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Deathwatch: The Darkest Night [IC]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 26, 2017.

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  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    After healing those that came and hearing the call goreparan headed over to the rest of the group. Most of the questions or thoughts he could voice were already voiced by others so he kept his peace listening, thinking and pondering each new information he received. None of the events unfolding were even remotely helpful to the imperium let alone good for it, any daemon tainted thing no matter how miraculous or supposedly sanctified always carried risks and were better off stored in vaulted kept away from use from all rather than any use at all.

    As the conversations went on and the inquisitor finally asked the question goreparan knew he would ask the Minotaur gave a loud sigh.

    “They will not fight by our side nor in our sight lest they wish to die. I would they not be in this sector at all but I know those pesky rats won’t go away and if you and they are so keen to work together then let them fight by attacking the foes rear lines and flanks a tactic I am sure they would like while we be the meat shields they wish us to be. But let them know this if I see any of them I will kill them. Better to kill a potential enemy then risk having a treacherous ally”
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Personally I have fought against and with the kind of eldar before and know what o sometimes expect, either Treachery or alliance while they are aboard aid us, they will aid us likely only if it aids them or prevents disaster for them in a way, I would be warry if they do aid us of them, but any help against a possible threat of chaos will likely be needed." Norak said from the dark, as he began heading to the door, "If we are all ready I will be resupplying my ammo from the armory before heading to the thunder hawk to begin preparation before heading back to the station once more." Narok said looking to his squad mates ready to once again head into the frey so to say.
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @Valonox - Galen Amadaus Morgain - Novamarine - Devastator
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    @Avenging-Angel - Viserys - Blood Angel - Assault Marine
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    Vera Krauz - Briefing Room

    Zuriel nodded in agreement to Goreparan. "I do not see the need to rely on Xenos. We may be only one Kill-Team. But the Sons of Guilliman are here. And even if their chapter master should fall to corruption, I will ensure the remaining ones will stay on our side. Which is why I request to be removed from the Kill-Team, and instead tend to the spirits of the local chapter. I will defend the Vault along with Shin Zhu, should it come under attack once more. But my primary objective will be to mend spirits and see if there might be those who want to redeem themselves within the prison cells."

    "I have fought their darker kin before. Crazy folk they are. So I also object against the alliance with the Eldar. I don't care where they come from, they all have pointy ears and wish to abuse humans, one way or another. The only circumstance I will meet them on the battlefield is as my enemy head-on." Harvom chimed in, shrugging relaxed.

    "So be it." Krauz said, the rest of him cut short as the message of Hesiod reached them, playing through the vox-speakers in the briefing room.
    "It seems they don't need us anymore over there. But I go with his suggestion and launch some probes. Don't want to rely on the Sons of Guilliman with their falling apart vessels on that." The Inquisitor groaned and got up.

    "I suggest everyone to regroup on the Vera Krauz, so get the rest of your kill-team together. So we can plan an offense. Because I'm no man to take a beating without having a plan to counter." He announced before leaving for the bridge to launch the probes.

    @High_Adept_Zeth - Hesiod - Blood Angel - Techmarine
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    Vault Area

    With the clones cleaned up, everyone converged in the vault room, including the Sons of Guilliman Chapter Master who wanted to see what they were protecting. He had calmed down a little and said no word, neither did his adversaries.

    Shin Zhu was to reply to Hesiod. "Fully intact. No harm was done to it, they used it, but that's about it." The Keeper said, speaking with confidence. The Techmarine could tell that the Keeper at least knew what it was, or how it worked - perhaps even only what it did. Tarcain nodded in agreement.

    "We should re-seal the vault and setup a two, perhaps three level perimeter around it. Or... We move it." Tarcain added, scratching his head. He turned to Hesiod. "You have more experience and cogitators to make calculations based on the enemy and our goal to protect this vault. What do you suggest?"

