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Compilation Of Info About Eternal Crusade

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cryptoshadow, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. cryptoshadow Active Member

    • Eternal Crusade will be a Free-to-play MMORPG set in a persistent world (Source)
    • Eternal Crusade should be released in 2015. Open Beta should start end of 2014/early 2015 (Source)
    • The game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (Source)
    • 4 playable races will be available for launch: Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Eldars (Source)
    • The fifth race, the Tyranids, will be only AI-controlled (Source)
    • The free race available to everyone will be the Orks. F2P players will only be able to progress through the game’s content as Ork Boyz. However, players can purchase the other races and open up the full progression paths for each (including the Orks) (Source)
    • Everyone will be on the same server. (Source)
    • There won’t be any closed PvP battlefields at launch (Source)
    • Eternal Crusade will be using the PikkoServer, a technology created by the studio MuchDifferent capable of hosting hundreds of players simultaneously. The game will be able to support battles with more than 1000 players (exact number unknown for now) (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Eternal Crusade may support cross-platform play between the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC but nothing has been confirmed yet (it’ll depend on the deals with Sony and Microsoft) (Source)
    • PvP represents 90% of the game (Source)
    • There will be a cash shop and micro-transactions. Items bought in the cash shop will be 20% less powerful than the ones you can find and earn in the game itself (Source)
    • The game will be available in 3 languages at launch (at least) (Source)
    • The game will run on DirectX11 and 64bit systems (Source)
    • Eternal Crusade may support multi-monitors (Source)
    • Controllers on PC (Xbox controller) will be supported (Source)

    • The game will use a third-person over-the-shoulder point of view (Source)
    • Players will login, select their character and then always spawn first in their own personal space ship orbiting the planet. Players will have the ability to merge their ships into one big battleship, where they will have their own personal quarters that will be the size of the ship they had. On top of that, they’re going to have living rooms, training areas, trophy rooms, etc. Source 1, Source 2)
    • Your squad (or you as a solo player) then chooses a continent on the current campaign planet to land on. Once you land, you will be presented with an overworld map interface that displays where friendly and enemy squads are headed and shows you where action and locales to be explored are available. From this map display, you’ll be able to select a place to take your squad (or go it solo if you choose). Some locations may be rife with PVP while others may be more intimate PVE Tyranid encounters, such as a mine that is infested. If your squad is able to clear it out, you’ll gain those resources for your faction. (Source)
    • All the battle maps to plan your strategy and the hierarchy tools needed to get voted as the leader are located in your space ship or strike force ship. (Source)
    • There are 3 levels in the hierarchy in the game. Squads consist of ten people and will have a squad leader. All the squad leaders can apply to become a strike force leader. Strike forces consist of 100 players. All of the strike force leaders can apply to be on the war council (consists of 10 players), which oversees the whole faction and will control the war effort for a campaign on the continent (Source 1, Source 2)
    • War councils of opposing factions will be able to meet and make deals/alliances with one another. (Source)
    • There will be several types of campaigns (primary campaigns and secondary campaigns with secondary objectives). Each campaign will last between two weeks and three months, and then a winner will be declared by overall territorial control and dominance. (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Players that successfully overtake an enemy territory will get all the resources that come with it. Resources are necessary to make armors, weapons, ships, and fortress armaments needed to defend your faction’s stake in the world (Source)
    • Progression will be handled via experience points. This will allow you to unlock more classes in each faction but also progress through each class own skill tree. Players that listen to their leaders will get bonus XP and rewards (Source)
    • Requisition tokens/points are Eternal Crusade’s form of currency and will be awarded to players that contribute to the war effort (capturing objectives, following orders, killing enemy players and Tyranids, etc). They will allow players to get bigger and better weaponry/armors. (Source)
    • Dungeons (called “Underworlds”) will be procedurally generated and filled with waves and waves of Tyranids. Players will be able to find relics there which will boost their character. (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
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  2. cryptoshadow Active Member

    • For now, there’s only going to be one planet with many continents, and each one is split between all of the different factions at the start of a campaign. However, each of these faction areas is surrounded by Tyranid territory. (Source 1, Source 2)
    • There will probably be loading between continents but currently, players should be able walk from one end of a continent to the other (Source)
    • Eternal Crusade will feature destructible environments. Note that there will be very specific points of destructibility such as static guns, sections of walls or gates and accesses, but the majority of the world will not be destructible (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
    • Environmental hazards (lava, toxic wastes, etc) might be added to the game (Source)
    • Players will also be able to equip their ship with artillery pieces in order to call an orbital bombardment on the planet. However, a single player won’t be able to do that and at least one hundred people would have to gather the resources necessary for a strike like this. (Source 1, Source 2)
    • All of the major 40K vehicles will be playable. There will also be many different artillery pieces (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Anyone will be able to spawn a vehicle if they can afford it and have access to it. You'll choose your vehicle, pay for it with vehicle points and it will be delivered to you in a lore-compatible fashion! This isn't class limited, but your available resources and territory control may affect it (Source)
    • There will be a dynamic weather system that is going to be very different on each continent. It can affect the gameplay so players will have to adapt their strategy. (Source)
    • There will be many ways to help your faction instead of just fighting hundreds of people, for example by exploring the world, finding new resources, building outposts to extract them, going through the enemy lines to sabotage your enemy’s logistics, etc. (Source)
    • Some parts of a stronghold can be destroyed in order to facilitate an assault but the main objective will be to capture it and not destroy it. Then, players will be able to repair it, add upgrades, etc if they have enough resources (Source)
    • There will probably be NPC defenders at each stronghold or outpost, but armies will be composed of players (Source)
    • Players may need to hold multiple points simultaneously to capture large bases. For small bases, this may be a matter of holding a single point (Source)
    • There will be deployables (no more info available for now) (Source)

