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Dont panic !!!

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by DongSlayer, May 26, 2017.

  1. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    So you have come to this place after trying out EC...getting badly burnt in a few initial games but still don't want to give up on EC. Good. This thread will be a dump of all the issues I have faced ..and it is in the hope to short-circuit the experience.

    Introduction to the Factions:
    Loyalist Spess Mareens
    [55% pop]:
    - Standard jack of all trades faction that is fairly forgiving on new players.
    - Play-style favors zone denial tactics with Apothecary healing grenades (localized) and defense buffs.
    - Versatile playstyle on tactical marines due to variety in load outs.
    - Fire and forget grenades that do a lot of heavy lift support . Tactical -servo skull debuffs . Apoth grenades heal.
    - Unique ground assault variant comes with stormshield but cannot cap.
    - Devastators get access to grav cannon. Support heavy weapon.
    - Apothecaries have access to ranged bolters.

    Cons :
    - Jack of all trades .
    - Not as tanky without the presence of apothecaries.
    - Apothecary is essentially melee range healer unless static grenades are deployed.
    - To excel , have to rely on teamwork .
    - LSM forte is Zone denial , assaults have to be well coordinated else falls apart quickly.
    Easy of play : 7.5
    Defensive Strength : 10
    Offensive Strength : 8
    Teamwork orientation : 6
    Loadout flexibility : 9
    Cosmetics : 8

    Khayos Space Mareeens [23% pop]

    - 2 capping classes in Traitor/Traitor assault
    - Assault oriented space marines that is equally supportive of new players.
    - Chaos godmarks make for a near must in all loadouts and comes with great cost per lp value.
    - Traitor marines can be decked out to be flexible based on god marks in addition to weapons.
    Opening up different avenues of gameplay. From being tanky to hit-run to moving faster.
    - Havocs get access to high alpha damage weapon - auto cannon.
    - Sorcs are one of the most versatile healers in the entire game, offering ranged heals/debuffs and sometimes both. Offensive spells that damage are equally viable.
    - Traitor assault in addition to being the tanky front line brawlers can also cap points.

    Cons :
    - Chaos god marks are a near must-haves. Weapons and loadout options are tied to god marks equipped.
    - Reliant on constant support of sorcerers in prolonged engagements.
    - Sorcs are bound to either be full support or full offensive during engagements. Not both.

    Easy of play : 8.5
    Defensive Strength : 8
    Offensive Strength : 9.5
    Teamwork orientation : 8
    Loadout flexibility : 9
    Cosmetics : 9
  2. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    Ork Ork Ork [11% pop]
    Faction Perk:

    Reduced headshot modifier (Take less damage from headshot).
    Headshot hit box from behind is extremely small.
    WAAAGH mechanics - Last 5 min of the game sees orks deploy without a death timer at cost of no downed state.

    - 2 capping classes.
    - Extremely belligerent assault oriented faction that only cares about a good scrap.
    - One of the MOST tankiest factions in game.
    - Superb flexibility in terms of weapon options.
    - Least support reliant faction due to tankyness/overwhelming firepower.
    - Only faction where shoota boy can equip a weapon that suppresses as well.
    - Fairly accurate guns that have higher ROF at cost of damage/recoil.
    - Lootas get exclusive access to Kannons(Massive AOE damage weapons) and Ace dakka (high alpha weapon).
    - Extremely customizable loadout due to normalized cost of gear across the board.
    - Ork AV is reliant on rokkit launcha which has accuracy fall off over longer distances.
    - Ork Slugga boys can carry a shield as well as Cap points.

    Cons :
    - Clunky camera and animations when compared to other factions.
    - Ork painboy isnt popular due to limitations in loadout options.
    - Ork close quarters AV is reliant on rokkit launcha which has accuracy fall off over longer distances.
    - Due to high ROF/AOE/Inaccurate(rokkits) weapons, expect a lot of teamkills(but most orks forgive).
    - Lack of multiple major guilds for more organized play.

    Easy of play : 8
    Defensive Strength : 7
    Offensive Strength : 10
    Teamwork reliance : 5
    Loadout flexibility : 10
    Cosmetics : 9.5

    Eldar/Space elves [13% pop]
    Faction Perk:

    15 % increased Movement speed.
    Smaller overall Hitbox. Comes at cost of lowered base stats.
    33 % base poison damage resistant.

