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EC's Reputation... What Can We Do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. I think everyone knows how bad of a reputation EC has.
    Common things I see from people who quit long ago are complaints about Eldar, balance, bugs, poor optimisation/unplayable lag, simply 'bad game', lack of variety of vehicles, and no console release.

    REVIEWS (Wall of text in spoiler)
    Reviews such as this one (
    ) from players who clearly have not played the game very much (using default loadouts, or f2p accounts) really don't help, and most reviews are outdated and plain wrong now.

    Looking at this review, I think that this one actually is mostly fair for the point of view of a new player. 7:50 to 9:10 for what sums up this review the best, and one of many relevant problems for the game now. Veteran players smashing new players out of existence. Yeah say get good all you like, but will most people really want to pick up a game where they feel like they can do nothing against more experienced players?
    Watch 10:21 to 12: 54 to see another very relevant issue (community, yeah he talks about PvE, but forget that)
    Where it is just wrong is the 'muh pay to win' bit. A new player who hasn't got master crafted weapons making accusations of pay to win because the RTC weapons are better than default ones.... *sigh*
    By far the biggest (and most relevant) issue mentioned is how frustratingly bad f2p is. It's a bad implantation of the system, which I agree with. It won't make you buy the full game, more likely it'll make you quit and never return. Restricting access to JPAs is just annoying, and most fustrating of all is hwo the game (quote) 'two thirds of your experience and credit [REQ] locked behind a pay wall'.
    Wonder why there's a focus on the game's presentation and the feel of it rather than actual balance early on in the review...
    What to do about it?

    Make reviews with up to date information in them
    TLDR: lots of bad reveiws that have inaccurate or out of date information. Make up to date reviews with up to date information to solve this.

    As I said in my wall of text, f2p is well... rubbish. On another steam account, I tried the f2p version again (it's been ages......) and it is very fustrating, I gave up and just went back to my nicely levelled up characters. The current f2p system loses more players than it gains (more leave than stick around), so I think the system needs a complete rework to be less frustrating.

    As much as we insist Eldar are balanced, it is a common complaint that they feel unbalanced and unsatisfying, so something isn't right. I think this is down to the extremely low TTK both playing as and against Eldar. Their gameplay will probably feel frustrating and unsatisfying to a new player. To improve EC's reputation I think that an Eldar rework not so much focused on balance, but on how they play and how enjoyable they are. Seriously unbalanced maps like Carmine are bad for the game as well, adding to the feeling of frustration and unbalancedness (is that even a word?) of the game.
    What this basically boils down to is balance ≠ automatically enjoyable

    Long term stuff mainly

    Through workshop, we can create new classes, such as Librarians for LSM, or Warp Talons for CSM, new vehicles such as Battlewaggons or Land raiders (models exist for both in game files), new weapons such as thunder hammers or lightnign claws, new animations to replace some of the not so good ones, and generally make the game feel more complete.
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  2. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Nothing.The damage is done and the same bugs have never been fixed for years now.Our dev team is the Q&A guy and he has arguably done more for EC than the dev team ever did.What does that tell you?

    The terrible reputation is fully 100% deserved.bE is an incompetent company who does nothing but lie and have zero intention of fixing the mess they made.Even no mans sky turned out good with persistence from the dev team,we have no dev team to pull anything like that off.

    Workshop is a myth to keep some people who still believe it will be a thing playing.If EC was not 40k it would have died in alpha.
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  3. We could try

    I would be gone from the community alone
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  4. MORTARION PlagueMORTARION Well-Known Member

    just stop!
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how we got from EC's rep to eldar Op....
    in like 1 post...
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  6. Eldar appearing OP is one of the main things I hear from people who have quit
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  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    This is one of your more reasonable posts, except you are being very optimistic. The workshop is not going to add new classes or animations any time soon.

    More Mods would be great so they can actually enforce policy. Right now moderation in EC is very lax, people do- and say whatever they want and as soon as there are actual consequences to anything, they start a riot.
    The problem is not that some toxic behavior gets punished but that most doesn't and the few feel singled out.
    The community is not bad, compared to many games but it also could be a lot better.

