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Basic Questions to Loadouts and stuff

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Skyecaptain, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to Eternal Crusade and cant finde a proper manuel. So I post my basic questions here.
    By the way, currently I am playing Space Mariens.

    1) Is there a possibility to change loadouts during a figt (next to dieing)? Was stuck with a laser cannon and for going into the point i liked to switch to bolter.
    2) I have created some own loadouts to experiment with weapons. However, during a PvP Encounter, it looks like I have only a couple of loadouts availabe (6?). Is this correct? How do i define, which load outs will be with me in the fight?
    3) Is there a way to reduce mouse sensitivity in game? Ist much so touchy right now.

    Last questions: Based on daily performance the game is great, or its laggy like hell (more like a not released alpha). Is this normal? The problem is not my internet connection and also not my system. At least I have no problems on other games (planetside2, overwatch, ...)

    Thanks, and my the Emperor be with you!
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  2. Still no answer to points 1-3.
    But regarding laggs, I switched the prefered server from Frankfurt to Virginia.
    No lacks, even so Frankfurt is onl 200 km away and Virginia 6700 km.
  3. Unfortunately you can't change your loadout unless you die or redeploy (suicide). When you die, just click change loadout to swap your gear for a preset.

    As for changing loadout selections, prior to your first deployment in every battle there will be a load screen that allows you to select your initial loadout. You will notice that at the bottom there are two buttons, Deploy and Swap. If you hit Deploy you will deploy with those 6 selected loadouts and your Vet or elite loadout if you have one. If you hit Swap, which ever loadout you currently have selected will be swapped out for your choice of another custom loadout you've made.

    As for your mouse...I have a gaming mouse that allows me to adjust the sensitivity with a button on the actual I'll be of no help there.

    Lag I've found is very dependent. I have a decent rig and good connection speeds but sometimes in massive battles I lag and get killed because of it. Other times in the exact same scenarios I don't. I suppose it's being worked on but I have no answers!

    Also...welcome to the Imperium brother. It's an honor to kill with you.
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    3) Probably the 'look sensitivity' (strange terminology) under settings in the loadout screen (or the game menu)

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