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Because I Can, The Story of an Unrelated Game Not Existing

Discussion in 'Additional Discussion/Questions' started by DoomJester, Jan 29, 2019.


Is this even engaging to have this here...wait, yay or nay, I’m sure y’all don’t exist here anyway.

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  1. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    I’d like to foreword this by saying this is an old idea that I’ve randomly added to over the past year and a half or so, but it’s completly unbelievable and unrealistic at this point in time, whether b/c a company wouldn’t do it or couldn’t do it, reminiscent of the initial idea of EC, something that’d be nice but is capped. Now do I think it’s possible, sure, but not yet and no one normal would touch it and try to make it happen, nudge nudge.

    This bit is stupid and unrealistic but at the same time I feel inclined to bring it up in the random off chance Tzeentch was intrigued and so on, by that I mean if some random guy made it work and tried to rip it, well beauty of the matter is the world we live in gives many ways to lash back and I am the vindictive sort sadly. I’d ask that if for some reason if this caught on, whether b/c somone copied this idea or otherwise that I at least get a heads up so I could play some role, whether that was advice, testing, a mention, money, whatever was deemed worthy of the overarching concept and so on. If there was a person who gave the idea and didn’t claim it as theirs then I see no issue, but otherwise would certainly justify retribution. Do I have a patent on the idea and concepts, nope, but I liken some concepts and so on to better communicate the grand idea and why it would appeal and other times for the sake of humour or musing. Ultimately the entirety is subject to change and all that.

    So I’ll put up what I’ve typed in bunches and add or adjust as desired.

    All of this thread is going to be tldr, so just bugger off if you don’t like to read or listen to people rambling, honestly don’t care about criticism either, it’s an impossible idea already, rather people talk about what they’d want out of the whole idea.
  2. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    On the random original note seemingly, for some reason I’ve been mewling around in the darkness, searching for something that could pique my interest and sadly I keep coming back to the idea that I’d love to take a game like skyrim(the other close one would be Witcher for me) and dress it up in warhammer 40k.

    I will give each chunk of stuff it’s own spoiler zone with all the fun notes and thoughts, unless you’re ready for a long, arduous read I’d advise not opening them up. Otherwise I’ll provide summaries at intervals for big picture items and bullet point things features. Why I’m doing this, ehh, creative outlet likely, I like to write. You will find certain ideas revisited simply due to this being extensive and essentially an intial rough pass. All of this is just imagination based with some guides from other things and not meant to be considered feasible in this day and age or even in general as I feel it’d end up with an m or worse rating. However if it could be done, and done well I could see it being an enjoyable experience all in all. The other thing is visually I’m imagining certain aspects of this already, between being hauled around, what the planet looks like, the ship crashing, the choice of characters circled around, the UI for all of this, certain vendors, weapons.

    Alright here’s the meat...

    On the 40k note, though I’m fond of certain multiplayer aspects, I’d just as readily take a Skyrim esque setup but say on a daemon world/worlds, but let’s say just the one for now, the idea being that you’d be on some Ben Counter world, if you’re not familiar I’d actually recommend looking into it. Let’s say for diversity, all 4 gods had a presence there, maybe have one in particular in power or have it a lull in dominance. You can start out in a variety of ways, let’s set the initial choice into "native" or an offworlder. To this note though, I wouldn’t want the choice to necessarily prevent you from achieving a desired "build", but maybe change the direction in which you could take or maybe make it so the ones who seem to have a initial advantage or simply a less malleable choice. Another thought was kinda M@B opening story choice where you plot out your life somewhat to help determine some things).
  3. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    I should intially bring up that I like the skyrim way of leveling in that you actually have to use said skill to increase it, but I’d rather take a separate stat bit to determine things strength, agility, endurance, tact, fortitude, will, generic stat setup, centered around what’ll affect you in game. On top of that though you could level up your ability to use melee weapons, ranged weapons, armour, tech and there’d be some other things based on character choice and even other choices, say if your playing as loyalist marine but you’re mutated by overexposure to warp energy from wandering around a portal or holding onto some spooky Tome, this could develop psychic powers which then unlock that branch. On top of this, your branch would change with affiliation or corruption. Say you become physically corrupt as a guardsmen and developed hooked feet, a classic, this could affect your agility and maybe your armour. The other idea is either having the branch change as your devotion changes (so Khorne making your melee branch change for the better while ranged suffers) or having a separate section with the x many devotion paths and as you take certain things on that it’ll reflect on your other stats. That said I prefer the former because I’d rather the choice isn’t yours when devoting yourself to different aspects, it’s just more natural that way. So at the end of it you’re improving skills by use, leveling stats by exp, maintain faith and practice. Ideally it’d be a dynamic system that makes it feel like you can be what you want to be, but at the same time there are consequences for doing certain things.

    As a native you can choose to be of the human, beastman/mutant(taking into account it’s a daemon world, but I’m not sure where GW was on that last), or legionnaire. Their introduction will follow a little after the crash occurs depending on which side is chosen, best idea to follow the classic game obscurity of your character to others until you create them would be to have your character isolated in some way, say a blinded cart/cell/hold thing that was transported. Taking a hint from skyrim they respond differently based on what you are, so you’re meek human they kinda scoff at why you ended up in there, tribal guy, maybe impressed, being a marine will get hesitance maybe or a more impressed response, maybe any chaos affiliation will illicit a response or maybe that’ll be fleshed out a bit later (those who were to be executed/sacrificed will likely be a faction, some generic thing like outcasts composition unsure, strong figurehead of course, but otherwise not very devoted one way or another)

    -The plain old human(like to bring up the thought of male and female on this and the Mutant, food for thought is all), though bland to start with can go a variety of ways and has the potential to grow, sometimes literally, mused around with somehow even becoming a marine, but I guess that’d depend on story and circumstances, but mutations/blessings could likely put him on par or superior. The other thing though is this allows for more tribal humans as well, which could be considered more common on certain daemon worlds, Norsca anyone? This however could range from laborer to priest to gladiator and on and on. The initial stats would be either more level or focused in a more aggressive manner, but maybe you’re silver tongued as a priest...

