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Bare Bones Basics.

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by bossjesse, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. alright, so you just started playing EC, and more surprisingly, found your way to this forum purposely to find out what the hell you should do, you are already head-and-shoulders above most players.

    now, my name is unimportent, but you may refer to me as Deff Boy, I am a Nob(officer) within the ork guild DLB, a guild name which probably means nothing to you as a new player BUT MOVING ON. I have over 982 hours put into this game, and have made a habit of trying out most new gear extensively, having hit rank 6 a year or two ago.

    suffice to say i like to think i know what i am talking about.

    but if any other people who think they know what the hell they are doing wants to add to this, be my guest. now, i am basically covering the basics here, so please if you want advanced tactics look elsewhere.

    1: Squads (A):

    so you clicked battle now, magical. now you join a game, when you join a game, you will find a minimap on the top left of your screen, this is important later. What is important NOW is the name list under it, you will see the squad names, which follow the standard militant conventions of alpha, bravo, charlie and so on. Now the game will likely lump you in with 4 other gits, so first thing you should do is click change squad, do this by pressing escape, then change squad. this will bring up a list of squads in-game, join the one with the most players in it, why?


    squads all use the same transport vehicle, you cant spawn from another one, the APC your squad uses takes away from a global "pool" of vehicles you can have at any given time, these vehicle "spawns" recharge over time, but if you lose too many too quickly, your shit out of luck pulling a new one, as you have to wait for another to be available. having a squad that is max'd out at ten is far preferable to say, two squads of 4 and one of 2. because all these squads will pull their own transport vehicle from the pool, meaning 3 APC's used instead of just one, meaning only two people use a transport, while two other transports only have 4 people each, meaning they can be easilly overwhelmed and destroyed by the enemy, leaving you with no transports.

    instead, if you have a squad of ten, you can use just ONE transport, and have a full team spawning from said apc, making it harder to repel you and destroy the vehicle AND IF IT DIES ANYWAY... you can afford to pull another, as you'll have only used one, not three.
  2. Squads (B):

    the next thing to consider with squads, if you are at the top of the list, and have a fancy star looking thing next to your name, that means you are the SQUAD LEADER, dont let it go to your head,it basically means you shepherd cats and give the ungrateful buggers extra XP.

    HOW, you ask?

    you may know that you can mark enemies by looking at them and tapping Q, this marks them on the minimap for anyone nearby on your side and puts a big noticeable red cross hair over their head.
    (this also gives you a 30xp pat on the bum if someone kills the guy you spotted.)

    you can also HOLD Q to mark a location on the map briefly in a PING, a PING is used by squad members, and is only VISIBLE to members of your squad, bear that in mind when in a match with more then one squad.

    if you are a SQUAD LEADER on the other hand, a ping is a permanent mark on the map for our squad, usefull for giving locations of enemy vehicles and ally's of approach you want your boys to go, more importantly, is the xp boost.
    now, i hit rank 6 AGES ago, so i have no use for it, but if you find yourself as a squad lead, mark the point your squad is fighting for the hardest, and they will have an incredible bonus to there xp gains as they fight. it also rewards you HEAVILY with xp, depending on how much of your squad is there.
  3. 2: transport's

    now, I have covered APC's, or transports, briefly, but it cannot be understated how important these hunks of junk are, they are in some maps the ONLY way to approach a map or point in any appreciable amount of time, the enemy knows this, and will kill it, unless you: one, keep the damn thing moving, its alot harder to lay explosives on a moving transport, or hit it with some of the more inaccurate AV (anti-vehicle) weapons. Two, if you cant drive DONT DRIVE leave it to someone who knows what they are doing until you get your practice in within the garrison. if you absolutely MUST park an apc, guard it, or someone with a close combat av weapon or bomb WILL take it out from under you.

    if you end up in the gunners seat of an apc, dont "happy fire" when their are no enemies present, this lights up the transport on the map for the enemy team to see, and gives them warning to set traps in the direction your transport is moving.(orks are infamous for this, and sometimes have been known to purposefully do this as a misdirection tactic)

    now, it is worth saying that you CAN control which direction you come out of an apc in, if you just press e it is random, you may just spawn ahead of an apc WHILE its driving forward, hilarious when you get your ass run over, but a waste. simply hold W and look in the direction you wish to get out, then while holding W, press E.
  4. 3: weakpoints

    now, you start with a shiny lascannon variant, but it takes FOREVER to kill a vehicle, right? right, becuase you didint know that vehicles have weakpoints in their armor. ALL vehicles, regardless of racial affinity, have weak spots on their rear-armor facing, enabling you to kill them faster, this is usefull for MBT's (main battle tanks) as they can come up behind another mbt, and if they both begin shooting at each other at the same time, the mbt with rear facing the enemy WILL lose.

    their are however, multiple extra weakpoints, such as the side sponsoons for SM predators or the glass pilot canopy for wave serpents and falcons. these also count as "rear armor" so alwase aim for these locations, shooting a tank in the front is generally only a good way to piss it off, which has its uses, but not for killing the actual tank.
  5. 4: chockpoints and you

    if you are travelling in a BLOB (the most common tactic among most non-guild groups, basically a fighting mob)
    you will sometimes be unable to take a building, simply becuase the enemy has your squad trapped in a "fatal funnel" otherwise known as a choke point, the best way to counter this is by spreading out the directions you enter the building from, maximize the area the enemy has to pay attention to, and they will cock-up there defense eventually.

