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Chaos Grand Campaign

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Cutbait, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Cutbait Cutbait Master

    Do we have any idea when the chaos campaign is going to begin? I leave for basic on May 16th and I would really like to participate.
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  2. Heironymus Heironymus Subordinate

    I would hope before that time. There's only so much recoloring, of a existing armor piece, they can do.

    Some people will say

  3. Cutbait Cutbait Master

    Either way we shall see. If I had to guess it will start after they release the Kommando update.
  4. I dunno bout you, but I'm excited.
  5. Nio Niothewarlock Well-Known Member

    Shit is gonna go full heretical. Time to spam bird is the word on my Word Bearer.
  6. MrBanditFP BanditFleshpound Steam Early Access

    Or Khorne is my blessing,Khorne is my destiny!
  7. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    This campaign they said would be shorter than the orks and you can probably count on mist of the more well know LSM guilds to stick to Marines for a while. We will for the first few days so you can look forward to a few LSM fights.
  8. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    DoW III launches tomorrow so this campaign might be a little bare bones due to people playing that
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  9. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    The ork campaign cosmetic was pretty garbage imo, if only the yellow squares were white it would have been good, but how it looks it really feels like bugged textures

    About the chaos campaign im actually trying to think what people will call OP, because cmon, there will be something we all know about it, i put 3 slaaneshi whores that it will be necrotic chainsword
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  10. Certainly a candidate.

    My vote goes for the Reaper Autocannon and Failbadon's Grace.

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