    -As to the Beastmen/Mutant bit, well these fortunate followers of chaos have a leg up, maybe even and arm or two, but I’d prefer that this distinction be more progressed or focused than what the regular human could achieve, or maybe just initially achieve. Not sure if I’d throw psykers in here, probably would though.

    -As to the marine, well, beyond the obvious advantage I’d prefer he suffers some generic game setback, cast to this world by an annoyed sorcerer, disgraced, beaten, and left out to rot, freshly made marine kinda(my current choice honestly, some psycho turned marine, not quite developed mentally yet as in hasn’t honed his abilities in anyway), essentially leaving him nigh bare mentally and physically. To distinguish him though...hard to pick someone else unless for role play reasons I admit, but make it so he’s kinda like your classic fighter race (I do realize that marines are almost always surperior to humans across the board, but let’s say initially).

    At the end of the day it’d be nice if you played as any of these they could achieve the same result, but at a different paces or in different manners. The extension of the natives though is they can pick an affinity/faction initially. So say you were regular human and you liked nurgle, maybe get some themed things or quest line stuff to serve him, pray, sacrifice, etc. Now you pick Mutant, well let’s add some plague related mutations exclusive to Nurgle, and as a marine, I’ve been thinking two pronged on that. Let’s say you pick to be of the Black Legion lineage and then Nurgle, you get some benefits (beyond the Legion origin) but instead you pick to be a death guard, this would provide more, whether in increased ability, mutations or favour, randomized maybe (I’ll broach favour later, if I even care to at that point on top of the stat system which could be tricky, not sure). At the end of the day, these natives should have the benefit of being familiar with the world but maybe not in the best way, b/c affiliating can paint a target on you. Being a regular Jim can benefit you b/c you’re not known and no one could ever imagine your ascension, but make you seem as easy prey whereas a marine could benefit from being intimidating but his legion affiliation makes him a desirable target by other, more challenging foes. I want their to be consequence but not complete lockouts until you’ve made certain choices (obviously you can’t become a champion of Nurgle and then turn around, respec, and go "Khorne time!", but you can refrain from pledging to Nurgle but still garner favour albeit slower or lacking certain rewards, there’d also likely be an undivided course). Though I can go on and on about just this, I should progress on to the offworlders!
  4. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    So this gets interesting, for me to think of at least. So choices would be generic human, marine and the third continues to elude me (seemingly in threes I think of thee) but the trouble is the human has a lot more options, but maybe we could make another option of cultist pilgrim thing, but let’s refrain from that for now. Maybe Sister or have Inquisitorial personnel as it’s own branch. As to their entrance to this planet, couple thoughts, prisoner or crash, both give interesting dynamic, maybe have both options, hmm, difficult. Let’s say as a prisoner your recent, actually gives an initial plot close to Skyrim, hauled off with others to be sacrificed or executed, and ship crashes in, allowing both options to work. Ship crash why, maybe a battle in the system. This would provide another interesting story course and open up the option for other planets and developments. I’ll stick with that for the moment, problem being how does the ship that crashed have the crew composition that it has and how that affects the story. Cntnd story thought, some ship, transporting some high priority target, possibly captured or something along the line, features Interrogater(s), mechanicus for the ship, naval personnel for ship, maybe some other unique choices, but maybe a compliment of marines, issue being is I’d prefer that the player be able to choose Chapter lineage as well but having a diverse team would be strange and having Deathwatch though feasible wouldn’t really fit the bill with the whole initial idea of chaos vs Imperium bit. However I’d want the initial choice to change how you’re introduced to the world possibly, could follow the prisoners though and after the crash the survivors and the natives/prisoners somehow gather under some semblance of peace and that’s when you decide you’re character, first pick initial side/choice, then the "archetype" as in the whole human marine and I think I’ll stick with Inquisition and Mutant, a nice counter for one another. A continued thought is that the character creation for the crash survivor will be him/her being stuck somewhere or in a statsis of something of that sort and maybe have the Survivor leader instruct someone to find any remaining life’s signs, your character shows up, they go investigate and you create your character and when you get out they respond in the skyrim esque manner, some random officer glad your alive, interrogator more familiarity maybe, and marine joy just about, this would enable you to pick a chapter too without over committing storywise and if there were to be battle brothers it should be triggered and a bit simpler to now pick their colour at least.

    -Human unlike their counterpart they should be more stable (ooh, mental states...difficult to manage though, maybe physical maladies as well, not as grevious as to severely alter things, but I’d expect certain natives to be more malnourished and on the less stable end, another issue to consider). However they have the obvious disadvantage of being out of their element. The other problem is should this encompass more than Guard/Naval troop, should their be the option of Mechanicum, Inquisition, Psykers, so many choices. Let’s hope and assume following the M@B style though their is room for some diversity, so say you guardsmen of some sort, but you’d been a medic along the line or maybe you’re a whiteshield and that’s that. Inquisition gets tricky as I’d rather it just be an Interrogator or below, say newly so. The reason why is I had the epiphany that it could be an interesting option for someone on the world to continue going against anything and everything as best as they can, still falling, but not so far as to forsake their loyalty to the Imperium but maybe being the incredibly tough thing to do and requiring a bit of planning or something. Kinda like with New Vegas, you had house, NCR, Legion and all that, but you could also play your own this would kinda be opposite in that you would not play for yourself or the worldly factions, but for the Imperium (maybe presenting an option for the native choice to somehow follow along with loyal forces who crashed, enemy of my enemy is a problem for later (ooh, ending resulting in execution of your character, thanks but sorry not really, you’re too mutated now or hey you did an ok job, not mutated, we'll at least bring you with us, very Imperialesque)). Being from offworld should provide a slew of options but certain things are maybe more difficult maintain, take bionics or maybe your initial "health". The won’t kill you in the realistic way, but say you had an eye bionic but eventually it starts to fail you, bumped too many times, exposure to some Nurgle stuff, then you’re presented with a couple options, take the penalty of it not working, find someone and likely pay up in some way to recover it's function, or possibly beseech a god for a new eye. Idea being is the initial option will not corrupt you (oh no, another mechanic idea) the second, if done by certain npcs or in certain ways can certainly corrupt you, and the last choice can be seen as taking the easy way out if they even care to listen to you (though I’d think they’d delight in your first transgression against the Imperium). So essentially you can take heavy advantages as offworlder but with heavy costs associated making it difficult maintain in the long run, though I’d intend there to be a mechanicus member at least on the crashed ship initially and maybe some less corrupt individuals if you can find them.

