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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. shinros shinros Subordinate

    It seems all the other gods have their own god praise/warband thread apart from slaanesh. Let your pleasures be known! Scream the name of slaanesh until it shatters the enemies ears! Corrupt and debase those who do not know the glory of our mistress and master.

    Yeah so its a slaanesh thread everything slaanesh you can talk about here. :p
  2. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Every time I see Lady Gaga I think of Slaanesh, am I alone in this?
    Ooo and if Fulgrim was female he would totally be like Lady Gaga.
  3. shinros shinros Subordinate

    The emperor's children was downright awesome in angel exterminatus their reaction when they broke a soul stone for the first time was hilarious and awesome and the same time.
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  5. Finally some support! Slaanesh needs more love...and drugs...and sound. Fulgrim is easily in my top three Horus Heresy novels!
  6. Processus New Member

    Don't forget the pain! Burn in the fires of ecstasy!
  7. I like slaanesh as much as the next guy but dudes maybe you should kick the pink paintjob
  8. You are just jealous you aren't as glorious to behold as those whom follow the Prince of Ecstasy. ;)
  9. Slump Slump DrSlump-B Active Member

    there is your God, I personally think the music fits the concepts of Slaanesh. Luxurious yet seductive :3
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  10. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    Only pink can give that sensorial input when in the midst of battle.And when delighting your ears in the agony of the fallen and the sound of your blastmaster,you want to look around and have some visual delight too.
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