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Closed Alpha Begins NOW

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Sep 14, 2015.

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  1. How do you they aren't working on it right now? I didn't know that you worked there. I know you have every right to voice your opinion, but they are fixing the script and will get everything on track, for every alpha something goes wrong, we should have expected it, at least it isn't like an EA launch.
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  2. As I just said, An intern can go and do this manually and fix it in an hour or two.

    Flag the people who shouldn't have keys so they can't log in, issue new keys to people in line who should have them.

    Literally an unpaid intern in the company on day 1 can do this.
  3. Also it would be nice for all of you to calm down ( a lot of you have) a bit, because if everybody is just spamming this thread with hate (but also legit criticism) it just hurts us and the devs and not do anything to resolve that issue.
  4. I'm sure they could. But it would be much more efficient to wait and have the whole script fixed so we can have more in faster, it WILL get fixed you just have to be patient. I'm glad you're being so calm about this, though.
  5. Yes people have the right to complain when they buy a product that has been through whatever is involved in the QA of the product and is a completed product and is in production.

    Would you buy half a table that was advised as only half a table?

    The advertisement clearly states it is only half a table, but if you wait until next week to buy it.

    You can have the whole table for the same price if not less.

    So why complain you only have half a table and it was what you agreed to buy?

    Hence pointless to complain.

    You got exactly what you have paid for?

    If all the moaning and complaining was around the quality of the product then I would understand.
  6. If I didn't want half a table, I would not have bought half a table.

    If I bought half a table, it's because I wanted half a table.

    Your analogy is terrible by the way.

    Simply put, We did not receive what we paid for. That is something we have a right to complain about.

    As I said an Intern could fix the account issues while they fix the script.

    Problem solved.
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  7. But then when you buy the half a table, noone delivers it. It sucks. I want my half of the bloody table.
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  8. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    You're ignoring what he's saying completely. He said nothing about not being satisfied about the game being fully functional.

    He's complaining about not being in when every bit of information about the product he bought has told him he should be right now.
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  9. I want cookis :O
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  10. Xicor Xicor Ordinate

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