    -Inquisition personnel, though still a bit generic, this fills in some gaps storywise and adds diversity to the situation. I’ll intially go with their being multiple interrogators, idea being that one reflects the survivors of the crash, a faction of its own while the other can be you. The other thoughts include a psykers, beyond possibly having that choice as the Interrogator, acolyte possibly, storm trooper, or simply more colorful characters with a more notable career. I’ve thought of maybe a SoB along for the ride but that’s difficult to manage, beyond the piety of the others she’d be far less lax I’d imagine, but maybe their could be some backstory of failing in some regard but the Inquisitor somehow moved her into their employ. This only name’s a few options, could even throw some employed rogue trader in their I guess. These character choices should have the greatest starting choices but are heavily locked where they are in play style, so say you picked stormtrooper, exceptional with combat but could almost never negotiate his way or barter well beyond intimidating and his gear is limited and certain to attract attention. Adapting will be an uphill battle and overcoming will be difficult without compromising.

    -Marine again, but initially known to be loyal. You’ll have an intial choice of chapter, something lore friendly but diverse enough. I’d love to offer the Wolves, but if it came down to it I’d stick the more generic first foundings. Issue with wolf is the wulfen part. I can’t claim well versed on how far they have to go to risk being wulfen or how capable they are mentally if they did become wulfen, but it essentially could deadlock space wolves into being loyal based unless their capacity for chaos is greater than renegade (random thought came to mind, maybe add an artifact or something of the sort, tucked away, secret, that essentially negates loss of mind/independent thought, essentially say you have a daemon sword and wielding it gives a rebuff that simulates it affecting your thoughts, say if you don’t kill once every day you will suffer a random minor wound or lose a mental stat of some sort, but this artifact counters it; with the wulfen bit, maybe this counters it and allows you to change and gain benefits of changing but retain control, issue being is it could be a big loss kinda, have to play with the idea). Perfect world and circumstance I’d make something work for it, but semi realistically wouldn’t force that. Each chapter would have its own flavour though, and would have unique traits with corruption much like their chaos counterparts. Say as a ironfist, you’ll have knowledge on how to maintain your bionics, and they’re of a higher quality and you’re able to use them more effectively, but say you turned to chaos, you could reforge, augment, bind your bionics in different ways to add new benefits or maybe with Nurgle they rust and turn to fleshy parodies of what they once were, etc. To account for the fact that other marines don’t have armour to start, I was musing with idea of it being an initiate, but hard to imagine for the circumstance and company, unless they were for some reason accompanying senior brothers. The other idea was this was after some action and the armour was severely damaged and it was being repaired elsewhere or possibly crushed along the way. I’d rather it have been elsewhere and being repaired but that part of the ship landed off somewhere else. This would allow for potential recovery and over time and effort the surviving mechanicus character could repair it. Preferably it’d be a younger marine, though by the time they’ve finished their initiation they’re rather formidable, but let’s say on the fresher side. It’d be preferable that they’re still open to learning stuff.
  5. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    To rehash, essentially the survivors start with benefits but are at a disadvantage on their recent expedition and the player should feel pressured into committing Heresy, but they do have a moral "right" to follow the Imperium and should have some benefit for their dedication, but it’s more of a righteous objective. Ideally their mission should revolve around the same objective that the native player would take up, to this end I’m leaning towards whatever they were transporting was an artifact or something of extreme power that could enable one to ascend possibly or at least rule the planet and beyond. I’ll come back to that, but you’ll have the option/choice to recover it and take it off planet eventually and in fact I’ve also thought of the idea of having the choice to stay, depending on corruption maybe or for the sake of continuing to play. Would be an interesting option, a loyal marine, slowly corrupted but not quite fully, secures the objective and gets them off world but opts to stay behind whether to continue his solitary crusade against the enemy or to seize power for himself, only he can tell, of course open to all characters, maybe. However I’d also want some way for others who secure it and leave to come back(though on second thought, maybe making it so all the...good endings end with the crew leaving and you staying behind works, but with variations, fake artifact, them leaving you for dead, refusing you, you refusing them, you bravely sacrificing yourself, different grades for different choices), maybe making it so they return for some people later who had to be left behind or something like that. All in all, a fun time. I’d like for an initial option when everyone crashes and comes to their stand off that you as the player can ignite things, so as a Chaos you could refuse to spare them and all chaotically aligned npcs will engage in a large fight and vice versa as a loyalist based character, which actually, with loyalists, make it so they have to be talked down more than likely...not like a severe check, it’s a starting choice, but make it feel like they’re barely tolerable.

    -Prisoner option, simply to fill in some other ideas and leave it open if there were mods or expansions and such. Idea is that initially it’s focused on imperial and chaos forces, certainly some xenos around, random Ork gladiators or captured anything, but let’s say somehow it was decided that Tau, Eldar, Orks, and so on where to be added as playable races, this would be the means and reason, but tricky. Much like the native choice but not quite, it’d initially fill in the imperial or other marine chapter/legion choices, and some others like the SoB or rogue trader, white shields/regular guard/arbites would be fun. The other thought is if it’s to be a specific chaos legion on the world, then this would allow for other legions while if it needed to be a specific retinue with the ship, this could add the marine to it. Ideally the prisoner would be freshly caught from the nearby conflict or simply brought in by other regular means and they ended up as the poor sap to be sacrificed. They may be the most neutral start in regards to faction/faith choices, obviously some will receive a bonus, but say you ended up as a trader, though the survivors want be hostile, they may not feel anything towards you either, likewise with chaos. Clearly though if you picked a guardsman, they’d be recognized as imperial but maybe not quite as trusted as a survivor. As to the xenos question, well much like the uneasy acceptance of the company where they crashed they may tolerate but they won’t hesitate to kill you if they can.

