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Da Ard' Waaaghboyz! - Ork Klan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Forcaz, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Open yer' earz Boyz! Da Ard' Waaaghboyz is a Warklan lookin' to recruit da Ardest gruntz around! Th' Klan speshulizes in shock assaults, quick, bloody strikes in close combat! Da boyz will ride into a scrap, gunz blazein' from the backs of our War Trukkz and Warbuggyz. Stormboyz will be droppin' frum da Skies in a green shower! By da time th' enemy lookz down, the Boyz will already be in frunt of them, ready to chop 'em to bitz!... if we haven't shot 'em up already dat is.

    So! The Waaaghboyz are lookin' for Ork Players who enjoy swift, infantry based and light vehicle combat. Ard' Boyz won't be hidin' behind no big wall or Tank! We'll be ridin' free on our Trukkz and da backz of our Warbuggyz! You'll see large groupz of us prowling th' blasted deserts of Arkhona in our Warbuggy gangs. The theme is based predominently on the Ork Klanz of Goffs and Evil Sunz speed freakz! If yer' interested in joining, post below your Orkz name, favored class, and time zone! One of our Bosses or Nobz will contact ya soon!

    Current Guild Roster
    Taktikal Nobz (Squad Leaders):@Volker94 , @Brother_Frank, @Velderon , @ThillyGooth , @Jdogxx123
    Waaaghboyz! (Active Members): @Swagmaw , @Shootahboy , @IrishPaladyn , @Anvilgrin , @Grizzledude , @DocButcher , @Fatmonkey , @Zvatto , @ultraclone117, @Ephringael , @DaArdyBoyz , @LawlrusWalrus , @Butt_Tickler, @Sebantus, @SadPedal, @RuntKikka , @Krugalicious, @SpookySquid, @Trelis_Angelus , @CorneoWallus , @law24 , @itisasitis , @Pigofwar , @DrDooManiC, @Noxion , @Ghorza, @MolitvaVoina , @Alpha3nw7 , @Destroya , @Lord_Cucatrap , @Doomwrecka , @Sirstank, @Zad , @ashspawn
    Promised Members: @Shazbot88 , @Danny , @Morbid .

    Klan rules and information!
    * Be willing to talk to your team mates, build friendships and bromances! We'll all work together better if we're enjoying ourselves and like our clanmates.
    * Have a thick skin for friendly ribbing.
    * Voice chat isn't required but it will help out for coordinated assaults.
    * The Klan has an emphasis on infantry, close combat and light vehicles!
    * If you join, plan to be active and supportive of the Klan!
    * Love Orkz, datz just a gimmie.
    * Have fun! If you want serious grimdark, join a Space Marine guild!

    Advancement in da Clan is based on merit and preformance in the game! There is no entitlement to rankz 'ere. If you want to be a squad leader, show us that you can work well with your Boyz when yer' bosses aren't around! Make da hard calls and such, or even get yer' fellow boyz to recommend ya for da spot! Taktikal Nobz are Squad Leaders, there will be as many of those as we need to lead five boyz per group. When we get enough Boyz, we will start organizing into more specialized groups! Such as escorts for Heavy Deffgun teams, Warbuggy Raiders, Stormboyz Squads, dedciated Wagon Assaults, etc.

  2. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Dis 'ere is da official logo for da Klan! Drawn by yours truly, I also work with Icons and hard line characters!

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  3. Gutrot Shazbot88 Curator

    Iz nnoticed all dem ova gits headin ta da lead belchas, but wut fun iz dat I say?! I iz gunna join dis here klan. While da Lead Belchas sound fun n' all, dats dat many more boyz I gotza split mah loot wif. And dat doz not sound like funz to me! Da Ard' Waaaghboyz!!!!
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  4. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Great fingz can happen when da Orkz band together. We'z gunna do dem great fingz! Startin' with buildin' da' greatest WAAAGH!!! Dis 'ere planet has ever seen! Dem 'umies, spikey gitz and panzies ain't gunna know wot 'it 'em.. Till we tell 'em of course! Cuz it's gunna be US!
  5. Jablez Jablez Scribe

    And here's how we're going to do it, this is going to be the overall strategy and organization for the clan:

    We're divided into two main forces; 'Ardboyz and Waaaghboyz. 'Ardboyz are the main fighters, you get in the face of the enemy and cut them down. The Waaaghboyz are how you get to the front line for deep strikes. Waaaghboyz are partnered up as drivers and fighters, the fighter on a warbuggy or other small vehicle can be an 'Ardboy but Trukks and larger vehicles will have one or two dedicated fighters
    If a vehicle's about to be destroyed, the driver will suicide ram the nearest enemy and/or ditch it and continue on foot, take as many with them when they go down. So just remember: "Gonna die? Ram something!"
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  6. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Datz propa Ork finkin' dat is. Jablez 'ere is a Speed Freek Ork, he's also a leader in Da 'Ard Waaaghboyz! Letz keep puttin' da word out there for our Clan. I'll be drawin' signatures, profile pictures, an' Icons for da' use of our Clan's memberbase. If ye' want sumthin', just ask!
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  7. Oglethorpe Ogie Menial

    Fasta iz always betta. Iffin we eva get bikes, i'll join da Kalvary. Right fellas, you'z best fight 'ard now wif a gud website n such or it's gunna be 'ard to attract new meat. Out Flash dem leadies or it'll be tough sloggin'. Consider a different name, sumfin a bit catchier. Da 'Ardy Boyz, or 'Poxyclypse Clan or what eva. I luv's da Idea but not sold on the Packagin if ya know whut I mean.
  8. Mad Dok Kadbrakk Pablus Arkhona Vanguard

    Breaking Orkish Roleplay for a moment,

    I'd be nice if more Orks joined these other clans. I don't particularly like the idea of Da Lead Belcha's being the only large clan since I'd like to see some different clans with roughly the same numbers. It would allow for some decent RP and lore-friendly aspects, Orks bickering over their respective clans.

    Good on you, Warboss Krokilla.

    'Ave summa' dese 'ere mekanikul bitz I've been sayvin' fer da' Lead Belcha's boyz. It'll make yer ded' ard'. But I fink you'll need a Mekboy AND a Dok ta install em'.
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  9. (To be fair though, Da Lead Belchaz was one of the first and quite possibly only Ork Klan for a long time. Leaving very little in options for klanz of Ork boyz to join up. And running in without anybody to back you up is suicide.)

    Did sum wun sayz deyz needz a Mek? Iz kan 'elp wif dat.

    It'z gunna a good lot o' teef tho
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  10. Mad Dok Kadbrakk Pablus Arkhona Vanguard

    True enuff. At least the options for new Orks are growing. Now I'll leave this thread before I derail it and ruin the clan's recruitment :p

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