    Roland in the meanwhile eyed up the Imperial Fist and Storm Warden, only guessing that they were released from prison. He was quiet, brooding a plan - or trying to. The enemy did hit hard. First the Orks, now the presence of traitorous Angels of Death. And he had his resources depleted. His vessels were heavily damaged, his chapter barely properly equipped - yet alone trained. He closed his eyes and visualized the Codex Astartes deep within his mind, searching in the wisdom of the Warmaster and author of the very guide that was essential to the creation of the Adeptus Astartes as they are known today.

    @BadDo9 - Yeveri Ta'Shan - Salamander - Tactical

    The nurse grabbed the weakened Astartes from the front, a hand on his mouth, the other on his chest, slamming him with his back into the nearest wall. "Be quiet. I'm not here to hurt you. Just listen." Yeveri could see that the nurse in fact was a masked, female Eldar, having given up her disguise it seems. She stepped a bit away, but left a finger on his lips.

    "Whatever illusion you see, is not real. I hope you figured out that much already. You are either in a forced trance or unconscious. And you have to wake up, as soon as possible. Whatever they want you to do - don't do it. Whatever they don't want you to do - do it. It will hurt you. But it will save not just your life, but your soul. And for the record. I don't care if you listen to me or not. I simply try She Who Thirsts to yet gain another acolyte." The Eldar sighed and gave Yeveri a small rune.

    "Hold it in front of your eye, it will allow you to see the truth behind the harmless illusions surrounding you. It might help you convince you further to get out of this false reality. But beware... You might never be able to forget what you will discover. And although the sorcerer is perverting the truths, they are rooted somewhere deep inside yourself. Be it a trauma, your desires, nostalgia or fears. Remember who you are as a person, and shake the temptations off. One last thing. Once you leave this room, I cannot reach you anymore. So whatever you have to tell or ask me - do it now." She said, relaxing her stance, eyes behind the mask staring into the Salamanders own.
  4. < @Uriel1339 >

    Yeveri narrowed his eyes at the elder, but stayed his hand as she spoke. The rune came to his hand, and the Salamander scowled a little at what was going on. But - of the two evils, Eldar was the much, much worse of them. "I will trust you." came the words, though he did not use the rune as of yet. "Tell me then, how is it that you have reached me as you have now, in this room? What makes this place different than the rest of the illusion, and how?"
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

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    Deathwatch Fortress Thebes - Briefing Room Primaris

    After deciding that Zuriel and Harvom should stay back along with Inquisitor Krauz on the Vera Krauz for fast insertion and also to watch over their significantly wounded brothers, the rest were deployed via Thunderhawk back on the Fortress Thebes to plan with the Sons of Guilliman, Keeper Shin Zhu and the recently released prisoners. It has been roughly thirty minutes since the abduction of Yeveri.

    Present were all the deployed Kill-Marines, plus Shin Zhu and Roland. No other members of the Sons of Guilliman or elsewise had been added to this meeting, Krauz not coming as he didn't want to aggravate Roland for now after deeper thought. The first to speak up was Shin Zhu, standing next to his dedicated seat, not feeling like it.

    "After following Hesiods advice, we indeed found presence of a Chaos vessel. It's a Strike Cruiser identified as 'Palace of Ecstasy', the flagship of Urtus Velodonus and his Slaaneshi crew. The vessel was engaged on multiple occasions during the 13th Black Crusade but never was truly damaged, raiding only to gain new supplies, slaves and information for the greater warmachine. We can hit it with boarding torpedos, get Yeveri out and extract via Thunderhawk, we just have to take out enough guns or distract them with the Vera Krauz and whatever little force we can get out of Thebes." The Keeper started, making it clear that he was not going to abandon a fellow warrior of the xenos hunters.

    "I would lend my vessels, if they were in a better shape. So instead I offer you myself and the only Terminator squad I have. We shall make for their bridge and cause as much havoc as they can, so that you can rescue your brother. And if the Emperor smiles down onto us, we might even take out Urtus, or some other high ranking general of theirs." The Chapter Master said with a passive aggressive voice, the thirst for revenge being clear to all that are present.

