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Deathwatch - Watch Company Absolution (WCA)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Usarker_Creed, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Watch Company Absolution
    Arkhona Sector Company

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    Watch Company Absolution (WCA) Is a Warhammer 40k Death Watch inspired company wreaking havoc upon chaos, mutant, and xenos filth on the planet Arkhona. Our aim is to bring a mature, tight knit, and well organized group into Eternal Crusade while having fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on being organized, skillful, friendly, and mature. We run decent sized war parties every night and organize in weekly events and training's. WCA operates on a assessment and selection process for recruitment. If you are interested in joining WCA then we ask that you join us in some organized play for awhile. During this time we will watch your game play and behavior and see if you are a good fit for us and vice versa. If we see that you are a right fit for us then we will extend an invite for you to be apart of WCA. If you like the lore behind Death Watch, or want to join a good group to run with, or love killing the enemies of the Imperium then join Watch Company Absolution.

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    Watch Company Command Structure
    Message any of the leadership below for questions, comments, concerns.

    Watch Masters
    Vola, Macbeth, Usarker

    Watch Captain


    Watch Chaplains
    ViaVirtus, Greyloc

    Watch Epistolary
    Umbrapaw, CptFabulous

    We use discord for our main form of communication.
    Our website will be constructed soon.

  2. For Vola, Usarker, Macbeth, the Lion!
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  3. MacBeth MacBeth Well-Known Member

    Don't make me repent you Azrael!
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  4. I repent. I shall consider the Emperor's Words.
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  5. Heyy You guys.
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  6. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

  7. Love this group, 10/10 wins, would play again :)
  8. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

    Listen here you little squats. Sit right here on daddy Remo's knee and I'll tell ya' a story.

    Once upon a time, on a planet far far away, there lived blue skinned people with a fetish for mechs and long ran...

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  9. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

  10. WCA is currently picking up anyone who wishes to join. Post on here if you are interested!

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