    - High mobility faction with hit and run / ambush tactic gameplay.
    - 7 Different classes vs 5 for the other faction.
    - Hawks are the only class in game capable of true flight (also wield a gun unlike other JPA classes) and are unarguably the fastest class in game currently.
    - Some of the best AV in game. Hawks can disable vehicles with haywire grenades. Fire dragons can equip dual melta bombs that destroys any rhino/trukk if set up on the weak spots.
    - Unique melee class in scorpions - stealth and howling banshee - suppression+debuff.
    - Warlocks are strong support characters with ranged heals/buffs/debuffs. With stacking buffs/heals.
    - Eldar vehicles are most nimble to control and anti-grav platforms are highly manouverable but less durable.
    - Dark reapers get tempest launchers which are devastating in cqc for anyone in front( including teammates).

    Cons :
    - Weapons customization/loadout options are extremely limited(but you have 7 classes).
    - Lack of tier II - red armor.
    - Due to high ROF weapons, antigrav vehicles and tempest launchers... expect a lot of team kills.
    - Most of the high skill cap gameplay revolves around max teamwork. So uncoordinated groups will have issues.
    - Faction defensive stat balance revolves around the warlocks Enhance buff that adds 20 % ranged projectile damage and reduces incomming damage by 20 % for 45 sec.
    - Lack of viable cosmetics is a major cause of concern for the eldar population.

    Easy of play : 7
    Defensive Strength : 6
    Offensive Strength : 8 [10 with proper support]
    Teamwork reliance : 10
    Loadout flexibility : 6.5
    Cosmetics : 5

    Tau [Unknown]

    Stealth battlesuits renders you undetected.


    So much stealth that you cant even select it on character creation screen.

    Faction Balance:

    Eternal Crusade is set to have asymmetrical faction balance(Faction wide). At current state of making this thread it the authors firm belief and influenced delusion that all factions are more or less balanced within 5 % tolerance of each other. Victory or loss is often up to the skill levels of the players facing each other and any belief to the contrary that "my faction is underpowered and other faction is overpowered" can be chalked up to a commonly known condition known as "Git-Guditis". Recommended treatment often lies with said individuals ability to ingesting critical reviews and get better. Any further complications can be treated with 20 ccs of NOT-MY-PROBLEM-ANYMORE.
  3. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    TBH placeholder.
  4. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    TBD- placeholder.
  5. Roon Roon Steam Early Access

    Wait, is Khayos now official spelling, to finally get those that didn't puke yet at Aeldari?

    Anyways, thanks for the work, this game is in dire need of newb tutorials.
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  6. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    Hence Khayos.
  7. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    I tought it was due to this
    Also nice work but should there be eldar has lost hp/armor as a con out in?
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  8. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    Covered in faction perks, where their 15 % mov speed and hitbox reduction comes at a cost of reduced base stat.
    It is a faction trait IMO, neither a pro or con. It is what it is.
  9. Texasaur Texasaur Recruit

    - Standard jack of all trades subfaction that is amazing for new players and old players alike.
    - Play-style favors zone denial tactics with Ultramarine Apothecary healing grenades (localized) and defense buffs, but they can really do anything perfectly.
    - Versatile playstyle on Ultramarine tactical marines due to variety in load outs. They also supply the Tactical doctrine which allows each model to re-roll all To Hit rolls of 1 during your shooting phase, your assault phase and the counter-assault phase. Upgrading your Captain to be Captain Centos supplies you with an extra Tactical doctrine, which works the same as the one mentioned above.
    - Ultramarines always showing up to get the job done do a lot of heavy lift support. Their grenades are useful too since they're Ultramarine grenades.
    - Unique Ultramarine ground assault variant can equip a unique Ultramarine stormshield. They also supply the Assault doctrine which allows each model to re-roll To Hit rolls of 1 during your and the counter-assault phase.
    - Ultramarine Devastators get access to supplying a Devastator doctrine, which allows you to re-roll all To Hit rolls of 1 once per model during the shooting phase.
    - Ultramarine Apothecaries have access to ranged bolters. They're also the best because they have blue shoulderpads.

    Cons :
    - No Cato Sicarius helmet :(

    Easy of play : 7.5
    Defensive Strength : 10
    Offensive Strength : 10
    Teamwork orientation : 10
    Loadout flexibility : 10
    Cosmetics : 9.9

    Memes: 10
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  10. Roon Roon Steam Early Access

    Quite a relief.
    Now I will have capchur it for khayos all night long, thanks.

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