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Developer Q&a By Myriad Shrines

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by casomatic, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hey everybody!

    I'm Casomatic and I am a streaming specialist with the Myriad Shrines Eldar Guild (MYST). We recently had a Q&A session with the developers via email. Katie Fleming was our contact and Brent Ellison Answered the questions.

    Here are the results of the Q&A, publicly released as agreed:

    1. How will players feel important as one soldier among thousands?

    Unlike traditional MMOs, we aren’t treating you like the fated hero of the land – you’re a soldier here to do a job. And if you become a hero or a leader of men, it’s because you really earned it. Eternal Crusade is about that experience – working together with your team in a specific role, managing your equipment, experiencing the effects of a full-scale war on the battlefield, and seeing how the world is really being shaped by the actions thousands of people.
    You’re important because your team is important, and if you’re supporting them by defending a hallway with a Heavy Bolter, saving a teammate from an assault character that just dropped in, or infiltrating behind the walls to open the drawbridge, then you’re important.

    2. What kind of boons and penalties will there be for killing highly ranked enemies (i.e. War Council Members, Commanders, Squad Leaders). It was mentioned that killing Hero classes will give the enemy large rewards, what effect will this kind of action have on gameplay?

    This is a tricky balancing act of course, because we want to encourage Warlords to fight out front, but there still needs to be some sort of penalty for losing them. At the same time, we don’t want people to be able to grind these characters so it can’t just be a special reward you get every time.
    So we’re going to try a few different things but Heroes and the like will definitely give greater XP rewards than regular characters, and we may give points towards Reward Boxes as well. Achievements/challenges are another possibility (as long as the numbers aren’t too high) since you can consider them complete at one point and it’s not useful to go off and grind them in a corner all day.

    3. Could you shed more insight on population balancing? What mechanics will be in place? With shifts in PvE content, will Tyranids still be used to balance one faction having a larger population? Will the campaign or objective mechanics discussed by a lot of the community be used? i.e. Eldar not HAVING to capture large amounts of territory to advance their agenda.

    Tyranids harass the faction with the most territory and the campaign objectives will be tailored to the faction. Campaign objectives will generally never be about capturing large territories, and the factions with the fewest members will have objectives that are within their grasp. This is something that may take a few campaigns to get right of course, something we’re hoping to start in the beta.
    We’re also planning other mechanics for population balancing such as opening additional territory if necessary, or giving a new front to a faction that’s been backed into a corner if they have the population to fight more. Some rubber-band mechanics as well, such as greater RP per player and defensive measures for those territories closest to a home base.

    4. Since a Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine Predator can fit 5 crew members inside the confines of its armour (4 of which have control over weapon systems) how will you safeguard the competitiveness of Xeno factions and strike a chord of balance with Eldar and Ork tanks?

    Ork vehicles work similarly since they like to stick as many guns on them as possible, so that’s not much of an issue. Eldar, on the other hand, are trickier since they only have one independent turret (it wouldn’t be much fun for an individual to man that twin-linked shuriken catapult under the chassis so that’s going to be something the driver fires straight ahead).
    If we made the main gun as powerful as all the turrets on a Predator put together then the Eldar would be the most powerful faction by far since they’d only need 2 players to have an equivalent strength to 5 players in other factions. We don’t really want to go there, of course.
    The Eldar have another big advantage though: grav-tanks. Eldar vehicles can strafe and generally have better manoeuvrability than the rest, so even if their big gun is “only” as powerful as an autocannon they can potentially jink around avoiding attacks, popping out behind cover, etc.
    This is our intention, but of course it needs testing and iteration.  To be frank though, I’m more concerned with making sure the grav-tanks aren’t too powerful!

    5. Will battle be confined to the front lines as it generally is in Planetside?

    Generally, yes. It’s good to have clear conflict zones where you can orchestrate your strategies and even it would be “realistic”, few people want to stand around guarding bases unopposed. We are considering some reasons to go behind enemy lines, but primarily for the purposes of chasing down PvE content and the stories slipping through enemy territory can generate.

    6. We know some companies refuse to reveal their development plans to the public for more or less obvious reasons, but taking a chance at it: How far into development are you? Roughly, how much can you say has been done concept-wise? Mechanics and balance will surely change until launch, but can you give us a percentage of mechanics that we can expect to be out of concept state?