    This concludes my current thought on character races and a lot of initial choices you can make and the starting story kinda.
  6. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    Now to the fun part, equipment and character development. I’ve already brought up that’d I’d prefer two separate things with a use based skill tree and then some generic stats centred around what would be needed in the game, but not too large since there are skills as well. Essentially skills should act like you’re getting better and how your character interacts with things, whether in combat or out, while should be the growth of your character throughout their time. So (purely example based) let’s say you wanted to become a guardsman wielding a bolter, you’ll actually want to take strength and endurance maybe, and take the skill bolter proficiency on the ranged skill tree, which will be a level 50 choice. Let’s say though you’re more inclined to use a bow initially though, so instead you take dexterity and strength and you take the skill level 5 choice of bow proficiency. These skills should actually branch out more so, but not to the point of overwhelming. Overall though their should be about either 2 major archetypes in each skill set, but they have additions for different weapons and play styles. Following this example, let’s claim theirs firearm and...primitive...option, one side focus on the various guns you can find and the other covers bows, Spears, axes, daggers, nades, and so on. One should feel more accessible in this case though as guns should be in relatively short supply, not to include ammo. The other side feels more practical and available on the world but maybe not quite as potent in certain cases. At the end of the day though this example could be two trees.

    With all of this though I’d want to avoid to the obnoxious but believable nature of things breaking...but at the same time I’d prefer an element of it being in. Instead I’ve come to conclusion I’d rather take the enchantment charge idea in that some stronger weapons or such rely on being maintained kinda, but still are able to function. Say you’ve a power sword, works great and all, not wearing power armour though or have some sorta power pack, so it’s power field eventually dies on you, I’m not talking some limited time enchant honestly, but has x many charges, shouldn’t feel like it needs to be changed out every fight though. This means it’s merely loss it ability to cut through super heavy armour...and likely heavy armour, but let’s keep it simple. What you can do is recharge it, whether with some battery of lore, or take it some vendor and charge it to regain this bonus. The extension to this though is later you can different items enabling greater longevity of these weapons, say as a marine you eventually get a power armour, bam, power source. Now the tempting thing is you can attain special items, say some Nurgle power fist, field never goes bad and now you can do dot, cost of course being your soul maybe or the god rejecting you until you curry( favour. But it’d be nice if you could have weapon customization to a degree, say like fallout 4 or EC, and to continue, creation as well, more towards smithing(which on that note, I’d love to be able to add an element .... for some stuff. This is all stuff that would be acquirable by vendor or loot, but being able to pick and choose will take time, whether acquiring crafting materials and skill or finding the items you want on enemies or vendors. Towards the end if you follow a more chaotic route though, you should feel like a one of a kind champion, able to drown the world in Blood, whereas a loyalist you should feel more ragged and worn, albeit in the best not corrupted looking stuff you could get, but you’ll have established connections and be able to stand up to world and what it’ll throw at you. Ideally there’d be some master smith who can finish you power armour repairs beyond what was done or in the case of the human counterparts a carapace armour or something of the like (I’d prefer if there were maybe 5 choices in armour weight, with material playing a role in this as well, but no/low armour(robes and the like), light(leathers, mail, etc), medium (flak, scale, layered), heavy (partial ish plates, even more layers, carapace), and very heavy (talking full head to toe sorts stuff, power armours, stuff)). Essentially I find it weird when one person running around with a bare chest and heavily armored legs and arms but b/c he’s wearing heavy armour he’s perfectly resistant to damage (though I’ve also a thought on damage zone too), but what he’s wearing isn’t very light either, so having that medium armour zone helps with that. This as a tree idea though would just have three branches, one light, one medium, one heavy, but they’d blend into their surrounding one a little or go to the extreme, so you can’t initially start with robes and expect heavy armour to not affect you(I know dark angels, just hang on), but if you go medium you have a little flex. If you go heavy you’re more able to use very heavy. The idea with it being that heavy to light doesn’t work as well is you don’t have certain agility or whatever stuff developed as well, say dodging, sneaking or something. On this topic, desired armour zone currently are head, chest, arms, and legs, for gross armour points(with that, option for left and right choices)....problem I’m running into is thinking meshes and mix matching stuff. I’d prefer it be as neat as possible but allowing creative style if you really want to wear heavy legs and arms but be bare chested. So I keep considering doing head, chest, legs, feet, shoulder and arms, pretty straightforward still, but I couldn’t quite bring it to doing two sets for the limbs, though would be neat, is a bit much. Best choice would be having different loot styles that featured single arms or have a customization thing, but leaving as if it was both arms. This would just be the gross armour items, I’d like for the armour itself to be able to receive attachments and for other things like necklaces, rings, bands, cloaks, banners, etc. So let’s say you had some shoulder of epic proportions, big old thing, but now you can attach x6 horns or claws to it to change it to have them strung across it, and this would magically aid in your melee damage, or you could take x12 skulls and this would increase your resistances, but let’s say you started following Khorne or something and then you found these skulls, they’d have an increased change of being blood infused or something and when put on they’d give resistance and health. Now you put these Khorne skulls on all your major armour, you now gain a perk(more synergy, bonus set idea) where your melee attack grows more powerful as you continue attacking and resistance rises as you get lower and lower health but you no longer can recover health in combat. Pretty interesting trade off, but let’s say you can find a chain axe called blood gore and it has a lifesteal thing, this lets say bypasses that (wording needs to be worked on) so you can develop certain synergies. However a different option is that you took blood drenched blades or something on your armour pieces, this’ll grant you strong regeneration in combat and critical chance, but you’ll be less resistant. Idea for these two is the initial one is a berserker in that they get in there, they get hit, they hit back and they do it until everything is dead or they’re dead and retreating can kill you as youll lose your buff. The latter follows the more honourable, blood manipulating aspect in that they can maintain themselves by keeping their blood and all, but if you poison or burn them, they can’t hold up as well to that b/c they require focus. This can all be managed with armour choice, blessings, or mutations
  7. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    Mutations should play an interesting role in character equipment, and let’s say bionics are in this as well, all under the concept of alterations. These should provide strong effects but at the cost of flexibility, and different costs associated for each side of it. Let’s start with mutations, and how about a slicer, a bladed arm, let’s claim machete sized or so, make it so it has med/light armour values (negates 50% armour of equipped armour, as it has its own armour association, so character with no armour will initially have some armour, but a character with very heavy armour can’t max out the armour value, this is when I’m tempted for two sets of stuff). Then it acts as a weapon for that arm of course, can’t equip stuff in that obviously and now your limited in the two handed choice(I’d ideally have a way to redact mutations at a cost, and say with the sliver to fulfill your desire for the ultimate melee warrior, you have a perk somewhere or mutation that lets you wield a two handed in one hand, certain trade), but it adds to some stats and in of itself it’s a decent weapon. It’ll also have the potential to grow more powerful and this brings up another thought of certain weapons becoming more powerful specifically as you use them, this is b/c some weapons have daemons bound to them and I’d like to believe they get more powerful as they’re used in certain ways, mainly killing, but maybe particular enemies. In the case of mutations they’d become more impressive and mutate further, so killing enemies with strong attacks eventually mutates into a larger, more muscled look arm and now hits harder and can knock enemies back. Say you attacked enemies with heavier armour though, eventually it’d mutate into a scythed arm or something, with greater pen. But let’s say you started following Nurgle before your arm mutated, and now you went and bashed on heavy enemies, instead it turns into a hammer like bone, no not the malleus in your ear, or you did strong attacks, now it’s axe. I’d want the changes to be impressive and diverse, allowing you to feel like you’ve actually grown. After this let’s say there one or two more grades, either splitting off or advancing. Let’s say you make it to the end with a slicer following tzeentch, and by this point it’s a talon, claw looking thing and it now means you can cast certain sorcereries w/out the risk of backfiring or something. These end ones should be difficult, so let’s say to achieve this you had to ouwit/fight a changer of ways, and another one you had to endure a hundred hits by a keeper, blah blah blah. As to mutations though I’d want as many as possible, even if some are ultimately similar in aesthetic or function, but be able to make them diverse but costly if not what you wanted or are able to effectively use. Claw feet, multiple eyes, any number arm variations, bone/muscle growth/armour, god specific things, pustules, glitter skin, etc. To cover though, mutations should be acquired by a few options, asking for it, general corruption or by heavy warp exposure (certain places or times have heavy warp taint, which can result in mutation even if corruption is low).

