

    1) How old is your character?
    140 years

    2) Male or Female?

    3) What Path are they on?
    Walking the path of the Warlock

    4) Have they walked any other Paths?
    Path of Artisan: specialization; Architect, Path of the Mariner, Path of the Outcast

    5) Which Shrine do they belong to?

    6) Which Craftworld are they from?
    Outcast from Iyanden


    My name is Ysurian, I'am an outcast from the Craftworld Iyanden.

    I'll continue my journal as I lay in my hab bubble he egg shaped bedding with blue cream colored crew hall the deck abaord the vessel is located in the stern, the window shows the dark purple jet stream of this elegant black ship, I peak my head out the hallway is aligned with 6 other hab bubbles we are a crew of outcast rangers on a mission. The vessel she is on automated control for now, Torkana is another ranger our lead pilot, a former mariner like myself she has been given assignment to fly us to our objective a world in conflict. Aboard the vessel my other comrades clean and fix gear their suits of aspect armour differ in style and slight pattern, as we rangers, our cloaks our green mesh web belts, our long rifles range from origin and design, some motifs are displayed from each shrine world others have no emblems but the blue or yellow markings of chevrons from our homeworld Iyanden we are the last the dying the 20% that survived the invasion from Hive fleet Kraken.

    my story began in a harsh light no one can imagine being born into devastation with nothing, for nothing, my world was turned upside down from a young age as we squandered our resources against the most ferocious of enemies the Tyranid Hive fleet Kraken our now mortal enemy. I left once I saw my family wiped out, my vessels of ships as mariner, my work my comrades my race, my family, my lover were all gone. Some Eldar stayed some never returned but my Farseers with their knowledge and sight have chosen us as outcasts deemed worthy of this path, this journey. It took sometime for myself to relize my anguish my torment was being somewhere near my dying comrades, I needed worth in my life, so I follow this path with mental fortitude sharpened to a degree that I feel the path of the seer calling to me even now, we are far away from my worldship yet I swear the webway is holding onto something, my mind is sharp like a blade but the power of another path beckons me now.
    With my skills I've gained I will see through to this journey our expedition is on course, halfway there now that I mention this in my journal. Along side this journal I sketch what I've seen, go over notes taken from other alien races, trinkets and picture sealed into journal. My mind is free but psychically guarded from the power of slaanesh with the psycho-technological implants given to us by Iyanden, to aid and enchance our minds against the most dangerous of foes.

    My once proud craftworld was the envy of the stars a unison of power, art, commerce, vestige among the stars, a world-ship like no other, that all ended. Even with our might our saying 'Light in the Darkness". The spread of this light was nearly extinguished when the invading hive fleet Kraken brought our world-ship to its last breathe, with the help of the others we overcame this harrowing journey.

    My life on the path of the Mariner is the one I remember the most vividly of my beloved home world. As you see I started out as a studious young Eldar given the early teachings by my pious father who was an Architect I studied my ears off from the day I was born, the vessel our worldship our proud history our archeticts the path of the artisan called to me to build to make to formulate to design, to fabricate our living worldship called to me in the beginning but that quickly followed suit not because of my emotion but because of my mind sought more, know the inner workings but to breathe life into new vessels that could help my race my worldship Iyanden. Mind you no Eldar lets their emotion take over their mind or else we fallow a path, a dark somber path of no return to become lost upon a path is unheralded.

    Even as I write this drifting in space aboard a vessel I cannot disclose our current location in this journal, I write this now as apart of my training as an Outcast, our stoic behavior will seem benign or juvinel in teh eyes of the Farseers or Autarchs but our wisdom gained from learning and interacting with the other lesser alien races has opened my eyes to tactics and strategy that aids Iyanden in future endeavor.

    As the chosen few with the mental fortitude to take such a journey away from the worldship of Iyanden, may her light guide us, for our Father Kurnous may he guide my path my mind is but an altar my Armour my shield to protect the light of Iyanden, a tool for war to keep the light shining, my psyche an architect for the Craftworld, for Iyanden may her beacon never dim, may her light rise above the darkness, the Light in the Darkness.

    As I write this journal, I know it may seem bleak, but my mind is different now, better now, as my peers may judge my skill, the later as a Ranger I've proved my worth as I'am the that travel with me we are strong, our will is true our goal is set.

    We travel to region of space undetected for human sub sector patrol these stars their ever watching small machines hiss and distort giving the large expanse they sure can fill the void with their discarded trinkets and warships, abandoned during some conflict. Fleets perhaps a coupe dozen frigate class ships, perhaps colonists their empty vessels drift in unision around a centralized star. My team of Rangers we are outcast assigned by craftworld Iyanden to venture forth into the region of space ahead of the main fleet.

    We are scouts, we are the eyes and ears for my Race, a responsibility that each one of my rangers takes upon great duty to accomplish, we give it our all at all cost. Each member of my team we are individuals but trained to keep our minds on the greater tasks, spot, clear, report, survey, gather, intel. Without detection, with out fail, or we give the enemy the unknown the presence of our Race.

    Our vessel is a ship that I helped design, shes a slight oval shaped black diamond in the darkness of the void, a single yellow blue chevron denotes her upper hull a winged buttress of 8 fins each arrange her port and starboard. A secret material used by the craftworld built for holding the chameleon crystal lines the haul of the ship combined with my craftsmanship with help from the boneseers shes alive with the spirit of former wraith-knight she was once a proud Autarch no longer her body but she once was a grand Eldar for Iyanden, he crystal is powerful beyond measure she protects us and we protect her.

    We have spent time fighting incursions, gathering relics from abandoned shrine worlds, lost exodite colonies that have sealed away artifacts from my once proud Eldar race. Tasked by the current Farseer of Iyanden to collect waystones lost on varies parts of this galaxy, we are on a cyclic path to a region where a previous Eldar incident occurred.

    to be continued.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Always good to see another Warlock and Ranger fan :D Will you post more? I particularly liked the idea of the ship; I'd like to know more about it.
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  8. lightray800 Ysurian Arkhona Vanguard

    Cool cool thank you for the like, I appreciate it I wouldn't think my writing would gain any fans of sort, haha I'll be cure to continue this story of Ysurian.
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    You're welcome :) I liked the exploration of the details of life that just don't show up (naturally enough) in the wargaming side, like the shape of the bed, as well as the change from one Path to another and how knowledge from a previous Path informs the current one.
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