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Black Widow Company, A Veteran-owned/veteran-operated Gaming Company

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Miki-Rei, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. "And so they came, these Brothers of the Widow Black, to wreak havoc on the Enemies of Man. Suffer no Warp-Taint, abide no Chaos-Touched, the Black Widow Chapter snares all in our web of righteous fury."

    The Black Widow Company, an award winning veteran founded, owned and operated gaming outfit and community with 10+ years of unbroken excellence is honored to serve the emperor in the Eternal Crusade. To combat the forces of chaos and spread the righteous wrath of the Adeptus Astartes, the Black Widow Company is founding a space marine Chapter unlike any other in service to the emperor of man.


    BWC is a highly organized and competitive gaming Outfit and Community. We are not a clan, or a guild, but an Outfit that maintains a standard of excellence across multiple game properties. Due to that, we do have minimum expectations for recruitment and not all who apply are accepted.

    Recruitment into BWC will require a commitment on the part of potential members even though the Eternal Crusade is still a distance away. You do not join BWC for a single game, you join BWC to participate in and experience excellence in gaming.

    To begin your journey, please visit our website:


    BWC is an award-winning Gaming Outfit which has been successful for over ten years, primarily in first person shooters and MMOs. In that time we have built a solid reputation in online gaming as an Outfit that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication and teamwork. That reputation has carried over to great relationships among the larger gaming community but also with game developers such as Riot Games, Sony Online Entertainment, Piranha Games, and most recently, Cloud Imperium Games.

    We are military themed and active in multiple online games. There is a dedicated chain of command that oversees our well over 1000 active members. BWC has created and maintains our own Meta Game with our established Battle Decorations Program that allows members to earn awards based on activity and levels of participation.

    BWC operates under a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure which serves as our charter and code of conduct. This SOP sets the expectations that BWC maintains for all members at all times. Members may enter as a recruit, and after completing the recruit process to achieve their first promotion to Private, they can choose to remain there or engage in the Meta Game for recognition and promotion. BWC maintains a Rank and Promotion Points System that echoes the US Army's ranking structure. We expect all our members to embrace what we call “BWC Bearing” and conduct their gaming business as the quiet professionals we've established ourselves as.

    Players who elect to sign on with BWC can expect to find their brothers-in-arms ready and willing to support them on the virtual battlefield and beyond. We practice teamwork, communication, and coordination. Our reputation as a military-style unit truly began in the world's first and only true MMO-FPS, Planetside. Ever since the closed beta days we have applied lessons learned on the virtual battlefield as well as real world battlefields from small unit tactics to combined arms assaults. We’ve taken those lessons a step further and are a renowned, award winning scenario Paintball team with a reputation for frontline grunts, hard hitting spec-ops tactics, and a Never Quit attitude.

    We apply our “ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT” mentality in every game we play, and to everything we do, without risking or compromising our desire or our ability to have a lot of fun at the same time. Those are never mutually exclusive endeavors for us. We invite you to heed the call and join the fight with us, so you can discover what makes us different for yourself.

    One Team, One Fight. It's not what we say, it's what we do.


    Miki Rei
    BWC Actual
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  2. Asterix85 Asterix85 Subordinate

    Burn the with, kill the mutant, purge the heretic. We of the BWC strive forth for the emperor!!!
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  3. SpawnoChaos SpawnoChaos Subordinate

    I have been running with the BWC for almost a year now and I have to say that I would not trade this community for anything.

    Just to give you some insight and some stories about my years worth of time in the BWC:

    Planetside 2

    I'll never forget the first time that I encountered the BWC.

    We (the zerg) were stuck assaulting an Amp Station during beta. After dying countless times to C4, turrets, tanks, planes and finally other infantry, I was about to call it quits after 2 hours of fighting there.

    I then saw something that rekindled hope; I saw an outfit moving together and clearing rooms. They moved with purpose, precision, and a determination to win that I had not seen before. I quickly fell in behind them and started to help out in any way that I could.

    I stared up at their outfit tag while we ambushed enemy infantry, armor, planes, turrets; all the enemies that were killing me for the last 2 hours were nothing compared to this outfit. I saw the name "BWC" and wondered to myself, "These guys are amazing, I wonder if I could ever be good enough to join their ranks." I did my best to follow them through the Amp Station; they moved so quickly through the area, only pausing to deal death and destruction, before they moved on to the next objective as a cohesive unit.

    Only 10 minutes had passed and the Amp Station battle was over. The enemy routed, the rest of the zerg commenced their cap of the base.

    Just as quickly as the BWC outfit had arrived, they vanished. I tried to search for them over the surrounding bases, but I found out that they had already redeployed to another continent to break the enemy resistance there as well. A group constantly on the move, chasing the fight across the battle lines, breaking the enemy wherever they may be.

    I had been part of the zerg before... but after that experience, the game would never be the same again.

    Planetside 2

    My first time being a Platoon lead was in the company of the BWC.

    Initially I was squad leading an air squadron on Indar and we were advancing south toward the VS warp gate. As I directed my squad from the orders received by the current Platoon Leader, I was informed that the PL needed to step away for a few hours and wanted a Squad Lead to step and and take the reigns. At BWC, we are all encouraged to squad lead and platoon lead and anyone who accepts the responsibility will receive the respect of those below them.

    I decided that I would try my hand at it.

    After ensuring that comms were setup properly a smooth transition between myself and the off-going PL was performed. From there the game play of PS2 changed to that of an RTS. I observed the battlefield and directed the squads to locations were they could be the most effective at destroying and deterring the enemy. The squads responded quickly and with eagerness to complete their assigned tasks. It was an experience that I've never had before in directing other forces in other games; the efficiency and effectiveness of my orders being carried out was unparalleled.