    • Combat is a mix between THQ’s Space Marine and Epic Games’ Gears of War. Players will be able to seamlessly go between ranged and melee combat (Source)
    • Players will be able to block, dodge, roll, duck behind obstacles and shoot from behind them (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Players will be able to have a bolt pistol in the left hand and a chainsword in the right hand, but their accuracy will be less precise and their melee will be less powerful (however, they’ll be able to hit their opponent with their chainsword and then shoot him in the head with their bol pistol to finish him). A player that uses both hands to carry a bolter will be a lot more precise, and if he uses two hands to use a chainsword, he’ll have a lot more power. (Source)
    • When your life drops to 0, you don’t die immediately. You’re hurt on the ground and cannot move until one of your friends comes and heals you. However, you have a chance to be executed by the enemy as well (Source)
    • Insta-death - You'll die instantly if a hit does enough damage to take you below the death threshold (Source)
    • Death penalty will have a greater impact on the whole team rather than on a player alone (Source)
    • There will be many race-specific executions for free but there will also be hundreds of different microtransaction-based executions (Source)
    • Psychic powers will be available and players should be careful to avoid the perils of the Warp when using them (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
    • Ammo will be limited. So once you run out of ammo, you’ll need to charge and use you melee weapons (Source)
    • There will be friendly-fire but with reduced damage. The player who shoots another ally will get some kind of penalty depending on his level (Source)
    • There won’t be naval combat. However, the dev team is investigating aerial combat (Source)
    • Players will be able to use turrets (Source)
    • There will be sniper-type weapons (Source)
    • The game will feature directional armor (Source)
    • Players that perform an execution will be rewarded with a little XP (Source)
    • Ranged weapons executions will be included in the game (Source)
    • Both executions and rescue actions take time and can be interrupted (Source)
    • Dual weapons will probably be in the game for launch, especially lightning claws (Source)
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  3. cryptoshadow Active Member

    • Combi-weapons (Bolter/Plasma Gun for example) will be available (Source)
    • Players won’t lose their weapons when they die (Source)
    • Melta weapons will do more damage the closer they are (Source)
    • A rage system may be included in the game (Source)
    • There will be sponsons on tanks (Source)
    • The dev team is looking into overheating mechanics. However, this will not be entirely random. If your weapon "explodes" (which may be the penalty for overheating), it will do damage to you but it will most probably not permanently destroy your gun (Source)

    • Each race and class will be able to use a vast array of specific skills and abilities (Source)
    • Some classes will be more sensitive to ranged attacks while some will be more sensitive to melee (Source)
    • All classes will have the option to damage tanks, but heavy classes will be better at this job (Source)
    • “Healers” such as Apothecaries will have functions beyond fighting and rezzing (Source)
    • Powerful “hero” units such as Librarians or Chaplains will be available in the game but will cost a lot of resources, so players will have to use them wisely. (Source)
    • The ultimate goal of the devs would be to add all the factions of the 40K universe in Eternal Crusade if the game is successful (Source)
    • Grey Knights may be playable at some point in the future but not at launch (Source)
    • The factions are going to be pretty different. Obviously there will be some similarities (especially between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines) but the dev team is aiming for an asymmetric balance while preserving the feel of each race (Source)
    • Each faction will have one jump/jet unit (Source)
    • Each faction has ~5 primary classes (this may vary on faction) (Source)

    • Space Marines Chapters: Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves (Source)
    • Available units: Tactical Marine, Devastator, Assault Marine, Apothecary, Chaplain, Librarian, Terminator/Assault Terminator (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Techmarines may not be available at launch, but players can expect the most iconic things to be represented, like the Thunderfire Cannon (Source)
    • Scouts are unlikely for launch, but the Sniper Rifle/Stalker Bolter will be included (Source)
    • Land Raiders may be available (Source)
    • Up to 4 players may be able to drive a Predator (Source)
    • Available weapons: bolt pistol, bolter, stalker bolter, heavy bolter, plasma pistol, plasma gun, plasma canon, meltagun, stormbolter, rocket launcher, chainsword, power sword/axe/fist, lightning claw, storm shield, thunder hammer (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4)