    Onto bionics for now, so there can be 2 general bionics states, corrupt and not. On top of this there are the more active ones and less so. We'll take a passive hand bionic, that’s clean; it increase your strength, which in turn increases unarmed as well, increases your resistance by the previously noted 50% potential, maybe adds something else, but also has the benefit of allowing armour over it. The downside in this case is electrical damage can affect it, reduce your strength and dexterity by x amount and it can be affected by certain rust related things. Eventually you can find a smithy or something where someone can upgrade it to a heavy armature allowing greater strength and armour or they can instead upgrade it to have a coating that negates/reduces electrical impact, and I’d like the option to find some sanctified stuff and with this case it’d make it so it could no longer be affected by negative daemonic effects(let’s pretend their were hexagramic wards somewhere on the ship or planet that you can eventually recover and use to imbue your gear with more potent stats of some sorts). However with the addition of this heavier armour, you can no longer wear armour over this arm. Let’s now take a corrupt hand bionic, which can be achieved by exposure, corrupt construction (visiting a vendor and getting it from them), or imbuing it. With exposure, it’s similar to imbuing, but not necessarily purposeful. So you punch and fight generic cultists all day, no problem, but now you’re fighting in some slaaneshi pool area and wading through it exposes you to its influence until you’ve got a glitter hand (not including the rest of you) another example would be fighting in plagued areas or blood rivers. Corrupt construction can be done from...installation or by upgrading it with corrupt parts/with corrupt upgrades, so take that bloody metal, yep. Imbuing is different from exposure in that you go to some priest or shrine or interact with something and intentionally try to corrupt it. Interesting idea would be being able to bind, say a horror to your hand, now you can shoot fireballs from it or something. To now cover active bionics, like a digi weapon, let’s go eye based. In this case it’d be on top of the optic, so the optic would be affecting perception of something of the sort but when you use the laser thing it does a chunk of true damage or something but shortly leaves you without you perception bonus. Some of these I’d not know if they’re recharge based or if they are sustainable through your bio electricity so that’d be a talk with GW. As to general list of things, arms, legs, organs, eyes, miu weapons, other tech interface items, etc. (I’d like it be diverse enough you could actually have a tech priest/cog builds and counter into a heretik, whether chaotically or not, which ties into the idea it’d be neat to able do smithing and altering gear on your own)
  8. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    Weapon wise I’d want anything from clubs, picks, axes, swords, maces, scythes, knives, fist stuff, spears, and of course larger two handed versions, but also throwing versions of these items. Projectiles, well, nigh the same thoughts, (cross)bows, some aforementioned items, auto, las, bolt, plasma, flame, grav, melta, nades in all their forms. There’d also be variations of these, limited but strong, as a general rifle vs an autocannon. I guess id kinda want to feel avoid being Titus going through these habs and manufactorums but then stumble across some random shrines with weapons, but certain things could be found by looting, buying, and tucked away areas with fun stuff. With looting I’d want it so weapons can either be fully recovered, partially or not at all, based on the quality and complexity of it. So basic cleaver, pretty even chance to recover, damage or "break" it, then someone has a auto pistol, relatively solid, but may have a better chance at being damaged rather than intact. Now you face an enemy with a bronze, taloned power fist, these weapons should regularly drop, so not likely to ever be broken, but greater chance for damaged. Repairing should be pretty easy, whether taking it to a vendor or by making use of the requisite tree...maybe bolstered if it’s a weapon from a tree you use regularly, so a gunner should be able to figure a gun out a bit better, but still mainly focused on tech or whatever. In essence, rare valuable weapons shouldn’t just poof and they’re nowhere to be found just b/c you’re level 3 and a level 60 guy died(well on that, it’d be kinda neat and funny if depending on the level of their enemy, certain items are taken from them, but that’s more bound by game limits of tracking stuff like that).

