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Dawn of war campaign RP

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Caentyr, Jul 15, 2018.

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    (Hi Im really exited to get on with this so I'll make it short. I was bored and decided to create an entirely random generated RP based on factions in Dawn of war dark crusade. However this has nothing to do with Kronus or the events of Dark crusade. This story is completely original along with the subfactions and planets. Some parts are played against the AI while other parts are played against close friends. So without a further ado here is my first DOW RP campaign.)

    We start in the segmentum tempestus, sector Haxan, on a miniscule hive world known as Deca VIII. While it is technically a "hive world" with the accosiated technology and military. A more accurate description would be to call it a frozen moon or large asteroid. It's barely 10,000 kilometers in circumferance and has a population no more than 300 million. It is extreme Winter everyday on DecaVIII with your average temperature to be between -60 degrees C and 9 degrees C with diggers and miners being hired by mapmakers to find where the continents end and the massive glaciers begin . It is so cold that hive cities are built inverted. With the broaded top being for gangers and the impoverished and the narrow "tip", being reserved for the obliarchs that rule the small planet be buried deep within the planet as to use it's core for warmth. Due to it's harsh climates, low population, and general lack of space, this planet has rarely been given Terra's acknowledgement at all. It's various administrations are small with only the inqusitorial pressence being considered moderate. No human living on Deca VIII would know the disaster that was to unfold.


    For watching with hungry eyes, concealed in a distant nebula, the Eldar craftworld Hannbraait stalked it's prey. It's midnight blue hull blending perfectly with the darknesss of space and it's streaks of firey orange matching the stars. It was not alone however. It's surrounding fleet lying in position all around Deca VIII. Waiting for thier leader's command to attack. She was spiritseer Alisys and since the day she placed her family into her craftworld's infinity circuit, she had made a career of blood. Taking command of Hannbraait by force and using it's resources, people, and power to take revenge on the mon-keigh everywhere. Deca VIII was just another planet that deserved annililation.


    And annililation was exactly what she had in mind. Aquiring designs from her kin beyond the mortal plane, she had arranged her various bonesingers to create a device that could amplify the psykic field of a webway gate to a size comparable to a planet. Ergo being able to physically suck in a planet into the webway and spit it out at another gate. Essentially having the power to damn worlds to a fate of the weilder's choosing. It took centuries of work and rescources, but a day came when Alisys marveled at what she called the "Eldritch Warprift". All that remained was to test it.


    A sole problem existed however: Due to the planet's history as a tombworld and the numerous Eldar-Necron conflicts, there was no functioning webway gate on Deca VIII. The Eldar would need to infiltrate the planet and repair a damaged gate which lay in an isolated region of the planet. Alisys would send herself and a small reinforcement force to repair the webway gate. The rest of her army would remain hidden in Deca 8's vicinity. Moving in if the PDF were to catch on to the Eldar's whereabouts.

    Unfortunetely and much to the Eldar's remorse. A mistake was made.


    When the psykic link between the Eldritch Warprift, the webway gate, and the seers connecting the two was made, a great surge of psykic energy was realeased around the planet. Destroying any hope of not being noticed by the planet's defenses. A considerable force of Deca VIII's standing army was sent to the Eldar's location. Yet that was not what caused Spiritseer Alisys's spine to chill.


    Deep within the ice of Deca VIII an ancient evil began to emerge in the form of the once thought extinguished necron dynasty. Sparks of green energy errupted as the lifeless xenos arose. Spiritseer Alisys quickly called in her reinforcements, but she and her seers had not forseen the necrons buried beneath the ice and while they didn't not out number her forces on thier own, the coming imperial troops would mean a perfect storm for the Eldar. The ice was brutal to the anchient enemy and caused them to move even slower than ususal, but they were coming andthey came to eradicate all.

    The time for war had come.

    ((I am playing as the Ilkhanrit Dynasty (necron) alone with two HQ's of imperial guard to act as Deca VIII's PDF. Along with two other HQ's of Craftworld Hannbraait. The map we are playing on is called "Eye of the Ghorgon" under a simple take-and-hold victory win condition. I will post the results soon. If this takes enough people's intrest I will continue. Goodbye for now and remember: THE EMPEROR IS WATCHING YOU.......even when you're on the can..... ))

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