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Could we please do something about that 3-4 player difference?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Iyen, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Iyen Recruit

    I see this all the time especially in my time zone 4 vs 8 isn't fair game and could affect the round heavily later on even if the match fills up to the brim with more players.

    I'm sorry if this has been said before but I didn't see it on the "addressed issues" thing the devs always do.
  2. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Won't change until penalties for dropping out of queue/match are in.
  3. Iyen Recruit

    Was anything mentioned about that too though? I think once they implement that we will get the balance as well.
  4. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    That won't change anything as there is actual system which allows 3 player difference when joining in.
    LSM will always have advantage off prime time.
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  5. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    One of the bigger problems related to that is that it is too easy to drop out of a warparty by accident and connection errors. Seen enough large groups drop out to pick up a single person. And that causes extreme discrepancies in matchmaking.
    A way to solve this would be the possibility to invite those in the ten seconds of pre-time or a function to invite them into an ongoing match (given that there are free slots and it would not cause a major number-imbalance).
  6. KHETTI Well-Known Member

    Nothing to do with getting games like 8 randoms v 16 player guilds, yeah had more than a few games like that last night.
    So you want to punish players for deciding not to stick around and get sealclubbed!.
    Truth is there needs to be restrictions on group sizes, with some actual match making , as long as EC stays in sealclubbing mode, you can expect people to continuously drop out of undesirable games, and ignoring the issues of why its happening will kill player population in the long run.
  7. There should only be a difference of 1 player for every ten in game, so 9vs10, 18vs20 and 27vs30. That's what I wish they would allow because three players as a gap is huge in a small numbers game and the games are decided in the first 2 minutes before the game fills up.

    Also, does anyone know if there is any matchmaking policy regarding which side defends? It seems to me that if my team outnumbers the enemy then we are always put on the defensive side. This could be coincidence of course but it makes sense to allow the smaller side to consolidate and attack one point rather than be spread out defending. Like I said, could be just coincidence though so if anyone knows I'd appreciate it :)

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