    This is me returning after a year long intermission, so if I counter previous ideas or statements, sorry.

    I’ll start off with stats here I guess. Preferably there’d be grouped stats, skills, and...growth? I reckon ideally for me I’d take both Skyrim and fallout together. So you have a level, it goes up by doing things in general, and let’s say every level you gain one stat point, which is used to adjust all the random overall stats. These are the ones affected by complex gear and mutations, not to say gear can’t affect skills. Now skills are grown by use and every level up you don’t get a skill point, instead every time you level up the skill it gets a point, actually, recently I guess Kingdom Come kinda does this. If I recall, previously I noted skills would be kinda two pronged... this is to avoid it becoming overly bloated hopefully, I mean it won’t be a one to one, let’s say ranged again, hmm, so some skills will translate across, so maybe initially you build up the "primitive" simple weapon wide and some of those reduce weapon sway, that would go over from say a bow to an autogun, however if there was a corresponding staff that does that for the autogun too, then on the backend either the effect would be diminished or the benefits of taking those skills would be as pronounced so they could stack reasonably. However the other thing to consider is that maybe one of the stats affects that as well every level up. I guess it’d make sense you could eventually have little to no issue wielding certain weapons if as a normal human you’d eventually be on par and superior to marines. That brings up another issue, so different "races" different trees? I suspect there should be mild changes, but I’m not talking 16 different trees, so normal human has differences from astartes, and say Eldar make it in, they’d have a different one, but overall humans as a general would share one. Maybe for the different starts they have different starting and ending skills, so maybe the mutant start has melee skills that are different or stronger and they change with god choice whereas a survivor would have to earn that particular bonus by doing something. So with that note, they’d still be called skills but to distinguish them, the things you "earn" but can’t choose on the tree will be called perks, in a manner of speaking, so take the prior note of melee change for mutants, let’s say it increases attack speed by 4% and and take 3% less melee damage, whereas with the regular human they’d have a 3% deflect. To balance it out kinda, if you’re the mutant, you can upgrade it the 3, 5 times, but with the the deflect bonus that a human can upgrade x many times, the mutant can only get once. These shouldn’t require intermingling with forces that you don’t have to, so a fully dedicated chaos warrior doesn’t have to go visit imperials to acquire that, some are done by achieving something, others by "acquiring" it from others. I’d prefer there not be a cap on stuff though, since it’s due to be a solo experience, but maybe a soft cap, so after, oh, say attack speed increase of 50%, say every bonus diminishes by 40%. The other idea is that certain stats like that would be more or less effective based on item/equipment, which would be a nice tie in with the aforementioned armour affecting "surrounding" armour grades, so say you’ve a heavy armour perk, increases damage mitigation by 20% for both heavy armour and very heavy, but with medium it only increases it by 10%, but say you take medium, it’ll increase medium by the 20% and light and heavy by only the 10%, idea being that since very light and very heavy don’t have branches of their own, the next closest should benefit them, however this could changed if it was decided that they should have their own skills.

    I’m going to jump back as I should clarify stat idea/choices. Envisioning it as there are grouped stats, stats that are measuring similar things or ideas, which is to help guide overall choice, but they can all benefit and it doesn’t stop you from picking whatever you want, so you can be a marine sorcerer, adept in using daggers and pistols and so strong that you can punch even other marines back 3 meters, part of that your psychic focus, the other part your physical these wheels though would have stacking benefits for increasing more of that particular grouping, or maybe certain skills or perks would require a specific set of stats or certain synergy levels, and ideally morality/sanity/corruption would be measured here and have various effects, though they couldn’t be selectable as stats, but may affect certain skill availability. To give some examples, strength, agility, dexterity, representing your physical capabilities with items and weapons, the next group being vigor, vitality, and endurance, to distinguish, though the names could be of course changed, vitality is essentially your healthy stat, increased health, health regen, stamina regen, and endurance would be a measure of your total stamina and certain resistances, vigor would be a measure of how well you or strongly you do certain things, like sprinting or dodging, blocking, it essentially is the magnitude of your physical actions. The next group would be Intellect, wisdom, and spirit. They operate similarly to the previous group but focused on the mind/mental capabilities, so certain technical abilities would be tied to them to, say the efficiency for power weapons and their energy drain could be adjusted by intellect, while being able to banish a daemon may require wisdom, and to resist sleep requires spirit. Ideally these would dramatically change depending on the path you take, so if you stay "pure" and you get spirit up to 15, then you actually get a resistance to corruption or a way to "recover" from corruption buildup. Maybe with intellect going up all the way you can actually construct your own bionics and such, and with wisdom, let’s say on the chaos path it allows you to actually beguile certain daemons into pacts with you and the negative effects are lessened if there are any w/ that pact. So personally it’d be neat to build, intellect and wisdom, as ideally these together would eventually grant you the ability to Smith certain weapons, so say with the wisdom at x amount, you can start making pacts with daemons, but now with your intellect at x, you can craft a thunder hammer, and since you’ve met both of these and gone on a particular mission or something to attain some items and access to the proper facilities and tools, you can bind the daemon willingly or not, with maybe there being a failure chance, which will result in either the daemon breaking free and trying one last time to kill you or simply being banished back to the warp. Personally it’d be ideal that not all progress is lost, but just set back, be a funny random chance that instead of those two results, make it so the weapon, in a bitter attempt to deny you, warps away to a different place and you then have a little quest to track it down and do some ritual to bind it. Then with holier weapons, again, assuming theirs a ship crash and it follows the idea of an inquisitorial vessel, I’m sure there are some blessed metals and otherwise that can be achieved. The issue I run into is I don’t know if I’d prefer or not that you can stronger weapons than what can be found, as in there are legendary like weapons, but does that mean you can craft weapons that compare... I’d like to say yes, but general populace may say otherwise. My idea with that is let it be so that you can, in fact, make it so you can "reforge" legendaries, with the case of legendary daemon bound weapons, which I’d think there’d be more of, make it so the daemon can be transferred to a different weapon form (which I also was thinking, in line with some daemon weapons, some that you find a bit more readily would actually shift to suit you as a wielded, as in, if you had more points invested in two handed, it starts out as a scythe, in one handed, it’s a saber, but say you stop using it and start using a common axe b/c you prefer its stats and such, after a period of time the weapon shifts to an axe, whether you notice it or not. Now, preferably in this case it’d not switch over to now after you picked it up as a saber, it could only switch from being one handed in design, just varied in general form.
  9. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    To elaborate on the stats, so these follow the idea of your persons limits/capabilities, their strength, intellect, dexterity, and so on. I’d actually prefer it by dynamic but mostly straightforward, though it’s a thought to make certain skills based off of stats too, so say there’s a two handed melee skill that increases critical chance, alright, fun, never hurt you to do bonus damage, but say you upgraded perception rather than strength, this skill has a sub-note that as your perception rises you’ve an increased chance to cripple your enemy, idea being you may not hit hard but you’ve learned to spot the weakness in your enemies form to reduce their effectiveness. Now say you upgrade dexterity, and in conjunction with the perception requisite, you now have a chance to disarm your opponent, and I don’t mean just the arm. But you take wisdom, instead when you hit the enemy, you reduce their melee damage. Ideally these differences would vary from weapon to weapon, much like the previously noted idea with stats, as these would be stats under certain skills and so on. Say the two handed perk is called executioner and it changes from weapon to weapon, so hit an opponent, so with a hammer, you instead knockback and stun, with an axe or scythe you do a cleave attack and cause bleeding, with a sword you do a radial attack only. So so stat points and upgrades affecting your baseline character and adjust what skills affect. Skills are grosser adjustments, but more affect how you interact with the world, as in they affect your ability to fight or if you were able to get a crafting skill, for example once your intellect was high enough, on some sorta crafting tree you can start crafting certain items, but it may require that skill branch be upgraded, so say you didn’t have any weapon branches upgraded, miraculously, but your tech tree was fully upgrade (I mean tech as in crafting) then you can as a standard craft certain tools and augments and such, but then you upgrade ranged weapons and you’ve bolters and likewise upgraded and unlocked (in this case, you’re a space marine, so you innately have one level in bolter, but once you fully upgrade it, you can unlock certain attachments and adjustments along the way) so you can now craft your own knockoff hellfire rounds, or at least pretty close, attach a thermo scope, it has a drum mag, a chain... bayonet, and because your wisdom is at a certain level and you did a bunch of fun stuff, you bound a horror to the bolter too, and it spits flames every shot which damages enemies in front of the bolter.

