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Character & Environment Shadows Broken?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MCChivers, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    I have submitted the following as a bug - I think this is pretty game breaking:

    Character shadows are being duplicated on every level of terrain - you only notice this when only Character Shadows is turned on (doesn't matter if it is default, low or ultra) and when Environment Shadows are turned OFF.

    This is a problem when you have games with 40 to 60 people playing in levels with multiple tier environments - it creates anywhere from 1 to UNLIMITED shadows per person than needs to be generated on everyone's machines (dependent on environment and player(s) situations - your Character creates one shadow, complete with physics - you then add however many nearby objects, how many walls, how many layers of terrain, etc.).

    Rather than 40-60 players creating 1 shadow each, there are anywhere between 120-160 shadows in 40 player games, or MORE than 240+ Character Shadows in 60 player games on massive levels with lots of structures, floors, obstacles such as crates, etc. (providing everyone is spawned and not dead) - all of which can create another copy of a character shadow.

    This is huge - easy to miss if you have both Environmental Shadows and Character Shadows on at the same time - the Environmental Shadows MASKS the problem, so it doesn't appear to be creating duplicates, but as you can see from my screen shots - they still exist - they are still being rendered - they are still sucking up CPU power.

    THREAD UPDATE: 19th October

    Okay, as of this latest update, they have not yet fixed Character Shadows.

    Also, my previous estimates that only around 3-4 shadows are being created per person was too conservative. After logging back in and testing the settings again after the 18th's update, I have examined the Character Shadows more closely and have scrutinized it more.

    Please see the screenshots Gallery, below.

    It means anyone can generate an unlimited amount of Character Shadows - all it depends on is how many objects and terrain are nearby.

    This means Players are generating between 1 and xxx Character Shadows because of Character Shadow duplication.

    This puts massive strain on every computer's CPU, as it clearly states in the options of the screen shot in the Gallery, below.

    Thread Update 2:

    On the Steam forum, a user (DanteYoda) has reported losing textures on vehicles, such as Ork Truks, when Character Shadows have been disabled (Please see 2nd post, Gallery 2).

    Loss of textures has happened to this user since the most recent 18th October patch.

    If anyone else sees anything odd when Character Shadows are switched off, please post here what went wrong or missing in game - and what settings you are using.








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  2. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    Gallery 2



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  3. Oh that's clever. Nice find, I guess it made sense artistically, but if this really does ruin performance, they should turn it off.
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  4. Look, i'm by no means a expert, but i belive it's a less intensive calculation than spliting the shadow in two and rendering only the needed parts in the different geometries.

    In sum, i believe this method puts more load on the GPU but less on the CPU.

    But that's just a guess, good job spoting it though, it looks really bad with ES off, perhaps the character shadows should only be rendered in the nearst geometry when ES is off...
  5. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    Yeah, either way I think it would be best to limit character shadows to just 1x geometry object, like you said.

    I have no idea just exactly how intensive it is; but it frightens me that 60 players are generating four times more shadows in one map - in a massive fight, every single computer will be trying to render all of those shadows at once on multiple faces of terrain and objects - the result, I think, would be a god damn mess for everyone's performance, as generally people may play with the lowest shadows but not have them turned off - the result is poor performance, whether or not it is set to low or ultra.
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  6. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    Bringing this to their attention could help SIGNIFICANTLY with performance. Good man!

    Has it gone through the official bug reporting tool?
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  7. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    Yup, I submitted it as a bug through their procedure - I'm hoping they pick it up there or see it here in the forum.
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  8. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    Bumping to allow others and the Developers to see this thread.
  9. Well there's no way to say what sucks up you CPU more the duplicates on a fixed algorithm or a tone of additional computations with geometry.
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  10. Fullmetalelf MCChivers Subordinate

    Maybe both :/

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