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Astartes Stories

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Jeddah, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hello battle brothers ...

    It's been a while since I'm thinking about the story that my char will have for this game. Has any of you thought about the story your chars is going to have ,if any??.

    I ,for my part will base my character biography in Swallows novels storyline ,so it wont be a baalite Blood Angel ,but rather a cretacian aspirant doned by the Flesh Tearers Chapter. Details are yet to be analyzed ,but one thing is for certain; It will have that lovely mood Flesh Tearers are known to have hahaha.

    So ,what about you ppl??.
  2. "We need you to go here and kill stuff, Brother."

    "Yes, sir!"
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  3. You all know my story
  4. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

  5. Be gone heretic!!. You will burn soon enough!!
  6. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    PJ? I only know of two: pararescue and pajamas.

    Going to be a Blood Angel that is a Battle Brother for the great and powerful Vigilia Mortis.
  7. JudgeDeath JudgeDeath Well-Known Member

    Usually stories about BJs start with a boy and a girl.
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  8. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    wth pj means.
  9. Sry ,Its an expression of my country ,my bad. PJ refers to your character ingame.
  10. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    Now that the keyword is translated, your op is in a whole different light. :)

    Now to answer that question. Most likely I will have a backstory for my Chars based on the things I like. Realism (if we can talk about realism in this case, basicly no Mary Sue storyies like he alone killed a whole enemy clan and then picked because that was his right after that feat), a pinch of awesomeness so it wont be totally grey, and a few piece of badassery so it will be appealing enough when it comes to my mind. Oh and... some drama, to raise negative emotions, because its grim-dark after all.

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