    Inevitably, you should be able to fight greater daemons and maybe even some daemon princes. In this case, though it’d be ideal that you have to do something that makes them a bit more vulnerable or you more resistant to something they do, idea being that for some players, maybe they’re not built to be Kharn and b/c of that they have to make use of a medical stimulant injection that will resuscitate them after an initial attack (ideally this is thematic/story driven and not a repeat move/ability, but the only way to combat the daemon is after they do this attack. So, storied example, by this point you’ve beat the main story, you were a survivor, interrogator, psychic build, took to chaos kinda, stayed unmutated, but fell to slaanesh and you found out about a changer of ways that had manipulated the events that brought you to the planet and decided to have a word with him, which you did, but after talking or somewhere along the way you decide/initiate a battle, and it’s first action is to grab you and gaze at you, now let’s say in this case the character isn’t resistant to warp powers, maybe mental effects, but not "physical" per se, effects and it literally sears a hole through your chest and now you’ve died... but during your random adventures around and a friendly or acquired suggestion of how to defeat the changer you picked up this strange drug rack. This particular item requires you kill humans and harvest their biomaterial and collect blood from plague daemons and then it acquires a charge over time that can slowly heal you from critical health or revive you by expending all of the charge, and with this it injects you and the....paste collects in the hole in your body and fills in the gaps, corrupting you, maybe changing you, and so on. Now take the same initial character, but instead you decided to follow Khorne, an uphill battle, but to cement the deal you were eventually bound by a collar of Khorne negating the benefit of your powers but allowing you to serve Khorne fully, and you mutated yourself, acquired armour and so on, look like a blend between a berserker and death korp of krieg, and you go on the same quest and argue or otherwise and he engages you the same way, but when he tries to blast you, the collar negates the effects of at least severely reduces it, yay, but say in both of these cases you were level 40, had good build, just not maxed and you take the first slaaenshi guy and he heavily invested in his vigor, endurance, intellect, wisdom and so on, and these had certain upgrade that made him more resistant, then when the changer try’s to blast you, you take the damage but it doesn’t kill you because you’re just so damned tough. Ideally this will make it so those who sincerely want to be berserkers without armour or certain boons can be, but just takes a bit more time ... and I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea. Personally I’d like it so there are quite a few of these big bosses and around and then hordes of enemies to fight too just to get the grand feeling of slaughtering hundreds. An idea that was brought up was having a “multiplayer” segment, as in having a colosseum where you can do a last stand kinda game against masses of enemies, preferably for unique loot I’d think, cosmetic or otherwise. Ideally it be limited to the three or four players, preferably the waves would be mostly set, minor changes but there’d be a marked difference later that requires either guile or strength. I’ll get to that in it’s own tidbit. Personally I’d prefer that you feel stronger as you overall develop your character, and there’d be a way to do a new game, which could add some different elements but keep most of it the same. It’d be kinda funny that the New Game mechanic was done by a group of daemons or of the like sending you back in time but failing someway so it so it sends you back to your beginning, but by that point it’d be a different story entirely, which I guess most NG featuring games haven’t accounted for as much. Some it gives you little things that are new, but imagine being the interrogator and going back in time and b/c magic and sci fi you essentially replace your past self, which alarms everyone b/c in this case you followed burgle and did some surgeries to be a Chaos marine. Ideally whatever transition would strip you of your status as a daemon prince if you ascended, thing is I can’t think of a similar setback for purists...hmm, I mean losing just your armour, well, if things worked out storywise as I wanted for purists, you would get the benefit of some neat armour, weapons and squad mates(another thing to touch on). Well, what if for the daemon prince aspect, to make it believable, what if they essentially did some ritual to try to siphon your powers and you mildly interrupt it but not before you "revert"/phase to your mortal form (playing around with the idea that you can shift between the two as you please in ng+ after reacquiring your power) and then you go try to get the artifact or whatever to get your power back and during the ensuing struggle you manage to kinda get ahold of it but right when they complete the ritual to send you into the warp, just not in the way they thought. It’d be neat if the ritual had actually been orchestrated by the Changer of Ways who had been kinda guiding you throughout the story, personally I want this to be the narrator, so it could be some scheme to bring himself back, it just went awry or it was intended that you go back and maybe do something different.
  10. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    For now I’ll be referring to this random item as the artifact, to give it a generic name worthy of the power source from Space Marine. I’m doing this in retrospect, by the by, but it would be good to clarify it’s part in all of this, initially sent back in time and found and so on, it ends up in the position of super inquisitor who is driven or possessed by a changer of ways who covets the power and all that and directs the ship to himself or physical self, whatever and leads to events unfolding. Is it necessary, hardly, but thinking of end game longevity, it’s fun, I kinda want it to be a blend of Witcher 3 ng and I Dark Souls, where with the Witcher, you can do ng for fun or make it harder, without working from scratch, sometimes it’s nice to use what you worked for against enemies you may not run into normally later on. The Dark Souls bit I mention is that some things get added and it’s just my opinion but you have to play through at least twice to get the most of the game and it’s bosses, items and story. It’d be nice though if was a bit dynamic in that though, different enemies, the changes to the start, and so on... I guess I’m trying to compare it more like Dragon's Dogma, which is a good game by the way.

