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Chaos Mark Ideas

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Eldritch, May 13, 2017.

  1. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Disclaimer: I know these are OP, I want feedback based on the gameplay ideas and concepts.

    Can receive healing from all sources, however their effectiveness is reduced by 75%. This keeps emphasis on lifesteal, while increasing viability of the mark. Exceutions restore full HP.

    25% of health is sacrificed. However armour will still regen while under fire, albeit at a slower rate. This is to reflect the ever-changing nature of Tzeentch and mutation. The counter to Tzeentch would naturally be poison, which is the ailment of Nurgle.

    Melee weapons will swing at a faster rate, excludes swords, ranged classes also reload faster. However armour regen delay is increased to 6-10 seconds (I haven't thought of a number). This is to encourage heavier weapon use. Theme here is must go faster.

    I like this mark where it is at, if the other marks have a power creep, than increase health bonus, however slow base movement speed to represent the slow nature of decay.

    These are my basic ideas for the outline of the marks. However, I will develop them further later on. Any feedback is welcome as long as it is constructive.

    Note: My idea of Chaos is that undivided is the norm, but marks will focus on a playstyle. They will be niche but effective in their role. Undivided should be the best of all worlds while exceling at none.
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  2. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    I like the CONCEPT of Chaos Undivided as the standard, but when you play that, you're really just a LSM guy with fewer toys. I do wish we had more reasonably priced Wargear 1 options that would make running Chaos Undivided a more viable option over the current "Go MoN/MoS or go home" meta. Making MoK and MoT more reasonable choices would also be splendid.

    As far as how you'd go about that, you've got me. I don't pretend to know how to balance stuff, but I know that CU/MoK/MoT are on the weak side of balance.
  3. But lore and balance don't mix well in this game

    [Because of the Devs]
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  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Ive always like the idea of what it would be like if they did something like MoK can continue to fight in downed state ( berserkers have no time to BLEED!! !) so he can attempt to res himself via life leech and just get rid of the instant death.

    MoT keep its current stuff but add: ranged attacks deal slight suppression aswell( tzeentch messing with stuff behind the curtains.)

    And with MoS just add stamina/fuel regen at 50% rate while running on top of its current stuff. (and noise weaponry)

    MoN -1 Stamina change the stamina regen delay to 50% slower and add a Stability bonus to lower stun and staggers by roughly 66% , lower run ( not walk but run)speed by 15% and keep the poison ailment resistance as well.
  5. MOK: If anyone has played as Krieg in Borderlands 2 THAT is how MOK should be. Basicaly you can still fight in your downed state while using a melee class.

    MOT: I never understood the whole armour thing with MOT. In DOW you can upgrade your marines with more anti armour even on bolters using MOT.
    Perhaps MOT could add more AP and a bonus to anti-armour with a health penalty for "glass cannon marines".

    If moving off the armour route for MOT is not possible, just make the Mark convert 80% of your HP into armour with a boost in armour plus the regen. This would work well for people who always want to fight at max health. Remember though nobody can heal armour and poison would be a death sentence to MOT.

    MOS: I like where this mark is, the speed boost is great and it suits my flanking hit and run builds.

    MON: People who say the stamina penalty is nothing are wrong, it can be death sentence in intense situations and in melee encounters. However I'm not happy with the mark.
    For MON I'd rather it make you incredibly tough but very slow I'm talking the 200 toughness mark with daemon forged but a -25% in movement speed. Another thing blight grenades should be a cooldown with MON.
  6. I dislike the fact that Khorne is based 100% around healing and life steal. That's cheap, one dimensional and offends the Blood God. There's also the fact that a lot of people dont fully realize how huge it is not being able to be healed or revived. That's a HUGE freaking draw back. I dont feel a small life leech and losing the ability to be healed and revived is a fair trade.

    Sure we also get what, 20 health? A bolter round takes 38 health per shot just FYI.

    I'd like to see extra melee impact, extra melee damage or increased armour penetration. If it were up to me we'd see +30% armour penetration when we're not life stealing. During any clang we'd see more impact thus being able to break an opponents faster.


