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Cross-Faction PVE

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ProteusVM, Jul 28, 2017.


Which option do you prefer?

  1. Allow all factions to team up, ex: 1 csm, 1 eldar, 1 ork, 1 lsm in 1 group

  2. Allow only alliances (LSM & Eldar & Orks, Chaos & Orks.)

  3. I don't agree with this concept.

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  1. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Can we get the ability to group up with players from other factions?

    The idea being that you could in theory have a match with a Space Marine, an Ork, an Eldar and a Chaos Space Marine (think Retribution's last stand game mode).

    This idea would be to provide a boost to PvE's player numbers by allowing people to join regardless of faction and eliminating the 4-way split between faction PvE numbers, this ensures that people who do queue for PvE are more likely to find matches as the amount of times I've seen 2 people sitting in PvE on LSM, 1 on Eldar, 3 on Orks and so on is pretty crazy, if these players were allowed to match with each other you'd provide a much more enjoyable (and less dead) game mode. With a change like this you would be able to match with people from other factions and - hopefully - improve the ability for people to play and enjoy the PvE mode.

    I'd like to see it, as mentioned, be fully open with all factions teaming with each other but alternatively, you could do this on a system of alliances, such as Chaos - Orks, LSM - Eldar, Eldar - Orks, LSM - Orks, that might be a bit too limiting though so I'd like to see the more 'open' any faction allowed, but either one would be a huge boost to PvE's playability.

    This is, I think, the best way to fix PvE in a way that doesn't require massive amounts of dev time or creative thought. A relatively simple change compared to the many others people expect from EC that would provide interesting new strategies and a new enjoyment for the PvE mode as well as a larger playerbase to match with.
  2. Covi Doomness1000 Recruit

    I must say this may be the fix for PvE right now. There are so few players that play it that the only way to really get into a game is to bring your own party of friends with you. I don't know how things are coded so I don't know how hard this would be to implement (seriously it may be way harder than it seems), but if this is possible and not too much work I'd say DO IT!
  3. I'd love to see the alliance system added (it would hurt me too much to see Eldar and Chaos working together. Retribution got away with it because you were also fighting against your own faction, so it kind of threw any semblance of accuracy out the window). It would be a great help to the lower pop factions and general pop during the slow hours, and it could make for some pretty interesting and fun combinations.

    Also let me use my veterans pls
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  4. Covi Doomness1000 Recruit

    By allying eldar with lsm, and orks with csm, that would give both pairings a spellcaster and a healing grenade. I think I like that kind of a pair up best. That way it holds alright with lore/story, but still provides the flexibility for matching up with hopefully enough people.
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  5. Ernaddon elDorado Steam Early Access

    orks with csm?
    U think its lore wise?
  6. It does happen, probably about as 'regularly' as Eldar allying with Space Marines. Having 'Nids in the area is likely reason enough to team up, plus they both love a good slaughtering.
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  7. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Since everyone and their dog hates 'nids (I mean, they even went as far as making BAs teaming up with crons in bug killing canon. WAAARRRDDDD), it is actually not that far fetched.
    Orks mercenaries are also common.
    Eldar... pretty much just Just As Planned-ing the lesser races.
    Plus it would be super fun. Warlock + Chaos PFist-meltabomb + LSM Gravcannon dev + Rodeo Shoota Boy? This thought alone rouses me.
  8. Until the population expands this would be an acceptable fix. Could even come back as a themed event later.
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  9. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    At the very least it'd be nice if they did the obvious pairs like Eldar+LSM or CSM+Orks, though I really wouldn't mind if they just let everyone pair up.
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  10. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Orks at least can ally with just about everyone, at least so long as they receive ample payment and with a nigh-guaranteed chance of the orks turning on their former allies the moment the fighting dies down. There are a couple of occasions where even imperial governors and inquisitors bought the services of orks in return for guns, tanks or simply guard-regiments to fight.

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