    • Chaos Space Marines Legions: Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Night Lords (Source)
    • Units available: Chosen, Havoc, Raptor, Terminator (Source)
    • Mutations and gifts will likely be earned on the battlefield. They'll also be available to all Chaos classes (Source)
    • Daemonic summoning won’t be available at launch, but might be added later to the game (Source)
    • It won’t be possible to ascend to daemonhood in the game at launch, but maybe after (Source)
    • Available weapons: Reaper Autocannon (Source)

    • Orks Klans: Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, Deathskulls, Goffs (Source)
    • Gretchins most likely will be in the game but they won’t be playable at launch. A Grot hero class might also be included in the future (Source 1, Source 2)
    • If a single Ork has the skill, he should be able to take out a Space Marine 1vs1 (Source)

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  4. cryptoshadow Active Member

    • The Tyranids will be only AI-controlled (Source)
    • The Tyranids will always try to eat away some of your territory and players in the war council or in a strike force will have to manage that aspect of the game. The Tyranids will stay away from large battles. (Source)
    • The Tyranids will be there in order to keep the game somehow balanced. The most powerful faction will attract a lot more the Tyranids and will need to protect their borders a bit more (this will allow the other races to gather their strength and provide a real challenge) (Source)
    • Tyranids won’t be the only NPCs to fight at launch (Source)

    • You will be able to customize your spaceship (change its appearance, equip it with artillery pieces, etc) (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Players will be able to modify their look but only on certain parts of their character (Source)
    • Strike Forces and Squads will be able to adjust their look with various armor pieces and decals. Every faction and sub-faction should have paler and darker versions of their skin colours as well as some facial traits variations. Players will also have the option to remove their helmet (Source 1, Source 2)
    • It won’t be possible to re-skin your character with sub-chapters colors at launch (Source)
    • All the players that participated in a campaign will receive a medal to put on their armor (Source)
    • Players will be able to upgrade their weapons, but probably won't be able to change a weapon into a different one (for example, if you want to shoot farther, you would attach an upgrade to your barrel) (Source)
    • Eldar players will have the option to choose a male or a female character but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines will all be male (Source)
    • Augmentations (think of Cybork Bitz or Mechadendrites for example) will be either accessories or properties of a class (Source)
    • You will be able to customize the HUD in order to have the level of info needed for your class/role (scaling of HUD elements with some layout options/adjustments, turning individual elements On and Off). The dev team plan is also to strike a good balance between an in-helmet feel and a minimalist look (curvy/tilted elements and augmented reality-style markers, plus some effects like noise/static, etc) (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4)
    • HUD mods may not be supported at launch (Source)
    • Players will be able to create different gear sets and load them quickly without going to their inventory/character sheet (Source)
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  5. cryptoshadow Active Member

    • There will be some kind of trading but it’ll be limited (no trading between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines for example) (Source)
    • Eternal Crusade will feature a craft system which will allow you to enhance your gear with new technologies (Source)
    • An application will be available to record kills in order to post them on websites like Facebook and Youtube (Source)
    • There will be four different types of environments on the surface of the planet: desert, jungle, arctic and temperate grasslands. However, there’ll be stranger environments in the Underworld (Source)
    • The world will be bigger than Skyrim or Planetside 2 (Source)
    • No confirmation yet if ragdoll will be implemented or not in the game (Source)
    • Some iconic characters of the 40K universe will make an appearance but they won’t be playable (Source)
    • There will be some important NPCs communicating with the factions (though they won't give any “quest”) (Source)
    • There will be achievements (achievements for exploration will also be present) and they'll unlock various accessories, weapons or hero classes (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
    • There will be an animation in front of your screen when you get Achievements but you'll be able to turn them off and keep only the corner notifications (Source)
    • There will be a night/day cycle (Source)
    • The devs will be taking part in battles (Source)
    • An integrated voice chat may be implemented in the game, but there will be quick voice commands for sure (Source 1, Source 2)
    • Text chat channels will probably not work cross faction. There will also be different language channels (Source 1), (Source 2)
    • Oculus Rift won’t be supported for launch (Source)
    • The dev team is looking into voice modulation so that all people playing Marines would sound like Marines, Orks like Orks etc (Source)
    • There will be no queue to get on the servers or to get into a fight thanks to the PikkoServer technology (Source)
    • Players will be able to use many different emotes (Source)
    • Dead corpses maybe won’t stay on the battlefield due to performance issues (Source)
    • NPCs probably won’t have voiceovers for launch (Source)
    • There won’t be playable Titans at launch (note that Titans may not appear at all for all we know) (Source)
    • Each faction should have a distinct UI (Source)
    • The dev team is taking a UI for the color blind into consideration (Source)
    • There will be a tablet/phone application to help the members of a community/squad/strike force stay connected together and be helpful even when out of the game client. You can expect at least loadouts and inventory access (Source)
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