    "I will obviously lend my blade." A proper clad Blood Raven said, equipped with a double-ended power Scythe. His armor was painted as that of a Raven seconded to the Deathwatch, as that was his armor he arrived on Thebes with. "We will find Yeveri and bring him back, or we will die trying. Just like when we recovered Siri... Roland, after his abduction by the Tau." He gave Roland an understanding nod, who smiled in return - proud to have served amidst such fine brothers who came to his aid.

    Then the others were a chance given to speak.

    @BadDo9 - Yeveri Ta'Shan - Salamander - Tactical
    Palace of Ecstasy - Illusion

    "I'm not here physically. I created a pocket universe with my psychic powers. Basically a bubble within a bubble. So this is different in the sense that you are walking in my mind. I guided you to a door, which was my mind, and you are within it now. If you were determined enough, you could start traversing in here to explore my thoughts, my past and all of it. And I would let you. But remember, the longer you are here with me, the more likely they will notice something is amiss and might do something to you that you would not enjoy. As much as they claim it will bring pleasure in the end. Believe me, the path down to She Who Thirsts is anything but a pleasure cruise." The Eldar responded witih a slight shrug, three more doors appearing within the room they were in - all looking slightly different.

    The first door was small, made for children.
    The second door was a bit taller and accessorized with gems and jewels.
    The third door was akin to a webway gate.
    And then of course, there was the door they came in with, which would lead back into the altered mind of Yeveri.
  6. "I stand ready to assist where ever I am able, You need but provide me a task." Ruine says with a cold resolve.
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  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Hesiod looked at the naked Blood Raven for a moment, pondering upon his query. Hesiod knew the nature of how others were instructed in doing their duty, for understanding is not precluded to acomplishing one`s task. However, being a Techmarine or even a Deathwatch Techmarine the later being even rarer was to question the very postulates that formed Astartes. Comprehension and questioning were none existed or was allowed was what made the core mission of the Deathwatch Techmarines.

    Answering Tarcain`s question he turned his bulky sensor-node that was his helmet to the Keeper:

    "It is up to the Keeper to protect the relic. Shin Zhu you made that clear. Considering you are the only one privy to it, that makes you the only one to know what kind of measures are appropriate."

    Looking at the empty space where a hole in reality swallowed his battle-brother, Hesiod snorted at the waste of time before glancing at the vault doors.
    "But know that i am the only Techmarine currently present, Keeper. If you were to fail in your duty, i will take your place." Hesiod added in his usual deep baritone, his choler manifesting as usual abrasive stream of words.

    Ascending into the upper reaches of the Fortress, Hesiod dedicated what time he had to alleviate the pain that was omnipresent within the machinery of the fortress. Each machine was wired into the electrical system of a station, just as organs were tied by neural and blood systems to the rest of the body. While each being an individual, each machine was part of a greater whole, a part of an organism, the Fortress Thebes. Thus when one suffered, all suffered - and the greenskin attack was not easy on any of `em, flesh or steel.

    Hesiod echoed that pain - for he has lost a brother and here was nothing he could do at the moment expect bide his time before an opportunity presented itself. It was a bitter lesson in helplessness and patience, a lesson that is being constantly learned and re-learned. For a burly and a violent Space Marine of brutish proportions, one could never consider Hesiod of Blood Angels as an empath. Bitter irony of a sniveling cynic lay in the fact that he was one.

    Thus, Hesiod spent his time before he was summoned repairing what equipment and gear he could and instructing the others on the same path. Task made easier with an access to the Command Matrix and Sons of Guilliman finally in compliance with his Deathwatch brothers.

    As the briefing of the mission slowly came to an end, Techmarine pondered upon the plan and questioned its simplicity for weaknesses. He found none.
    Looking at Tarcain he noted the color of the Deathwatch upon his battle-plate. Given the friendly candor between him and Ronald, Hesiod could almost forget how the former planned to kill the later. The thought casted shadows of doubt upon Tarcain and his mission in such light that the thought sickened the Techmarine.