    The one, big problem is, and here I agree with you, that new players get slaughtered. I see a match with 75% of the enemy team being rank 2 or less. They do not make any kills, they take no points, they just become part of a K/D.
    It's not fun to kill them either, it's really just a question as whether to end the match quickly or giving them some points would make them feel better.

    But here is the deal: you can't fix that problem from the top, removing rollex ain't gonna change anything about this.
    New players need:
    -Early access to shiny gear, so they don't feel like they are just being outgunned.
    -Transparency regarding the core game-mechanics and better guidance on the maps.
    -An encouragement to quickly join organized groups aka a heavily improved guild-system and interface
    -More 'achievements' to be earned in matches so people can feel useful even if they have only 1/10 of my kills.

    On that, last one, I would love to have an in-match performance announcement. Just like we already have kill-streaks or multi-kills, but much more advanced. I would also make high-threads more visible (callouts, map-markers and icons) so they can be focused down easier and to stroke their ego. A tie-in with the veteran-system would also be an option.

    Of course, most of this is just dreaming. There isn't much that can be done about base-mechanics.

    And Eldar have now lost not only the things that actually were powerful (Hawks) but also those that seemed powerful (AV, Lawnmovers). There should be less Scorpions and more Banshees, as the latter are less frustrating to the enemy.

    And yeah, performance remains a major issue that should be adressed but never will.
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  8. Did I remove the line that said long term stuff?
  9. More mods would be nice, and rules to be followed...... That is just a distant dream.
    Most of us would be banned if moderation was always on point considering how salty some of us (including myself) get.

    Inevitably they quit if they don't enjoy it, and become another voice int he sea of negativity around the game. They're right. It is a bad game... if you're new.

    True, rollex is a different issue entirely, more about the game's presentation to new players. but is is still powerful and annoying.

    Easy, make loot boxes cost a lot less.
    500 ones go down to 200, 3000 down to 1000, 12000 down to 5000, 30000 down to 12000.

    A better tutorial. Surely instead of working on more maps, there should be an update just focusing on stuff like this.

    Half agree. A better guild system would be great, but not if they can still stomp new players out of the game. With an improved system for guilds needs to come limitations to keep the game enjoyable when you play against them.

    Something I would like to see though would be a sort of guild garrison, a simple thing, like a Thunderhawk hanger, would do. Add multiple PvP areas, maybe duelling pits in a lowered area in the floor. Can't be that hard to add, surely. All it'd need is a simple map for it, a button (ok, maybe it will be a little hard to add), to be linked with the guild system so you can only join your guild's garrison, or by invitation from a member of another guild. Also, an in game guild chat would be nice.

    Yeah, always want that.

    As I said, I think it's their low TTK that makes them frustrating to play against, and therefore they seem OP, even though Orks are actually better.

    As always, yes it should
  10. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    EC as a complete package is a sloppy product with alot of flaws. It has it's appeal, the 40k universe and it is good for a few matches but at the point where other games usually "seal the deal" and make you stick around, EC shows it's weaknesses and you get tired of it beeing imbalanced, beeing unfinished, beeing sloppy or beeing just mediocre without a chance for redemption.

    The powers in charge (bE's higherups) decided that this is how things are and how the story will end. New games for new markets and new customers are in the works (Deathgarden etc) and it appears their marketing strategy is to bring out a game let it run for a year or two and strip ressources to move to a new game. Pretty much amazonian agriculture 101.

    You may keep on dreaming of it's glorious second life and the redemption a workshop might offer but did you ever consider that this is mearly a carrot to keep the diehards engaged for abit longer? Where has Nathan been the last year? Where are the new partners and publishers? Guess 2019 state of the crusade will be state of the crusade 2017 again with a new timestamp?

    To close it up: The reputation the game has earned over the last 2.5 years is well deserved. It is fun for a brawl once in awhile but it is nothing you would want to play every evening, every day. If it passes it is no huge loss, i suppose that single evening once in a fullmoon i would need to find another game to fill in for. And i am very confident i will within an eyeblink.

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