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Death Watch By Deran Ooc Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate


    Kill Team : War Heart
    Player name: Colapse HP:18
    Character name: Zed
    Chapter: Blood Angels
    Class: Devastator
    Equipment: Mark VII Power Armor(Reinforced), Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife, Heavy Bolter (Chain-Bayonet), Bionics (Left Leg, Lower Jaw)
    Trait: Tank - Zed takes 2 less wounds from all attacks ( to a minimum of 1) and draws more enemy attention thanks to his aggressive attitude.

    Name: Veteran Brother Galen (Age: 147)
    Chapter: Novamarines (Covered in Tatoos) HP: 18
    Class: Devastator
    Equipment: High-Quality Heavy Bolter (Sanctified), Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife, Power Armor(Reinforced) Bionics (Left Eye, Left Leg)
    Special Ability: Sweep - Novamarine digs himself in and unleashes a volley of weapons fire while his body twists about creating a fan of shots that scythe into the enemy. This attack inflicts one attack on all enemy units in range and line of sight while also inflicting greater damage to hordes. 8 turn CD.

    Name: Hang (pronounced 'Hung') Jebat Paya Pemanggil Hantu
    Chapter: Ghost Wardens HP: 18
    Class: Librarian
    Equipment: Power Armour (Mk VI, iReinforced), Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Combat Blade, Force Weapon - Parang Panjang Jawi (Octopus Spirit), Psy Focus, Survival Tools, Miscellaneous little Bits 'n Bobs
    Description/History: Brown-skinned and violet-eyed like the rest of the Jawi people, Brother Jebat is compact and athletic in build (for an Astartes), with a good-humoured and laidback nature to match an overall agreeable face. A veteran of the Inquisition's service, he has spent much of his time outside of Malaya Dvipa serving in an Inquisitor's retinue or with the Deathwatch as a daemonologist and ghost-whisperer, returning to his Chapter every so often at the call of Hang Tuah. Most recently, he did so to serve in the 13th Black Crusade, helping to counter a backdoor breakout attempt by Black Legion sorcerers at the Melayu Pass by employing his daemon-banishing skills and calling upon the aid of the departed faithful to drive the Traitors back into the Eye.

    Trait: Powerful Spirits - After the snafu of dancing between both realms in the Kill-Team's abandoned quest on Yhardas Jebat's spirits may now roam and manipulate reality more effectively by drawing upon their shared powers. Each turn in which you perform an action you may call upon one of Jebat's spirits to provide some sort of benefit or buff. Please describe this in a small OOC note if it is complex, just a general idea of what is trying to be done/effected and I'll decide the actual bonus.

    Name: Ateros
    Chapter: Raptors HP: 18
    Class: Apothecary
    Equipment: Bolter (Scoped), Narthecium, Diagnostor Helm, Chain Sword
    History: World of Ulmor was the place where Ateros encountered Tyranids for the first time. The first battle, however, ended in a disaster - this particular group of Tyranids was heavily mutated, and thus none of the tactics presented to Ateros' squad in a briefing worked against them. After most of the squad was wiped out, Apothecary became obsessed with figuring out a way to fight this enemy and avenging his lost battle brothers. Dissecting and studying different specimen, he was able to devise new tactics that were instrumental in the eventual defeat of the Tyranids. After that, Ateros always went out of his way to get first-hand information on any Xenos he would encounter, having a distrust of any second-hand source of information after Ulmor. His dedication to studying and eliminating Xenos eventually led to Ateros being recruited into Deathwatch.

    Special Ability: Surgical Overdrive - Already Ateros' new batch of charges are proving prone to some abuse in the face of their foes. While combat rarely leaves time for one to perform intensive surgeries the Raptor has focused his spare time and practice into getting the hard jobs done even under fire. A few secrets from veteran Apothecary Cervith of the Mentors certainly helped as well. Ateros may use this ability to instantly restore 5 hp to any of his brothers, or attempt to re-attach a recently severed limb before it becomes a worthless endeavor. 8 CD

    Name: Ternis
    Class: Techmarine HP: 18
    Chapter: Carcharodons
    Starting gear: Chain-Spear, Servo-Arm with Plasma Cutter + Chain Bayonet, Meltagun, Power Armor (Reinforced)
    History: When the Carchardons in their hunt for the enemies of mankind beyond the borders of the Imperium, they ended up arriving at one of the worlds of the Tau. During the inevitable purging of that now nameless world, Ternis distinguished himself for being given to the Deathwatch by managing to successfully bluff his way into a Tau storage area for their battlesuits, then causing a fair bit of havoc with some well placed explosives. In the confusion that followed the cunning Carchardon had made his escape.

    Name: Craven
    Chapter: Lamenters HP:18
    Class: Chaplain
    Equipment: Chainsword, Crozius, Rosarius, Mark VII Power Armor (Beaky, Reinforced).
    History/Description: His history remains a secret. Many have heard of the transgressions of his Chapter and yet judge him alone based on their actions. Very vocal and forceful, he puts the will of the Emperor second to none. Many grow tired of him, though those who share time in battle with him know that he will always be at their side when the battle rages.

    Name: Daemar Cynos
    Chapter: Imperial Fists HP: 18
    Class: Devastator
    Equipment: Heavy Bolter, Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife
    History: Daemar is an Imperial Fist, hailing from Holy Terra itself, although he hasn’t set foot upon the planet since. Daemar showed great prowess as a devastator, and eventually became one in the Imperial Fists 2nd Company. He has served as far back as the Tyros Gulf Campaign. His most recent action was during the blood 13th Black Crusade. He was deployed on Cadia, holding off an endless sea of daemons and cultists that accosted the mighty walls. True to his heritage he and his Company held back the dark tide. Bolter rounds and Melta slag cut down the foes as they charged. By battles end Daemar found himself alone, his entire squad cut down by the Archenemy. This, and the fact that a good portion of Cadia was occupied was considered an immense failure on his own part, to both the Emperor and his Chapter. He spent a full forty minutes in the pain-glove, just enough to leave a lasting dull pain throbbing through his body to remind him of his failure.
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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Another Devastator? :O Damn, I remember that time when we had 0 of them running around and now we got 3! Nice! :D

    Also, you forgot to add bionic jaw to Zed :)
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  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

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  4. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    lol, holy hell, we will be laying down an ungodly amount of fire power! xD Who needs close combat? Also hello all!
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  5. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Wait oh Sweeping aight.
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  6. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

  7. I Think it is that both me an colapse have read talon of Horus witch has ALOT of mind communication
  8. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Again to clarify, Jebat is taking pains to not be invasive here. Of course, no way for them to know that, but at the least, it definitely doesn't feel like someone digging horrible claws into their brains to pry stuff loose. More like a quiet voice in dark room speaking into their minds.
  9. well, what you just said prior is not how they do it in talon of horus.
    its just that links, especially since even basic arstartes minds are shielded against minimal effort.
    bonds or force is needed
  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    The way I understand it, actually speaking into someone's mind isn't all that hard, since all it is is projecting your own thoughts loud enough for them to hear without necessarily digging around in their heads. Yes, I have read Talon of Horus, and the telepathy didn't seem all that invasive to me - it was just a bunch of sorcerors talking back and forth and non-psykers reacting with revulsion because they were conditioned to it.

    Anyway, for the sake of agreeing on something, let's just say that Jebat is used to working with non-psykers and his brand of telepathy is particularly gentle. If you haven't already noticed, he is quite a mild-mannered fellow and doesn't generally force his way unless really necessary.

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