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Devastator Loadout Guide

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Valrak, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Since new people are getting into the game, I'm making a new series dedicated towards helping people building better loadouts for each class, I've already done my Tactical loadout, this video is dedicated to the Devastator loadout. Hopefully these videos will help increase your kills in game and help you become a better player with your team, hope you enjoy the video!

  2. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    the real problem with your guides is you show some classes and say how to play you play with them but not give a general overview what the class is capable and when to pick it etc or when you do it its way to flat, I mean its a 20+min guide

    like " there are 5 great weapons for tacticals, bolter (+those are the good attachments), plasma (when to use plasma), same for the stormbolter, stalkerbolter vs turtling defensive players, melta as AV, those weapons are to avoid and why they are to be avoided.

    as tactical marine you are going in first since you are very tanky and ranged, gear acordingly

    (since you have high base stats toughness gives you more than other classes than purely stacking armor/hp, difference between armor and when to take what, hp better than armor for lifesteal builds or cheaper and faster recovered as/with apothecary) on that regard you should really consider ehp calculator since you are gearing wrong too in that regard. (its not important for most people but this is a guide and should be accurate)

    grenade choices (u basically always say thats what I am using, not what are the options)

    btw you are wasting super many points on the basic trinkets (the 10lp trinkets are horrible for their stats and lp costs) + heavy barrel boltpistols or upgraded melee weapons instead of taking real game changer like better ehp combinations, a med pack which is a giant ehp boost when used correctly, (for example you waste so much lp on those mini trinkets and say you dont have enough points to upgrade your frag grenade to a krak grenade on ur HB class -.-)
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  3. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    These are my loadouts, this is a loadout guide. I do have class guides if you want to go watch them but they're quite old. People ask me to make videos about my loadouts so I explain why I use them and why I have them equipped. For example I never play Multi-melta due to the face that I'd rather kill tanks with my Tactical build. You're not always going in first as a tactical, if played properly you send the shields in first who soak up the fire.

    Toughness since the last patch is not a priority I've found, since penetration is a big thing now.

    I think the points added to the trinkets on certain classes work out well, for example with my HB class I take this to suppress the enemy, I want the frag in that loadout because it adds a stun/can kill, with the HB class I put myself in a position where normally tanks cannot get too and where I can set up in a braced position and provide the fire support so taking a krak doesn't suite me.

    Thanks for the feedback though :)

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