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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. even worse
  2. W
    Well what do you think it should be done
  3. if implemented it should be done right witch is a very hard thing to do and properbly wont be done at first, perhaps if the game is really succesfull.

    Like if the blood angels get their curses with the buffs and debuffs. (also how to make player into a deathcompany marine seems like a challegenge)
    I also belive the Wolves should tne get the Wulfen, since its also a big deal in their lore with its own grand set of buffs and debuffs.

    But all i wanted to say at first is that many new blood angel fans seem to think that the angels revere the drinking of enermiees blood, when they in reality abhor it for it is the marking of their doom.
  4. I think it would be easy to implement just have it be a buff that ups melee and drops accuracy and just make a rare random buff that happens like 5 players a day
  5. i think you are looking at it from a much too simple perspective.
  6. In space pens don't work so the US spent millions devoping a pen that would work in space the Russians used a pencil. Some times simply is the way to go
  7. not when making a quality game. what you mentioned does not even incapsulate the true meaning of the terror of the red thirst
  8. What if when the red thrist happens other space marines get points for killing you (puting you out of your misery)
  9. that would emply that all marines where sanguinary priests.
    And not a collection of 5 chapters
  10. Why can't other marines execute a fallen brother
    I don't see how else to make us fear a sickness in a video game

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