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Attention in the field: PvE nights forming!

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Jan 22, 2018.

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    True to our Deathwatch theme, Watch Company Absolution will be running PvE Kill-Teams tonight (22 January) around 6pm ET. Depending on how successful we are, we plan to widen it out and run weekly Kill-Teams every Tuesday. Its an event we're calling 'Tyranid Tuesdays' (Original, I know; our originality knows no bounds.)

    We're gonna try to get at least one team running for each faction, and do our best to get PvE veterans running each kill-team.​
  2. Missed it...
    Again next week but a bit earlier so that it's good for both Europe and America?
  3. I'll check with @Talron, because he usually starts the train running long before that 6pm time. I think a bunch of us were PvE'd out having played PvE all night Monday. This coming Tuesday we'll have a much bigger following. Last Monday we had 5 LSM Kill-Teams running. It was crazy.
  4. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Hell yeah! I'll try my best to get the train runnin early again but I wont be able to play As long as last time. However there will be a few people here to help keep it running after I leave
  5. As a heads up, WCA and our factional offshoots ACW, CWL, and WKA will be in the field this Tuesday (1/30) to try to choke out the servers again. Last Monday we had FIVE PvE groups running, and that was just WCA trying to see if the game could handle it!

    Mysteries lie in wait in Adeptus Mechanus facilities on the continent of Levkin. Why are they there? Why would Tyranid xenoforms take up residence in an AdMech facility?

    You won't know until you go look...​


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