    To go into bigger story idea, currently going back and forth on some ideas, but to start, the planet in and of itself is set as a daemon world, maybe towards the periphery of chaos dominated space, but hasn’t seen direct imperial forces for a time. Ideally it’d be one that being contested for by the varied forces of chaos, featuring marines but not them as the preeminent force, with them at the point where either the main power base is able to be toppled or has just been. This is to open the path for true chaos rather than just the standard stirring of the pot that is experienced with chaos forces on the regular. Unsure if this should be before or after the destruction of Cadia, could be fun and good writing to have it be set after the indomitus crusade, and during a later one where they’re striking back at chaos territory, would be funny as GW has been fond of community involvement, take note of how many people side with chaos vs imperial and where they steer the planet whether unifying it, destroying it on their own, destroying it with imperial forces, choices eh? As to the planet itself, prefer the equator area being largely scoured clean of foliage, not just an open field though, home to minor "lords", mining, random fauna, less aligned/thematic, and due to the events of the vessel crashing a bunch of debris. So with that, it’d be nice if the vessel was a large one, say the idea of subnautica and it’s ship, it should feel large, and you’ll find it in pieces, the part that you’re in either being a vessel that was supposed to deploy but got caught up in the situation or it’s a part of the ship that survived. Story bits, the surviving folks would hopefully be made of 2 inquisitors/interrogators (leaving you to be either the third or otherwise) with one being of Puritan teaching the other radical, you being in the air. The leader of the ship would be a inquisitor(lord?) who orchestrated the ship and forces for some purpose, preferably not on the planet, but turns out he’d been possessed or led to do this whole situation (I’m intending that you have some person who you save, say a missionary, from the prisoner group and he plays the part of insightful (old, young, he funny to be young) man who narrates and directs initial movement, and in fact he is a changer of ways oh no, surprise, that never happens in Warhammer game)

    Jumping around is fun and to now talk about post game stuff. To rehash, you’ve been steered around this planet initially by changer of ways missionary and whatever was on the ship locked away or whatever was the ultimate goal and required something on the planet and so on and you were the most amusing or likely instrument and by the end of the story you’ve either claimed it, used it, destroyed it, and this leads you into conflict with him which brings up the the idea of fighting him. During this fight if you were a daemon prince your power would be siphoned, stripped, suppressed, whatever if loyal, I guess your fancy squadmates would be killed or otherwise, not sure if I’d strip the other gear you acquired, would need to determine the gear strength and all that (storage by the way is done through either/or these warp vaults per se, one held by the inquisitor and the other some random chaos area, idea being they’re not affected by the ng+ transition) I don’t know if I’d want him to be the last big enemy you can face or the initial, but at the end of his story, whether by his action or his followers in some elaborate scheme, even though you defeated/destroyed him, he had a contingency and you essentially get thrown into the warp and end up in the past on the ship before the crash, and it’d be neat if you could do certain things to adjust the outcome, this would ideally affect the perception of the survivors even if your dressed in chaotic armour and such, if you’re trying to go for the whole I’m edgy like cypher feel. I don’t know if I want your start to determine whether you end up on the ship or not, take one of the sacrifices, it’d be a bit less climatic to show up on the ground and just stare at the train of folks and decide hey, I’m going to kill you all. Which to resolve a note, it’d be preferable that your prior self dies or kinda just vanishes, I’m not sure about causality and time and all that for GW, but it’d be kinda funny if you have your model die in some weird way and you can find them. Oh, it’d actually be rather poetic if it’s your arrival that is the final thing that causes the ship to crash, assuming we go the route of all ng stuff transitions you to the ship...hmm, maybe take back the reason for being near the planet, initially preferred the idea of it being intended accident, which still leaning towards, but maybe make it so they were going for the planet but how they ended up crashing or what they were expecting an accident. The initial time, unknown to you, the driving purpose was the Relic, it was sent to the past and so on, but this time you end up in the past (huh, another thought, what if use the Titus shard idea XD, jokes aside, I mean that as somehow you end up with the artifact intrinsically tied to you, something that could explain your growth, ascension and so on....may have to contact Relic and ask what it was supposed to be... spiritual cousin of Space Marine anyone? Titus show up at the end either kills you or helps you, that’d be funny and a no way moment). With this happening you’d not have to do the rediscovery of the artifact but maybe would have to do some other activation of it.

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