    - A 30% increase armour penetration when using melee weapons
    - Life leech
    - Increased Impact for melee archetypes
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  7. Mark of Nurgle:
    +20 HP
    +30 Toughness

    -25% Walking Speed -15% Sprint-Speed (I don't know the numbers, should be a reversed Mark of Slaneesh)

    And why?:
    Nobdy apart from Raptors ever care about -60% Stamina recovery. You either killed your enemy or got killed. +1 Stam Wargear over Stam Recharge every day. But Moving-speed reduction would actually add a real disadvantage for the Mark of Nurgle, that is needed i feel like...

    Mark of Tzeentch:
    -15% Health

    -Remove the Regen speed and regen delay benefit.
    + "Invunerability safe" whenever Armor breaks, means you neglect any lef-over damage to health.
    + (Sorc only) +20 Warpcharge

    Examples for "Inv. safe":
    Grenade. All your Armor gone, you get stunned but your Health is untouched.
    You get boltered down. 38x 3 = 114 Damage. You have 100 Shield, so 14 Damage is neglected from the 3rd shot.
    You get Melta-red. You Jinx 1 Damage Tick. It's not effective...

    And why?:
    MoT would no longer be the "Stack more Armor" mark, and it would make no difference on which class (and thus base-armor) you equip it. With it, you can't get instakilled, but you are weaker in regular engagements due to -15% Health. It's quite lore-friendly, Tzeentch is unpredictable, sometimes you feel it a lot, and sometimes you feel like he is against you.

    Mark of Khorne:
    +20 HP
    +30% Lifesteal Melee
    +15% Lifesteal Ranged
    -Can't be healed by Sorcery

    +Fully heals Health from Executions

    You have 50% of the normal Bleedout-"Health" and bleedout twice as fast.You still can't get picked up. However, you can move and attack normaly. If you Life-steal your way to fill the bleed-out meter again, you are "revived" and buisness goes on as usual.

    And why?
    Not beeing able to be healed is quite a crucial drawback when Meta is that everything can shoot you from everywhere. If you can't have Health Crystals, you need to provide other means of getting healed. And Insta-death after HP reaches 0 is too much of a drawback on Ticket-based maps, so a lorefriendly way to give em a kinda bleedout-state is required in my opinion.

    Mark of Slaneesh:
    +Movement Speed (Duno the Numbers on top of my head)
    -50% Armor Regen speed

    +25% Reload and Swing-Speed
    -25% Spread increase per Shot
    (Disclaimer, It's just made up Numbers. Just to get a feeling what i intend)

    And why?:
    Mark of Slaneesh currently does nothing for your Combat-effectiveness, apart from Movespeed for melee. In fact it even lowers your combat effectiveness. Giving an advantage for Ranged MoS and a little for Melee MoS seems required

    That's my idea of the Marks...
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  8. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    The solution to the Mark of Nurgle being better than the other options (most of the time) is NOT to nerf it into uselessness. And in a game like this, reducing the Marine's movement speed makes it useless. You do that, you better make that extra HP and Toughness something absurd, because he'll never actually reach a fight before he gets killed otherwise.

    The MoK and MoT ideas aren't bad, but the MoS one is absurdly ridiculous. The numbers you are suggesting are just waaaaaaaaaay too much. It's already really good, tacking on massive percentage increases to some of the most important stats in combat would make it the obvious no-brainer pick, like the current MoN is for most loadouts, but far, far worse.
  9. I agree fully that i made the numbers just out of my head, and a 2nd look make them really seem brutal :D
    I don't have the data to suggest something balanced sadly, so ignore the Numbers and read them just as "Better Accuracy and swing speed for melee weapons"

    But you really think a reversed Mark of Slaneesh would be too much of an Movement-Debuff? You cann still roll around with full speed and such
  10. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    Movement speed is stupid important in games like this. Not even just the part where you can't get to enemies fast enough, but the part where you can't get to POINTS fast enough. Do you know how frustrating it would be to reach a point and try to decap it, but you literally cannot move fast enough to get to the point in time? It would make the Mark of Nurgle effectively worthless to people who are actually trying to play the game properly.

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