    My first platoon leadership experience was a lot of fun. After performing in the PL spot for around 2 hours, I had to step away myself and smoothly transitioned the PL to another member that also volunteered to take it.

    Planetside 2

    It is not uncommon for the BWC to be outnumbered by our enemies on any continent that we fight on.

    While running a joint operation with other allies of the BWC, I was in a CAS (Combat Air Support) role piloting a Liberator. Despite being outnumbered by the NC on Indar, we drove them back to their warp gate using superior tactics and surgical strikes designed to divide their forces so we could deal with them piecemeal.

    I was part of the air squadron whose primary goal was to draw fire in our Liberators while flying map of the earth through the canyons around the NC warpgate... while in formation flying.

    To say that we were effective would be an understatement; it's one of the most gratifying feelings to hear that the men on the ground were fighting against stiff resistance, only to see your wing of Liberators fly through the canyons and destroy the enemies that had them pinned down. After the operation was called and the battle considered won, we mustered our resources and gave an accounting of the operation.

    To hear your own squadron called out as being a pivotal role in ensuring the operations success gives you a sense of accomplishment that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere in any other game, or any other outfit.

    Mech Warrior Online

    My most memorable moment dropping with the BWC in MWO was during a weekly event that the BWC was running internally to get the other game divisions within the BWC to check out MWO.

    I was piloting my Dragon when a stalker zipped around my 9 o'clock and tried to hit my battle buddy in the rear armor. I did a quick reflex action... just a jerk of my hand to target the stalker... and I alpha struck him just below the arm armor but in between the plates of the chest. I must have hit it perfectly and detonated an ammo magazine because in a single shot, the whole mech went up in smoke.

    I spent the rest of the time on the enemies flank, pouring fire into them. WIth the loss of their strike leader, we overtook them.

    It was a great moment and one that I'll not soon forget.

    Black Widow Company

    Something that separates the BWC from other groups and organizations that I have been a part of is the sheer amount of work performed by the C&S (Command and Staff) structure for each section of the BWC to ensure the best experience for all the members.

    As mentioned previously, the BWC is not just a gaming group, but a community. This community runs off of the input of the member base with the free sharing of ideas, the hard work and know-how of its different departments, and a passion that I have not seen elsewhere. It is really inspiring to see what community members can come up with and create on-the-fly to meet the ever growing needs of every member, every day. I have seen many great things come from the collaboration between all members.

    Another aspect that makes BWC stand out is the culture. Everyone is encouraged and inspired to become a leader in their own right; I have never seen this in any other gaming group or community. This breeds a certain mentality within the community ensuring that there will always be someone willing to lead the charge into battle, to speak up when necessary, or to do the right thing even when no one else is watching.

    Being part of the BWC during operations is exactly as I describe above; unparalleled teamwork with a sense of accomplishment for the effort put forth to make your team successful. The BWC is not only a place for military Patton's but also a place for those who are new to the concept of leadership. As long as you have the guts to stand up and try, you will be rewarded with advice, training, and support from all other BWC members.

    If you want to see more of what we are all about, then visit our site.
  4. Cyanide Cyanide New Member

    By the Emperors hand we will purge the xeno's filth from the Imperium of man
  5. I've been running with Bwc for the best part of 3 and a half months now and I have got to say they have possibly been the best three months of online gaming I've had in a hell of a long time! I joined up cause I had heard a few of my friends had joined up and I decided to say hey what the heck and sign up and I think that was one of the best decisions I've made recently!

    I joined the bwc crew to play Planetside 2 with them, up until I joined Bwc I only had around 2 hours into the game but now after 3 months I have almost 200 hours in the game and it is my most played game on steam! These guys give me a reason to play and even more of a reason to enjoy the game. If you like running as an organized squad in it then I suggest that you hit them up. Back in august we held a 24 hour gaming marathon/stream for St Judd childrens hospital, those 24 hours were a barrel of laughs and on Planetside 2 we hosted a number of operations, from dropping onto bases and fighting The Vs and Nc with only knifes to 60+ men sunderer races, the whole 24 hours hours were great!

    If you enjoy playing games as part of a team, organised and such I suggest you atleast have a look into Bwc, everyone in the company is great and I'm sure that you will fit right in! For the emperor! FOR THE GOLDEN THRONE OF TERRA!

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  6. Greetings Loyalist of the False Emperor
  7. Soulhunter New Member

    We will fill the skies with the our Battle Brothers and by the will of the Emperor the ground will tremble beneath our advance……none can stand before us.

    We are the BWC and we are coming….

    One Team One Fight
  8. Jasta885 Jasta885 First Blood!

    We are the Emperor's angels of death, not his angels of mercy. Join us
  9. [BWC] Pyras BWCPyras Subordinate

    Howdy folks,

    As our HMFIC Firefly mentioned BWC is unlike any gaming community you have ever seen. I am a Sergeant Major in Black Widow Company, I assist the Command Sergeant Major in overseeing our NCO corp. Our NCO's are the primary trainers, mentors, and In-game squad leaders in every game we support. We learn similar values that real world NCO's are taught, in fact many BWC NCO 's served in the armed forces from various countries around the world. We pride ourselves on taking average gamers and through training and leadership turning them into exceptional squads capable of all kinds of badassery. Make no mistake we aim to win in everything we do, and we do so as professionals always showing respect even to our enemies.

    My advice would be to stop pondering your future and start filling out an application.

    One Team, One Fight!
  10. I stand with BWC.

    Whether it be Mechwarrior Online, Planetside 2, Star Citizen, Star Wars, Pirates, or War Thunder.

    BWC is where you want to be (If you aren't a failure of a human being).
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  11. Warborn Warborn Subordinate

    BWC makes bad games fun.

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