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Brent said stuff about melee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. According to twitch, whoever havn't seen it, do it now. He starts talking about melee fixes about 54:30

    Especially he talked about, among other fixes:
    • Ork melee animations were not telegraphing enough what's going on
    • D-Bash getting more reliable (clangerror)
    • D-Bash Stun duration from Tactical (And i guess equivalents) beeing too short
    • Durability (Tuning and mechanic change)
    I don't know about you guys, but when those things truely become reality, i guess melee will improve big times. And with improving melee, wich is 50% of the battles (or should be according to their initial plan) it would improve the Game quite a lot, as Melee right now is quite a frustrating element.
    I hope they get it solved (Brent mentioned his personal goal is to fix one part of melee a week)

    Still we have things like Plasma n stuff left, but to not only have the sh!tstorm brewing on the forum, let's also mention good things :D

    What do you think?
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  2. EX0DUS EX0DUS Prefectus

    Yeah, I thought this last twitch was really positive. Addressed or mentioned lots of forum questions and current issues.
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  3. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    Can't wait to test it, going to work on backlog until then. It's foolish to worry about it until it patches.
  4. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    If they do that and remove durability damage for d bashing a light attack then I'm sold and can play a game knowing I can have fun and get kills as Dire Avenger and doesn't have to fear every corner has a melee spammer who will spam rmb for free exp.

    I also made a thread about a supposed back stab damage being removed from strong attacks buts its not confirmed but it is also a possible melee change (and I hope it's not implemented since I do it and a lot)
  5. Still think Dbash should really be changed to something else entirely.
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  6. Orkus Pokus Trenchwar Arkhona Vanguard

    I see a lot of angry threads around lately, yet I find the game is getting better and better. Sure, unfortunately, we have very low player count right now, and that kinda screws the matchmaking, but let's be honest here for a second:

    The factions are starting to be evenly balanced. Not an easy feat by any mean.

    Melee issues are known and been worked on, sure it takes time, but man, at least they don't give up and take it seriously.

    The thread about priorities. I think this will prove fruitful, and it's nice to see they are a dynamic team and can adjust when things don't go as planned (because they never do in life anyway).

    We know campaigns are coming, map update too (where you can choose between available matches to queue, even from map to map), Nathan also mentioned the second part about world map/campaign update is that we are going to move from "continent to continent" once campaign objectives are reached, that is, some conquered territories will become somewhat permanent and we will see a bigger world map.

    Game modes about tank, capturing tank depots, getting "vehicle tickets" have been hinted.

    New fortress map soon.

    Change to capping point to accomodate better shooting.

    more customisation.

    Zedek and Maggon might see an entire new game mode or something will be changed about how they are played to make them balanced.

    All in all, I only have one worry, it's that people give up on this game too fast or don't give it a second chance.

    Personally, I always tend to consider a game is "complete" one year after official release. I mean, I haven't played that many game (even AAA titles) that were great at launch and required no fixing. Heroes of might and magic 7 was full of bugs and crashes, diablo 3 well the lead designer was fired I believe? forgot his name, but the initial release with auction house, poor loot, bad dialogues, not enough replay value, no ranked system, etc. etc. I mean, to me it got good only at reaper of soul...

    If we stop and think about it, ask yourself what this game will be next summer. I think it will be pretty amasing. It's already fun as is, but more game modes...maps... customisation, pirate hats :D, tank battles (land raider equivalents), TEQ, campaigns, improved world map... some tid bits of stories, mutators / faction leader interacting like abandon creating a warp storm... elites, etc.

    So yeah, I stand by my point, game was released too early out of necessity, but it will still grow to be something pretty badass.
  7. Skarbrand Member

    The operative word is when - when those things become reality...what if its never achieved and given the debs track record it could be a while.

    Secondly you mention plasma. If it wasn't for all the fuckhead whiners plasma would still be a useful support weapon. Now its useless and skews the game even more to melee. LSM bitch and moan about A/C but PC provided a good support weapon alt/counter that is now gone. It also helped offset Eldar speed with splash damage - even though the physics are (still) broken. Plasma nerfs just skewed the game even more to melee. That shows how fucking retarded and reactionary the devs are.
  8. EX0DUS EX0DUS Prefectus

    That's a bit harsh. It wasn't one person screaming about plasma. It was heaps of people. Look at all the threads man. Hardly a knee jerk reaction.
    It also isn't this excellent support weapon. Support indicates helping your team. Many users Inhibit their own team with it. Haha.

    I never thought it was that big a deal. But you cannot deny the kill scores it gave. Proof is in the numbers, it really did need toning down.
  9. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    People enjoy being bitchy and ruining everyone's days. We don't have enough positive threads. GTAV was shit at launch, every EA game is shit at launch, CoD is shit at launch and after that. The difference is those games don't have devs who understand the problem and legitimately try to fix it rather than milk dry and move on.
  10. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    Having something be super OP to counter another thing that's OP doesn't fix any problems :confused:

    Plasma is NOT a support weapon anyways, its just an easy way for skubs to farm kills and actually had the most TKs in the game
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