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Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Delsrun, Feb 8, 2016.


Should Dreadnoughts be a part of this game?

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  1. Yes

  2. Maybe

  3. No

  1. Delsrun Delsrun Preacher

    I do have to say probably the coolest thing in Warhammer 40k in my opinion has to be Dreadnoughts. They are the warriors that just couldn't be killed or were to important to let die. Dreadnoughts are epic in every aspect and would be an awesome addition that would make the game more challenging and a lot more fun as well. The counterparts of them would also be really fun like the Chaos Dreadnought or the Killa Kans from the Orks. These would be so much fun to play and also reinforce my reasoning for adding Tech Marines seeing as they would be the only ones able to heal them. Dreadnoughts have an amazing arsenal of weapons and skills. Also they are a really cool part of Warhammer that shouldn't go unnoticed in this awesome game! Dreadnoughts are definite a must in my honest opinion!

    Thanks yall!!!
  2. Dreadnoughts, Chaos Dreadnoughts, Wraithlords, and Deff Dreads would be fantastic as vehicles deployed under elite/hero class rules. Definitely hoping to see them at some point.

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  3. Kasper Synaptic Cipher

    I think they're penciled in sometime post-launch.
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  4. Marcvs Sangvinivs Arkhona Vanguard

    Ave Inquisitor, i'm pretty sure they will be in game post lauch first dlc and avaiable as vehicles maybe with an high cost like hero/elite units
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  5. MrCrisps Member

    The only problem I see with considering SM Dread as regular vehicles is that it's supposed to be some nearly dead warrior inside... It's not like a tank where a SM can board and pilot it normally. Here it's the new body of a nearly dead hero of the Chapter.
    As a Hero class vehicle which can be summoned from time to time, that would be good but not a vehicle someone could get into.

    Eldar Wraithlords would be the same (although seeing those in action would be awesome).

    Orks don't have these kinds of issues as their Deff Dreads are controlled by pilots as any other vehicle.
    Thus, Orks could have Deff Dreads available for them as regular vehicles like the current Pred/Rhino.
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  6. Wolfenhowl Member

    They could just make it that you cant 'go outside' once you summoned it and are inside...besides why is this a SM thread anyway?
  7. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    it's not IF but when.
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  8. I think it would be cool if you could respawn as on after doing something particularly heroic like scoring a certain number of points in one life or talking out multiple heros/leaders. I think that would make them feel a bit more like the lore.
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  9. You say IF but not say the other 10 posts about this topic...Heresy
  10. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Seems search funtcion is broken again...

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