    Knowing the percentage of mechanics isn’t particularly useful for a game production since it doesn’t advance in a linear fashion. Mechanics go in quickly at the beginning but need to be polished and iterated on for the rest of the production, while content moves extremely slowly at the beginning, then speeds up a lot in the middle, then slows down again to be polished.
    Instead, I’ll just say we’re working towards Alpha. [​IMG]

    7. Regarding the Eldar faction: One of the most important parts of it are the different Paths and the ideology that comes with each of them. Can we expect to see more than a class based system for this? For example, I would like to specialize in one class at the expense of others, i.e. becoming an Exarch of that particular Path. Will we see Exarchs in game and if yes, have you decided how they will operate?

    We don’t intend to have Exarchs at launch, but you will be able to use some of their weapons and equipment. Exarchs are something that we want to explore in the future since initially there will be only a few “permanent” choices and we want players to become versatile in all classes (even if they have an obvious focus).
    That said, your character does have “traits” with more or less mutually-exclusive choices. You pick one at the start and can earn them rarely but most are end-game progression options where you can’t realistically get them all. This could potentially work well with an Exarch identification in the future.

    8. Expand on the War Council. We know they will be able to direct the mass of players towards one objective or another, but, how can we control them? How will we be able to balance and keep the ones that are actually beneficial to the faction instead of someone who just has a lot of friends/fans and helps him win the seat?

    The Faction Council only communicates strategy, distributes their resources, and appoints Commanders. While some of the seats will be based on free election, we intend to mix it up on other seats. This is still under development, but we’re talking about seats with the pool of nominees either chosen by devs or based on metrics, purely skill-based appointments, etc. If someone’s doing an obviously terrible job, they should be able to be voted out in the next election. As we get closer to starting on this feature, we’ll approach the community for a discussion.

    9. Continuing #8: What else will they do? For example, will each War Council on every faction be given specific abilities tied to that faction? Will they fight with the other players or are they required to sit in a room with a big map that details every conflict on Arkhona?

    Faction Council members can and should jump into the game and fight – they’re only communicating grand strategy and helping out, not micromanaging the war. Most of their decision-making can be done at the beginning of a game session (and their debates about what to do in the campaign can play out in the forum or their dedicated chat channel).
    Commanders are actually the ones with powers to call upon, but again our intention is not to occupy a Commander with managing every single minute. Instead, we’re giving them more important choices less frequently so they can fight on the field like you see in the tabletop. Commanders won’t have enough resources to be making supply drops or air strikes constantly and these powers go on cooldown anyway, so it doesn’t do them much good to spend the whole time looking at the map.
    We are looking at faction-specific powers for commanders, but it’s early yet! In addition to the shared ones like deep striking vehicles, we’d like to have one big iconic power per faction if possible.

    We hope you enjoyed!

    Thanks for reading,
  2. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Thanks Casomatic & MYST.

    Solid questions, generally satisfying answers.

    p.s +Points for your sig message :)
  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    when we can start to ask for an eldar tank nerf?
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  4. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Right ? To the nerf machine !

    If the maneuverability of Grav-Tanks is limited to bursts, similar to a Jump Pack but more potent, that would possibly be a solution. Crew wise ...

    1 Pilot,
    1 Main Turret operator,
    1 Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapult operator,
    1 Spotter (yeah it's not as fun without a twin-linked Bolter)
    It's the last one that's hard: Holo-field/Countermeasures operator or a guy who makes sure the fuzzy dice don't block the rear view mirrors too much and the bobble heads are all oiled :D

    Meh. This should just be a point of asymmetry in the end: A Falcon is not a Predator is not a Battlewagon, use other units and vehicles to deal with the performance gap.
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  5. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    Our Magriders will blot out the sun
  6. Really, that were some good questions. Mostly you see every website asking the same questions all over, so kudos to the team that did the consideration here.
  7. TY the team is all of MYST we have asked everyone to come up with questions and Warmaster Nate and me had chosen the questions to ask to the team.
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  8. Kudzu Kudzu Cipher

    This is excellent news, as population balancing has been one of my major concerns about the game.

    Give then numbers we've seen so far a 5 LSM to 2 Eldar crew ratio would still end up with an equal number of tanks on he field. Granted, those numbers can shift... but it might actually help increase the Eldar population if we were given powerful tanks with an equal increase in req costs/cooldowns/etc to match.

    Answers a lot of questions to a thread in the Eldar forum. I like were they're going with it..
  9. Next time a better progress question would be, "whats your biggest obstacle to releasing the next module"

    As for the 2:5 tank ratio, whats wrong with that? Thats looking to be our actual ratio against the marines.
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  10. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    I was trying to be proactive with that thread =p
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