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Can Mark of Tzeentch Give Armour?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Jul 25, 2017.



  1. +20 Armour for all Classes

  2. +20 for Sorcerers Alone

  3. NO

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  1. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Been playing around with it for a while, and I feel that MoT really needs to give armour, but maybe only for Aspiring Sorcerers.

    Similar to how some wargear works, could we have +20 armour bundled into MoT but make it only apply to Sorcerers? I feel this is fair since they have a low armour value to begin with and wouldn't threaten the balance of other classes.

    Thoughts on this? @MichaelChan @NoahWard
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  2. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    For a moment I wanted to agree, but then reminded myself that Warlock has to live with 225 EHP and no offensive capabilities whatsoever and it made MoT look that much stronger.

    The strength of MoT does not come from raw armor, but from how fast that armor starts to and regens back up.

    If Warlock have to live with no defense and no offense, so can MoT sorc.
    Contrary to Warlock, for a sorc its one of multiple choices, not the only thing he can.
  3. Sceviour Sceviour Arkhona Vanguard

    +1 please. Tzeentch should be the main Mark to use on Sorcs anyways
  4. FoxDie Sonbot Well-Known Member

    Even though I hate that MoT has anything to do with armor to begin with ever since its implementation, I wouldnt mind if MoT gave a slight armor tweak to just the sorcerer or a Magic/Charge Increase included in the mark.

    What I really want, and its too late, is it to augment spells and allow magical trinkets/mods to be equipped.
  5. The difference is speed and a slim hitbox though.
    MoT sorcs can't whizzle around like Warlocks can.
    Either Armor or something else should make MoT Sorc great again
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  6. Delgear Steam Early Access

    MoT needs a rework, its basically the same as MoN but worse ... they both are supposed to add TTK, each mark should have a different purpose .... and i dont think MoT should just be a different flavor of MoN. Maybe its advantage could be an LP reduction on offensive weapons, with a detriment to toughness or something, meaning if a sorcerer equipped it thier spells would be cheaper too ..... just one of many ideas that has been put forward by the community over the times ..... its frustrating .... MoN is the "tanky" mark, Khorne is the "lifesteal" mark, slaanesh is the"mobility" mark and tzeentch is the "not worth it MoN" mark.

    If they want a simple solution my suggestion would be MoT does the following ::
    +20 armor
    enhances spell damage causes some amount more stacks of poison, fire, etc. on spells.
    Unlock ALL psychic powers to equip for sorcerer.
    LP reduction on sorcerer spells.
    charge regen bonus.
    maybe adds the following ::
    flame damage to bolter or a special bolter that has flaming ammo.
    flame damage to bolt pistol or a special bolt pistol that adds flaming damage.
    increase to falloff range on mainhand rifle and to pistol type weapons.

    inb4 "but then it would be useless on some classes"
    umm..... have you seen MoK ? you cant even equip it on sorcerer ....
  7. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    How do you propose a MoT be able to use MoN spells?? Cus you know they hate each other........and stuff......
  8. Dawn of war II Retribiution Campaign allready did it.
    If you equip the Mark of Tzeentch, you could use every possible spell. So that's at least GW approved
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  9. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Sorcery is the domain of tzeentch, and nurgle and tzeentch arent actually diametrically opposed. Its Khorne and tzeentch ..... hence Khorne hates sorcery/trickery, and Tzeentch hates straight forwardness/brutality ..... all the chaos gods are really not allied with each other .... they all dicker with each other .... but slaanesh and nurgle are opposed ..... slaanesh seeks experience and sensation, nurgle protects you from them.

    i agree poison/corrosion is more of a nurgle thing but in the 40k lore a tzeentch sorcerer doing a poisonous spell or a corroding spell would not be unheard of .....

    but then again nor would a nurgle sorcerer doing a non corrosion or poison spell .... we would see all the sorcerers having access to things like doom bolt or doom blast ....

    my pet peeve with how few player choices we have is a topic for another thread.
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  10. Tzeentch and Khorne could use an overhaul IMO.

    Tzeentch should do something unique for Sorcs(+mana regen and + spell damage) and Khorne should something unique for Melee archetypes besides life leech like + armor pen.

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