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Da Orkstartes [death Watch Esque Interest Thread]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

  2. I'm not the gm but I say the more the orkier!
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  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    I can squeeze in one or two more aye aye!
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  4. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    :) I'll get a character sheet up soon then.
  5. FYI we need a dok just sayin ;)
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  6. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    Player Name: Vanestus
    Ork Name: Gazgrul
    Chapta: Da Red Skarz
    Class: Weird Git
    Load Out:
    -Karapace Armor
    -Wyrdboy Stikk
    -Bolt Slugga
  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Welcome aboard, feel free to introduce yourself in the thread however you wish. We'll discuss orky powers tomorrow afternoon when I get back from class.
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  8. Hurray for new guy! We shall have many fun adventures in the future! And if you even want a ridiculous machine made just ask I'll whip it right up for you provided I get some kind of payment or trade.
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  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Player Name: GobMaw
    Ork Name: "Bruvah" Slagface
    Chapta: Deff Watcha
    Class: Assault Git
    Loadout: Da Choppiest Choppa (Chain Axe), Boomy Deff Sluggah (plasma pistol), 'Eavy Arma fer Me'z, Jumpy Git Pak (Jump Pack)
    Pain Engine - Slagface knows quite a bit about pain, like how it might as well be inconsequential for any real Ork. Slagface automatically takes 2 less damage from any attack to a minimum of 1. Attacks rolls against him are also more difficult to represent his ability to shrug off lesser blows.

    Player Name: Skarboy
    Ork Name: Da 'Eadsman Orskurr
    Chapta: Da Ultra-Orks
    Class: Lurnean' Taktikul Git
    Orky Gladius, Shield, Powa Arma Bolt Slugga, Cybork Arm (Right, Rokkit Fist)

    Player Name: Vanestus
    Ork Name: Gazgrul
    Chapta: Da Red Skarz
    Class: Weird Git
    Load Out:
    Karapace Armor, Wyrdboy Stikk, Bolt Slugga

    Ork Name: Snejk Plizken
    Chapta: Da Solid Squigs
    Class: Kommando Taktikul Git
    Load Out:
    Flak armor, bolt shoota (with scope and zappy bayonet), choppa, bolt slugga
    Boom 'Eadshot- Being uncannily accurate for an Ork Snejk is pretty damn good at hitting a squishy bit or something vulnerable on the enemy. He now crits on rolls of 18+ and when he rolls a regular hit another roll is made and if it is a 19 or 20 then that attack is upgraded to a crit.

    Player Name: Grall Stonefist
    Ork Name:Barok
    Chapta: Da iron stompas
    Class: Dakka-stator
    Load Out: Rotary Big Shoota (Extra Barrels), Spanna Choppa, Karapace Armour with helmet (Terminata Exoskeleton). Big 1 Shot Slugga.
    Extra Barrels: One Re-roll on ranged attack.
    Terminata Exoskeleton: Increased strength and resilience, slower speed.
    Dakka Smith- Between missions Barok may attempt to tinker with a single gun in his load out. During a mission he may also attempt to make temporary short term adjustments to his guns. He counts as Flash level 1 for these tests.

    Player Name:
    Tuska the Daemonkilla
    Ork Name:Tuska Dakkamaka
    Chapta; Da Blud Angulz
    Class: Tek Git Flash Level: 1
    Load Out: Purple Paint, Choppa-Spanna, Servo-Arms ( Manipulator, Twin linked shoota), Kustom Shoota, Karapace Arma

    Player name: bossaroo
    Character name: bruva zakilla
    Chapta: Goff Angulz
    Load out:
    Glowy Boom Gun ( plasma gun)
    Powa arma, Choppa, Slugga
    Zakilla may be gripped by the spirit of the Dakka when firing a ranged weapon. When an attack hits another attack roll is made but at a -2. If the initial attack is a critical hit then this second attack automatically hits.

    Player Name: Jorimel
    Ork Name: Nokx Valorkan
    Chapta: Night Orkz
    Class: Assault Git
    Load Out: (Chainglaive) Ded Killy Stik Choppa, Bolt Slugga, Karapace Arma, Lucky Rokk wiv a 'ole in it, Multi-Spectrum Goggles
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Completed the rolls for Tuskas tinkering and Orskurr's random cybork enhancement. I'll be emoting more detailed results shortly but for the time being Tuska failed to create Da Plasma Smasha but managed to create a Terminata Exoskeleton for Barok. Orskurr has received a rokkit fist with his new arm.

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