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Dream Bolter for UltraMarine

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by PrplHze, May 13, 2017.

  1. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    ReNaming this to Bolter-porn, cause i cant stop making new bolter graphics,...not just ultramarine.


    Made this using the game assets, editing with GIMP. Dream bolter, Noah's from the twitch inspired me to make the one i wish i had.


    And my take on the Venerable Bolter. 55% Gilded-45% Current Venerable, and a Discolored Backend

    Rando Bolter, just playing with the graphics at this point.

    Weathered Red one, used the MasterCrafted as a base here.

    This one i had to make the purity seal, everything else is EC assets.

    The Ultra symbol came from Google, rest is overlayed and blended. And i had to remake that skull&wing again,..still playing with its coloring. Im pretty sure i could make that symbol outta bits from EC, just for ease i used the google one.

    This post no longer lets me post more pictures, so theres 2 more on page 2.
    Another one on page 4, its the New Mk2 Cawl-Pattern.

    And i think at this point this has enough support to tag some devs.
    @NoahWard , @Oveur , @KatieFleming
  2. Plongo Subordinate

    Omg give me plz. When people start doing a better job than a dev team o_O. How long did this take?
    Love to see some with a, Gold or white base layer, should do some more designs please, i want to dream!
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  3. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    Deathskull detected.
  4. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    Should it really be blue though? Most LSM chapters don't color their guns the same as their armor's primary. Usually it is black/grey for standard, gold for relic stuff, or in the case of some of the old school depictions Hazard Stripes for everyone (or Red...not sure why but Ultras, DAs, IFs, SWs, and a few other loyalists just had red guns at one point)
  5. For venerable bolter, I just want a boltgun covered in purity seals and awards (that's how they distinguish a weapon's service)
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  6. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    The 1st one i for about 5 seconds i was like "is that a looted ummie bolter?" lol
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  7. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Naa, these are just pipe dream bolters. Just using already in the game assets or cut bits from wargear. Or in the case of the Ven, its the Gilded bolter 55% shadowed over the current skin,..with some shading add'd to make the imprints pop out more. I would add Purity seals, but the ones they have....don't have a good balance between the seal, and the paper... looks "off" when i try to add them to the graphics..

    Also the phobos is blue because i main Apothocary, which is a white armor. So this adds more blue to my overall look. Saying i could carry it.
  8. M-state Alchemist M-state Steam Early Access

    If only the devs added more bolters like this.
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  9. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    This is pretty much exactly what I want for our venerable bolter
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  10. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Holy shit. Developers, take note and make it so. Jesus christ, well done on these.
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