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(ec) Devastator Space Marine In Melee

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by SergeantDracopickles, May 16, 2014.

  1. da boyz will fink dat uz 'umie's got sum roight Orky dakka, und dayz willz loot it!
  2. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    It may seem less effective but it might not be. I could actually test that at home with a string trimmer and a machete. But I'm not sure I want to scare my neighbors and look like a crazy lunatic just to try to figure out how awkward it actually is to swing a machete while holding something long and heavy in one hand.

    Anyway, it basically boils down to whether a knife or a kick is more deadly. I actually haven't forgotten that SMs can smash, shatter and crush Power Armor with their bare hands... for I actually never knew that. And I don't even believe that's true. Could you please link me a source for that? I'm genuinely curious about that.
  3. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    There are plenty official novels describing such, notably the Horus Heresy series since it involves a lot of inter-legion battles. And it's not chaos gifted/empowered space marines we're talking about, just your average marine-next-door.
  4. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    Thank you.

    I feel that makes little sense actually, but what can I do?

    The question is, if they are that strong, does the combat knife easily break trough the joints and other softer parts of the armor? Is there anything about knife fighting in those silly books? If SMs are really that strong... why do they even carry knives? Do knives break trough power armor too when wielded by SM or do they glance off?
  5. Fox Fox Active Member

    Sorry for the long reply, I forgot to check back.

    You find it in the books and in the table top rules. Out of the books I've read, "The Chapter's Due" had a lot of hand to hand combat without specialized weapons. It even had a 1-armed Astartes pistol whip a Khorne Berzerker to death.

    Against normal humans, Space Marines can just flail around aimless and accidentally snap and shatter bones like they're balsa wood. Against other Astartes, you have to hit them hard, but Space Marines have had their arms torn out with strength alone, their helmets caved in from being pistol whipped, and skulls blasted to fragments by power armored punches.

    In the table top, knives fall under the general category of "close combat" weapons which include any of the methods of hand-to-hand combat with and without weapons that aren't something specific, like a power sword.

    As far as knives go, a lot of Space Marines don't use knives. They use their fists, feet, or their weapons to club and smash things to splinters. Most enemies aren't durable enough for knives to make a difference. Against other Space Marines, the knife can be used to thrust or jab into the joints and neck of the armor where the plates meet but don't fully cover the Astartes.
  6. Khorlial Member

    The combat knive for a space marine is like a sword for a normal human, I would imagine they can do more precise damage with it e.g. stab in between the joints of the armor say neck or armpit joint, for a guaranteed kill.

    But they could just as well use their fists and feet for very powerful blows, these would be more staggering but not a fatal I think for a devastator a kick away or even just ramming into the enemy to stagger/ push them back to then shoot them would be more beneficial than using their knive.
    (No chance against a Khornate though gg op :) )
  7. Khorlial Member

    nice one lol same sorta reply only one correction the Khorne beserker smashes the marine with the blunt end of his axe :)
  8. Fox Fox Active Member

    Not in the novel, he clubbed several Khorne Berzerkers to death 1-armed, and with his bolt pistol that he couldn't reload. He also lived to get an augmetic later on. He was one of Scipio's "Thunderbolts" which are a part of the Cato Sicarius' 2nd Company of Ultramarines.
  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    You are under estimating a Legion/Chapter Astartes. Even not Khornian, a marine can still smash his counterparts bare hands if he wishes.
  10. Khorlial Member

    yea I know.. pretty sure I read it too but my theory is the writers have their facts wrong and what actually happened is the marine fled and told everyone about his heroic deeds! Nah all good happens to the best of us

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