    5: points and wich ones you want

    points, people scream about them all the time, what are they? and why does standing by them not activate them?
    points or control points, are terminals scattered across the map you need to attack or defend to achieve victory, usually in most games there will be 3 points in all, denoted by the A B and C at the top of your screen, keep an eye on those letters, as when a point is being captured, by you or the enemy, a red (enemy) or yellow (yours) bar will start encircling the letter, denoting how long it takes to capture the point.

    you may interrupt a point that the enemy are capturing as any class, by going up to the point terminal and holding E.

    Capturing a point is only done with certain "capping classes" usually tactical's or in some cases ground assaults.
    you do this by, once again, holding E untill the cap timer begins.

    you may notice a little white clock attached to points at the beginning of a game, each game has a timer denoting how long the defenders have to defend their points, if the attackers cap one despite the defenders, the game time is lengthened, usually by about 5 minutes, this gives the attackers more time to fill the INFLUENCE BAR located next to the point letters at the top of your screen, once a point is capped, it loses the white clock marker, so as a rule of thumb alwase defend or attack points with "time" on them.

    a standard skirmish game is won or lost with the filling (or not) of the influence bar, each point capped by attackers increases the speed the influence bar fills, as a defender, you want that bar as un-filled as possible.

    it takes an average of ten minutes with two points capped to fill an influence bar, 5 if the attackers cap and hold all three points at once, bear in mind even starting a cap as a defender on a point captured by the attackers will take away that points influence bonus until or unless the attackers stop it, so "ghost caps" ( people who sneak into points solo and cap points constantly) are a real threat to attackers.
  6. 6: fortresses

    so you find yourself attacking a huge fort and your getting blasted, luckily there are a myriad of ways to bleed the defenders dry,

    fortresses are based off the premise that while the attackers have limitless lives, defenders do not, having a certain amount of spawns available for each point, losing them as players are killed and respawn, the attackers must either kill the enemy entirely(most fortresses have about 240 spawns), or cap B point to be victorious .

    one thing to remember is that while you need to destroy the gates, try to only destroy one, as this enables you to take the walls by force by entering the inside of the fort with transports and take the elevators up to the curtain wall, the defenders, having limited lives, will be forced to defend the battlements where they are much more exposed then inside the citadel, losing alot more lives then if you destroyed both gates, as the lives attached to the gates will move to the citadel, (B) where they are much harder to root out.

    as a defender, as with any map, controlling the flow of vehicles is a must, kill as many apc's as possible and if the enemy manages to brake a gate, plug the hole with tanks you are able to usually spawn from
    A. if the gates fall and the enemy begin to swarm through the hole unchallenged and get infantry up on the battlements, hold A to the seclusion of all else, dont spawn on the walls if a single gate is still alive, its a camp farm for the enemy at that point.
  7. 6: communication

    this is a very important subject to cover, if you dont talk to your team , you are not a team, your a bunch of individuals with a limited view of the battlefield. You talk by holding the Z key, and speak into your mic. If you start a game, and no one is talking , start talking, give orders, and you will find the teams efficiency rises exponentially, even without orders, just pointing out enemy assets, like transports and blobs of enemy infantry, can save a game.

    7: directions

    never say"the enemy is here!" no ones knows where you are, simply look at the points on your map, bring up the map with the M key, now use the basic cardinal directions eg: south north east and west. using the nearest point as a reference. so "there's a rhino to my right!" becomes "there's a rhino NORTH of B point!"

    it is much more clear and effective for rapid response.
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    Thank you good Sir! Thank you very much for this!
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  9. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    I have a couple things to add here. Every single fortress map has one or more secret entrances, pathways, and tunnels you can use to circumvent the walls. If you can manage to sneak a few guys past the wall and into A, then do it. Starting the capture will likely draw the majority of defending forces off the wall, which can give you a chance to blow up the quadcannons on the walls with the Ordinance vehicle.

    The second tip is that on maps where there are two large gates, you do not have to destroy them completely until after you have taken the battlements. When the large gates take enough damage, there will be one or two holes in it that infantry can walk through. Damage both gates until the hole appears, and send in the infantry to assault the walls. This will tie up the defenders on the walls and either A) force them off the walls and to the point or B) Keep them stuck on the wall, where a few persistent teammates can keep them engaged and distract them from defending Point A. The fewer people they have on the point at once, the easier it will be to assault it, since once the capture is started, the defenders are forced to spawn outside the building.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you cap Point A without blowing the gates, I'm pretty sure the spawn tickets there are simply lost, rather than transferred to Point B.
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