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Da Orkstartes [death Watch Esque Interest Thread]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Current thread it is, incoming! Sorry for so little voting time on that but I gotta boogey on outa town soon!
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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate


    Player Name: Krooza Nob Bozz (Hiatus)
    Ork Name: Ead Ztompa da Krooza Nob
    Chapta: Da Blud Revanz
    Class: Assault git
    Load Out:
    -Buzz Choppa
    -Rokkit pocket
    -Rokkit pak
    -karapace armor
    Veteran assault who partecipated in several combat scenarios, whose past battles are marked by several cibork replacement which make up for almost the entire right side of his body.

    He is so obsessed by the assault discipline that he went to the point of inserting a krakka bomb inside his cibork right leg, thinking to save it for a chance where he may need that "Speshul Extra Boozta".

    Deathskull in nature, he will most likely try to steal anything he may consider helpful for his Chapta, only for immediately forgetting which chapta he is a member of, so that he can use the new fancy toys by himself.

    Ork Name: Snejk Plizken
    Chapta: Da Solid Squigs
    Class: Kommando Taktikul Git
    Load Out:
    - Flak armor
    - bolt shoota (with scope and zappy bayonet)
    - choppa
    - bolt slugga
    Appearance: Black bandana on his head, eye-patch covering his left eye, pack of cigars, black shirt and sleeveless flak jacket with couple of pockets where he carries his grenades, ammo and camo-paint, camo trousers, various tattoos - on his left biceps a heart cleaved in half by an Ork Choppa, on his right biceps big writing "In Korax we trust".

    Player Name: Grall Stonefist
    Ork Name:Barok
    Chapta: Da iron stompas
    Class: Dakka-stator
    Load Out: Rotary Big Shoota. Spanna Choppa, Karapace Armour with helmet. Big 1 shot slugga.

    Player Name:Tuska the Daemonkilla
    Ork Name:Tuska Dakkamaka
    Chapta; Da Blud Angulz
    Class:Tek Git Flash Level: 1
    Load Out: Purple Paint
    Da Dentfixa-Basically a very large looted two handed wrench with bits of sharpened metal welded onto each of it's sides also making it an unusually heavy axe when the two grabby bitz are closed together and painted red to make it fasta
    Da Grabba-A large servo arm with a vice grip that Tuska found one day when he was sifting through a pile of scrap also given a health coat of red paint
    Da Toolz ov Da Trade-A large squig leather bag full of assorted tools including but not limited to:More wrenches, welding tools, A hammer and nails, a screwdriver and screws etc. which Tusak carries on his back next to the grubbinz of Da Grabba
    Da Killfixa-Kustom bolt shoota with underslung rivet gun used to both kump gitz and fix things or to rivet someone's mouth shut also slathered in red paint to make it krump and fix fasta
    Karapace armor with helmet and flip down welding mask painted in a mixture of black on the torso, helmet, and welding mask and red on the limbs to help him stay alive but also to work fasta(couldn't think of a special name for this one)
    Description:Tuska stands at your average height for an ork nob and is clad in all manner of tools used to fix the endless amounts of broken things that are around during a waaagh! His armor is a mixture of black and red which covers his entire body except for his face which a flip down welding mask hangs over waiting to be used so he docent hurt his eyes when he uses his skills to fix a trukk or is simply playing with his tools. He can always be seen carrying a massive wrench that comes up to his head that he usually uses to tighten bolts or to pound out dents or to just smack someone with if he gets bored. A large red servo arm sticks out of his back and is usual slumped over his right shoulder but has a full range of motion.

    Player name: bossaroo
    Character name: bruva zakilla
    Chapta: Goff Angulz
    Load out:
    Glowy Boom Gun ( plasma gun)
    Powa arma, Choppa, Slugga

    Player Name: Jorimel
    Ork Name: Nokx Valorkan
    Chapta: Night Orkz
    Class: Assault Git
    Load Out: (Chainglaive) Ded Killy Stik Choppa, Bolt Slugga, very very dark blue Karapace Arma, lucky rokk wiv a 'ole in it (no game effect, cos everyone else believes it's a load of rubbish)
    Description: Da trubble wiv da Night Orkz iz, dey 'ave a 'abit of runnin' away from an akshul fight. Akshully runnin'. And it ain't proppa. So Nokx joined the Deffwatch cos itz clearly the bezt place for a Ork wot wants ta do the sneakin' an' the kunnin' but not the runnin'.
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    Will post up tonight after work!
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    Oh it cut off half of the character sheets that it allowed in the post box : / one moment folks.
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    Player Name: GobMaw
    Ork Name: "Bruvah" Slagface
    Chapta: Deff Watcha
    Class: Assault Git
    Loadout: Da Choppiest Choppa (Chain Axe), Boomy Deff Sluggah (plasma pistol), 'Eavy Arma fer Me'z, Jumpy Git Pak (Jump Pack)
    Description:After personally cutting a bloody swath through the arenas of Comerragah -and personally murdering the hell out of the Archon responsible for his enslavement- Slagface was picked up by the Orkstartes. A bunch of weird Orks they seemed to him, but Orks all the same. With everything Slagface had gone through, that was better then nothing. Seeing as he didn't belong to any "Chapta" at the time of his arrival, Deff Watch was the perfect place to stick him in. Slagface didn't care what they called themselves, it didn't matter. All he wanted, was to be stuck in a proper fight. Something he's been denied for too long.

    Player Name: Skarboy
    Ork Name: Da 'Eadsman Orskurr
    Chapta: Da Ultra-Orks
    Class: Lurnean' Taktikul Git
    Basha an' Backscratcha: Sword and board, Choppa and Scrap-wall. The wreckage of a fortification with a welded set of rungs that Orskurr can fit his meaty fist through and a unique pattern of choppa sometimes utilized by the nearly extinct Ultra-Orks. The difference? Two edges instead of one. Brilliant.
    Big Shield and Orky Gladius
    Gork's knuckle dustas: Just a pair of armored gloves that have been painted red, for the fastest hands in the Deff-Watch (If Orskurr is to be believed, which no self-respecting Ork would do).
    -No 'umie wants these hands
    Mork's Maw: Blue helmet with a sloppy coat of red thrown over it, and a white striped slashed horizontally across the face. While any protection it may provide is imaginative at best, it covers Orskurr's green dome, lets him see red through crimson lenses, and features a chin strap fitted around his jaw with the teef of lesser Orks. A helmet that still lets him bellow and roar the battlecries of the Prime-Ork without being able to afford an Iron Gob.
    - May or may not be intimidating to the right enemies. Lets him see the world in a lovely shade of carnelian.
    Bolt Slugga: No fancy names for this piece of gear. Arguably one of the most important pieces of Orskurr's gear, but he hasn't found a grandiose enough name for it. Chain punched through the grip and tied to one of his arms for safe keeping.
    - Reasonable amounts of dakka in a simple package.
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  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Giving @Jorimel and @bossaroo one more evening to intro themselves before I move us into the mission.
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    Zakilla walked in as he set down his kustum mega blasta ( plasma gun ) suprisingly gently for an ork. He leaned back in his chair and watched the other orkstartes . His goff angulz background showing as he remained quiet
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