    Coming to the meeting prepared, Blood Angel was displayed in his full panoply of war, as usual. Even his helmet was donned in the nest between massive shoulder-plates of his modified armor. Techmarine noted the violent tone in otherwise stentorian and measured voice as Roland spoke. The anger spoke to him and Hesiod resonated for a moment with the inappreciable Chapter Master.
    When others were given a chance to speak, Hesiod added his counsel:

    "We found the enemy by scanning the void. The enemy awaits us. If we are to use boarding torpedos i advise we trespass the void by riding the simple inerta and nothing else. We may be slower, but we have a high chance of approaching the enemy closer to its hulls undetected before burning the torpedo engines."

    "As for your assault Chapter Master, i advise delayed response. By combining assault of Drone-Ship as well as our internal sabotage, we should be able to bring down their void-shielding. That would be the perfect window for the proposed bridge assault via teleportation."
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  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Orochi Mizakune followed the briefing with a frown on his face. There had been many opportunities to make jokes at the moment but he remained silent, contemplating the condition of their missing brother at the moment. They had already lost a few of their own to the vile greenskins, and now to have the Salamander astartes in the clutches of these treasonous dogs made his blood boil. The Ronin didn't even find time to comment on the Blood Raven's power scythe, along with how he managed to obtain the weapon from the Death Guards in such a condition. Hearing a plan of action that seemed acceptable, he nodded before standing up straight, even as their brother techmarine finished his words.

    "Brother Hesiod, I agree with your advice. Let us maximize our damage when we go and rescue our brother. I have nothing to add to the plan of boarding torpedoes, except that we should leave as soon as possible. We have already lost brothers this day; I do not wish to add to that count by another one." Orochi had a grip on the hilt of the Kage, having returned the crimson power fist to its rightful owners. While he had hoped to stop by the armory to retrieve something against enemy armor, they had not had the time, and he would make due with the weapons he started the mission with.

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  9. < @Uriel1339 >

    Yeveri frowned a little at the Eldar and looked between the three doors. To trust one of these Xenos was against what he stood for as a Deathwatch Marine, but to disregard her and fall to chaos was against even more. It was against his entire being as an Astartes. So with a heavy breath he nodded to the woman. "I needn't explore your mind, and I dare not to." he said, turning slightly towards the door from whence he came. "I would ask, however, to know your name."

    And once he got it - hopefully - he would turn and head back out the door to face what would be coming his way now, keeping the rune close in one fist.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "I have only one thing to add, This Sorrcer Urtus, If he is aboard he will likely try to toy with us or possibly look for a way to bend our wills, to his own wants, or needs or to corrupt us to chaos or his own idol, I suggest if we engage or find him aboard we be ready to to steel our minds and souls for a engagement against him and not a single one of our emotions get in the way with the mission, that is the only thing I have to add if we have any chaplains I think t be good to bring any along with each team" Narok said he kept his eyes on the others as he readied himself for the rescue mission mentally readying his mind for a situation for more then average chaos temptations or even at his mental barriers.
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  11. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Goreparan listened to the others. Once the matters of commencing the assaults came up he listened to their tech marine before gaining his input.

    “I second that as well. I can help vector the paths of the torpedoes and may I suggest using live torpedoes as well to hit their systems or random bits of the hull. Make the most obvious and easiest boarding sites, sites they can easily have become traps be filled with exploding flames. It will make our jobs a bit more annoying with all the easy sites done with but it will hurt them more than it will hurt us” the Minotaur commented before pulling up what information they had and already using his training, expertise, and experience to make good on his word.

    “Oh if possible we should bombard their vox channels with holy litanies as well. Make the fools listen to what they hate or not use their vox, either way, it will hamper their communication. Speaking of which the terminators should only send in half into the bridge and a 2nd half a bit further away. Make they're surrounding us meaningless as we grind them from both sides. Inside the bridge and from outside.
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