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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Valonox, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Where will that be, can we move it, will there be a global chat, like in PS2 its at the top right and we can't move it, it's there but in transparency aids in combat so it doesn't obscure view but in old wow it blocks out a corner of your map, as well as DDO so was wondering how will this effect gameplay?
  2. you can be sure that all common MMO things are there
    so a chat will be there for sure
  3. Hienz Hienz Cardinal

    Most games have a flexible UI in which you can move and edit, keeping it clean when in combat is key.

    Imagine bE have this in hand.
  4. I want it to be in the bottom corner, like a good little chat box.
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  5. Actually, since Google has translate, and there will be 1 server planned... Many foreign languages will be mixing. Can the chat box have an option to automatically translate all text received into your chosen language?
  6. That will be pretty hard, but hopefully.
    It could strain the servers, unless the chat will work from a different server that connects through our hud or something like that....
    That would be pretty cool.
  7. Google translate is shit
    its better to understand nothing then to understand something wrong
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  8. Then, same principal, different translator.
  9. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    We haven't decided yet where the chat box will finaly be but we will probably let you move it around and have some visual preferences (transparency, character size, etc.).
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  10. Kaelin Kaelin Curator

    This is a biggie for me and those I know who are quite interested in the RPG side! One of the devs said in the past that it would basically just go by whatever Razer Comms has, and integrate that rather directly into the game. Save for poor notifications in its early stage, the program seems to be up to snuff. Is this a sign that you guys will actually be putting your own twist on it?

    PS-The most important thing to me and the future strike force I'll be making is (by far) a high character limit - at least for local channels and the like :)
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